Penis enlargement methods: methods and expediency

ways to enlarge the penis

Discussions about female breasts and male penis size have been going on for centuries. According to the widespread scenario, the attacks are carried out with the vast majority against the "lower value" carriers. It even goes to the point of absurdity, the "couch teachers" argue that, as they say, the more the better.

This led to one of the most frequently asked questions of men - how to enlarge a man's penis. It is recommended to find all the methods, their positive and negative ways, as well as the psychological aspect of the question for those who count centimeters.

Some anatomy and statistics

To avoid getting into the scientific jungle, just know a few things:

  • Just like the size of the legs, toe and other parts that protrude from the body, each person's member has personal proportions. There is no relationship between the size and shape of the hands, nose, fingers, etc. with the genitals. All rumors circulating among people are nothing but myth and illusion.
  • The spongy and cavernous bodies occupy a significant part of the penis. Their name speaks for itself, with an erection, these parts are filled with blood, which leads to an increase in the hardness and size of the organ. It is not difficult to guess what is the important role that the full size blood supply provides. If the blood flow to the pelvic area is reduced, this directly affects the quality of the "full alert". Before looking for ways to enlarge your penis, you should take care of the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • What "hangs" outside is not yet the entire genitalia, some of them are hidden inside. If a person is overweight, part of the penis will be hidden in the fatty layer of the scrotum, this will visually reduce it.

Race and size

But there is a relationship between race and average. Asians can boast of the most mediocre calipers. For them, 10 cm is the rule. But for Africans, the opposite is true, where the average price is considered 16-17 million. In other countries, as in Europe, this number occupies a "golden mean" of 13-14 million.

An instrument with a diameter of 15 cm and a length of more than 33 cm is the holder of the registration in the field of "phallometry". And there is nothing to envy here, it is unlikely that a person described in the twentieth century will be able to complete a full sexual intercourse.

Age and average

age and average

In general, the word "rule" in relation to this part of the body is minimal. All the data obtained by the experts were so individual that they had to be calculated on average. So a difference of +/- a few centimeters means nothing yet. The development of the penis in the absence of pathology begins at about 9 years of age. At the same time, the average calm indices are:

  • At the age of 9 - 12 years, the average length will be within 4 cm. With each passing year, the member will increase by 0. 5 cm - 1 cm
  • From 13 to 15 years old, the minimum length is about 5-6 cm.
  • By adulthood, the penis will lengthen to 7 - 10 cm.

Therefore, when they are excited, the indicators will be:

  • In a child aged 9-12 years, the erect phallus reaches 8-11 cm.
  • At the age of 13-15, this value changes by 12-16 cm.
  • In adolescents aged 16 to 18 years, the average index ranges from 13 to 17 cm.

Usually at the age of 18, the increase in length ends, at this age the future male member has the maximum length. After that, the instrument will increase in volume and decrease slightly in length. In other words, adolescents are slightly taller but smaller in size than an organism that eventually formed.

But what is most interesting is that in girls the final depth of the vagina (in an excited and calm state) is quite consistent with the male sizes. Simply put, there are girls who can accommodate 20 cm (which is a huge rarity), and there are those who have enough head and 14 cm. The female genitalia are seemingly elastic and can be "fitted" to almost any diameter, which is not to say about length.

In personal conversations, many girls report that the gold average is 15 cm. And it is not scary if your partner does not have a few inches to reach the set values. It is true, it is not completely clear why all this speaks of the obligatory presence of a large and powerful penis, which is carried out on the Internet, because it causes pain during sexual intercourse.

Recipes for those who do not know how to enlarge a member at home, read our article.

The psychological side of the issue

psychological side of the issue

Although specific indicators of penis size refer to familiar details, popular culture wants to instill "ideal" proportions of male dignity. It's like 90: 60: 90 for women. At the same time, there is pressure on the weakest point - the ability to satisfy the fair sex.

In adult films, all actors have the same "ideal" sizes. In adult literature, the main characters lead girls into ecstasy with the simple appearance of an instrument. In addition, there are wonderful ladies on the World Wide Web who want to argue that with modest sizes there is no demand among women.

False facts put a lot of pressure on any man, forcing him to think that his (really normal) size is not enough. This creates insecurity and doubts about yourself and your sexual abilities. And many classmates like to lie "a little" about their true values, which creates even more uncertainty. For more information on the average length of the penis, see our article.

The city received four centimeters of precipitation, but the men claimed that all ten. - Joke.

Important reasons for resizing

It's one thing when a man is looking for a way to enlarge his penis because he just wanted to. In this case, mild methods and some medications will help. But a person with pathologies will almost certainly have to agree to surgery. Here are some of the reasons why surgery can help:

ways to change penis size
  • Micropenis - when the size is not enough for normal intercourse. It is usually 2-3 cm.
  • Tunnel fibrosis is a disease in which the body of the cavernosum thickens and instead of space for blood flow, there is fibrous tissue (which makes up the human tendons).
  • Peyronie's pathology is the same connective tissue (fibrous), which from its appearance deforms the normal shape of the organ.
  • Epispadias is a congenital disorder. Deforms the upper urethra.
  • Hypospadias - The urethral opening is in the wrong place.
  • Injury and trauma to an organ.

Other reasons can be attributed to aesthetic reasons of the operation. For example, due to the structure of the body, the penis is hidden in the fatty tissue of the pubic area.

Resize methods

If you have decided to pay for phalloplasty or attach a heavier weight to your "work tool", then at first it is worth trying a safer method. See the article about jelqing.

Physical Education

If people go to the gym and achieve swaying breasts and cubes in their stomach, what prevents them from "pumping" another part of the body? There are many penis exercises, but there are a few things you need to know before you start:

  • Ideally, you want to achieve an incomplete erection as this will improve the performance of the exercise.
  • The instrument must be warmed up before the procedures. A warm bath or a warm towel will do, it is essential.
  • It's worth getting a good lubricant.
  • Do not continue exercising if it is painful. You could be injured differently.

For the "Stretching" exercise, you should pull your head (or torso) with your index finger and, if necessary, your thumbs and pull the penis that holds it in this position for 10-15 seconds. Relax and then repeat the exercise. The volume must be turned alternately in different directions (left-right).

exercise for penis enlargement

Do not pull too hard, during the process it will not be very easy to massage the instrument. You can not do the exercise with the instrument fully elevated, it is better to think of something unpleasant at the moment. In a few months, an increase of 1-2 cm in length can be achieved.

To increase your dignity, you need a lubricant and the same half standing. The penis is held at its base with fingers with the letter "O", and then translation movements are transferred from the beginning to the head for 10-15 minutes. The hand then returns to its original position at the beginning of the penis and repeats the actions with the other hand. The first hand continues to hold the base for blood flow.

A towel is also placed on the penis for better physical condition. Just hold the object for 5 seconds for 20 approaches. It can be done while standing or sitting on the edge of the chair. If you succeed with a simple towel, you can do further exercise with a wet object.

The benefits of Kegel exercises have recently been demonstrated. They are applied by trying to stop urinating for 10 seconds. Gradually, you can learn to better control your computer muscle. It will increase resistance to sex, give the body health and moderately increase the size.


This group includes any medicines whose manufacturers claim to increase organ size after use:

medicines for the member
  • Pills. Thanks to the substances it contains, a person's erection improves, there is an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse, etc. The top erection slightly increases the size of the penis and its firmness, the latter quality is highly valued by women.
  • Dietary Supplements - Dietary supplements can not be considered medicines. They are rather "vitamins and minerals" that have a beneficial, and most importantly, harmless effect on the body. The composition includes herbs and natural ingredients, the action of which also improves the function of the reproductive system and the erectile function of the body. Ginseng root, Peruvian maca, cordyceps, ginkgo biloba and other natural ingredients are used in many medicines for men's health and enlargement.
  • Gels, sprays and other ointments that should be rubbed on the penis before sex. The substances in the composition make the ejaculation brighter, the sex more, and the penis thicker and bigger (if you reduce the description of the dealers to dry the facts). The cumulative effect implies a stronger result with prolonged use.
The truth is that all drugs work to improve circulation to the penis. Simply put, the effect is temporary, patients report an increase in size, but once you stop taking a medication or using a gel, the effect will gradually fade. However, it is a safe and affordable method (compared to the same weight between the legs).

Expansion pumps and. . . weights

penis enlargement with devices

The vacuum pump forms a low pressure space around the penis that is injected into it. Low blood pressure increases blood flow while reducing outflow. Significantly increases the thickness of the instruments. The first sessions are held for 5 minutes, gradually the duration of application is increased to 20. The products are used if the most humane methods are ineffective.

The pump has several disadvantages - capillary rupture, dark cover, bleeding, etc. You must follow the instructions carefully, not to exceed the duration of the session, as well as the pressure indicated in the instructions.

Extensions are devices that simply stretch a penis. It is similar to exercise, but the device is more radical. Worn for 1-2 months. The product itself has many variations, but the base comes in two rods, between which there is a ring to hold the head. The device itself is connected to the base of the instrument. Gradually, the bars expand and the instrument lengthens. The process itself is gradual and not painful (if used correctly). The extension stimulates the cells of the organ, which stretch the tissues. It is best to wear it at home. The length increases by 5 mm per month and the device also helps to correct the curvature.

As for weights, their principle is similar to the use of extension, but refers to traumatic practices. A loop is made from the rope, which is placed at the base of the head of the penis. A weight is attached to the end of the rope, and the man goes about his business. If you feel uncomfortable, stop this activity immediately.

Stretching instruments with weights was invented before expansions.


In theme stores (sex shops) are sold special accessories that are placed on the penis before sexual intercourse. This allows you to instantly create the missing inches. There are nozzles in various shapes and sizes, and some companies even offer vibrating products. The only downside is the reduced sensitivity during sex. And only a girl will feel the tension, for a man everything will remain as before.


floplasty for penis enlargement

There are several types of functions that aim to change the shape, length and width:

  • The most common methods include augmentation plastics. During the operation, the surgeon cuts the ligament that supports the penis and pushes it forward, this allows you to add a few inches. The increase in diameter is achieved by pumping adipose tissue or silicone.
  • There is also a prosthesis, during which the cavernous tissue is supplemented with stents. There are many types of intentions. The most severely sewn together with pump and tank for complete erection. However, for the enlargement of the penis, simple elastic one-piece inserts are enough.
  • Simple plastic surgery. With this, the patient injects silicone or gel implants.
  • Muscle transplant.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections are injected into the trunk of the organ. The resulting tumor lasts for a year, because the acid gradually dissolves in the body.

Possible problems

With inappropriate exercise techniques, overdose or unsuccessful surgery, the following results can be observed:

  • Instrument discomfort.
  • Bruises and bruises, dark skin.
  • Dry skin, cracks.
  • A rash on the surface of the penis.
  • Bloody discharge, appearance of external defects.
  • Erectile dysfunction. Problems with urination

If any of these symptoms occur, you should contact a medical professional immediately.

Before deciding on one of the methods mentioned, you need to think carefully, is size really not enough? Or maybe it all has to do with ability. As many girls note - even the biggest penis does not save a man from inappropriate sex.