How to make a dick bigger at home: a simple exercise

The penis is a sensitive organ. To reduce the size of any two months. If you are surprised by this information? For this it is sufficient to use a small diameter, so sexual satisfaction: be it a young girl or a tightly closed hand.

First of all, you will need to determine the average size of a penis is to a critical view of their own. He is 13-16 inches in length and 3 in diameter, for the members of the Caucasian race. If the value of your warrior fit into this framework – you should think carefully before proceeding with the following procedure.

How to make a dick bigger at home?

a penis enlargement.

So, how to make a dick bigger at home? The most effective methods are:

  • jelcing;
  • massages;
  • fillers;
  • the tensile load;
  • gels, medication, a vacuum pump is less efficient, as it is used in combination with the basic techniques.

The most important thing that you need to know at the beginning of the program to enhance its members: the immediate results you'll get. And in addition to that, end up a regular exercise routine, you can lose all of the achievements obtained in the resistance to the building of self-esteem.

Let us see how to make dick bigger at home, and on the basis of what is a well-known method.

Jelcing. How does it work?

The principle of a building of the size using jelqing has been universal to all of the massage techniques used in this thin area. It is on the basis of the stretching of the corpus cavernosum, which is the structure of the penis. The increase of the diameter – increased volume of blood that fills them, to the time of the erection. And this, in turn, a means by which to increase the size of his majesty's penis.

Jelcing. Exercise 1

How to make a dick bigger at home, jelqing has? First of all, the erectile tissue must be warmed up to increase their resilience. It is necessary to heat up in a pan, table salt, or any other of the cereals. Pour the contents of the pan for roasting in the toe (which are, of course, in a clean, dry, and not the one that was on one leg at the time), it is applied directly to the penis. You have to try to heat the entire surface of the earth, and the distribution of the contents of a makeshift heating pad regular.

And then you proceed to milking — the Slavic word for "jelcing". First of all, think of something spicy, you can sexual life of our hero. You have to be strong, and do not, we have only 40-50 per cent of an erection. Therefore, it is necessary for the partial filling of the cavernous structures of the blood, from which they will be stretched in the implementation of mechanical impact on the land.

Continue to be treated in the penis any lubricant is to reduce the irritant effect on his delicate skin.

Now, keeping the base folded in a tight circle with your fingers, you "ring" the floating of blood to the head, the performance of the movement, according to the article. The density of the compression of the fingers are determined individually on the basis of sensations: the pain is not supposed to be, but the voltage needs to be high. The movement should be slow (up to 35 seconds), with a little bit of pull on down. On the head, don't touch. Repeat the drill.

The direction of the movement is that it is necessary to change the, down, left, right, up.

The duration of the procedure, for the first time, it is better to be restricted to the 40-50-year approach. In the future, it is recommended that you increase this number to two or three hundred. Become the The the the jelqing has with the representatives of the stronger sex is not hundred exercise for the day!

Exercise 2

This is a stretching exercise of the body with an increase of the pressure. To do this, you must be a member, the entire surface of the hand from the grip held not less than ten seconds. If the hand does not cover the entire surface area of the "heroes", it is acceptable to use the second one. Compressible, without the zeal, in order not to injure the blood vessels and the cavernous structure. Retard member, according to the above-mentioned guidelines.

With proper and regular exercise, massage, and the result may surprise even the most prolonged of the owner of the penis. A minimum of 2 inches of growth in one month of training you can expect. Combined with other methods for increasing the effectiveness of the intervention.

How to enlarge cock extender

One of the most effective ways to increase a member's use of the device with the strange name of "extender".

It looks like the two rings are connected by a sliding metal or plastic rods. The locking member is a ring at the base, the others are the same – head "warrior", you may need to increase the distance between the two, with an increase in the length of the rods, wear it at all times, for a couple of months ago. Due to the ease and the lower extender wearing it does not cause any discomfort. The killing sparked an erect measured. The results were obvious: a three-inch increase in length. Correct, carry on.

Extender. The principle of the thing

exercises for penis enlargement

How to make a dick bigger at home by using the extender? The member stretched between the rings makes it to the leading of your frame, but it also triggers the increased growth of the tissue, as the body tries to get rid of the unpleasant on it, the tension, the initiation of the growth of the cells, in order to compensate for the deficient tissue. Brilliant – just.

The difference in your penis enlargement extender from all of the other methods, it is a guaranteed and lasting results. It has a strong the size of the "heroes," will you stay for all time.

There are several types of fillers:

  • the vacuum;
  • the waist;
  • etc.

Most comfortable vacuum, and half of the fillers, the loop, and the more and more popular because of the lower price tag, and in addition to some of the pain. Each ruler chooses the phallus as well as for increasing the penis size, on the basis of their own understanding. You can also use these useful devices are available in the online stores and also in any sex shop in the country.

By the same token, however, free

On the basis of the same principle is at work in the tension member loads that are added to it. The efficiency is not so high, because of the more infrequent events than with the extender.

At the head of the penis, it is necessary to lay down a wide strip of the adhesive tape is securely fastened with a drawstring. By the end of the string tied aid: a little first, with the passage of time and the number of procedures is increasing as well. This activity is best done in a sitting position, no more than fifteen minutes for the first session. In the coming years of training and a heavy load is gradually increased. To avoid the stiffness of the head! You may need to be removed, a band-aid, allowing for a little friend for you to take a break.

The increase in the member countries, with the help of a medications, gels, and ointments

Is this the real thing? How can we increase member usage of the oil? In General, in any way. The principle of operation is very primitive: the increase of blood flow to the sex organ. Shall be valid for no more than two hours, with a few exceptions. To increase the small member that you are carrying.

And with the government, which is a bit more effective than the gels, you have to be vigilant. They are based on hormones. It is fraught with unpleasant consequences. In addition, these drugs can lead to Hyper - sexuality. On its own it's not too bad, but in the context of a hormonal disorder, can also bring in a lot of trouble.