The best exercises for penis enlargement: technique

which exercises help to enlarge the penis

Many men feel anxious and even afraid of their relatively low dignity. Experiences are reinforced by social myths that have formed a firm belief: "The more the better".

Excessive concern about penis size leads to insecurity, shame, complications. But, as a rule, the problem is more psychological and is important, for the most part, exclusively for the person himself.

In order to feel confident in a close relationship and give their partner complete sexual satisfaction, many men want to enlarge their genitals. This can be done at home, so you need to do regular exercises to enlarge your penis.

How can exercise help you enlarge your penis?

Penis enlargement exercises include various techniques. A whole system of activities has been developed that affect the size of the phallus and men's health in general.

The penis swells naturally. Its size becomes larger due to the mechanical stretching of the tissues. As a result, the active growth of new cells begins and the volume of the organ in an upright position increases significantly.

The programs include a load in the pelvic area, directly on the muscles and skin of the penis, as well as exercises aimed at stabilizing the psycho-emotional state.

As a result of the exercises, you can achieve the following effects:

  • increase the length and width of the penis.
  • eliminate premature ejaculation, learn to control ejaculation.
  • congestion elimination, normalization of blood flow and reproductive function.
  • have a stronger and brighter orgasm.
  • for the prevention of diseases of the urinary system.
  • elimination of psychological problems (insecurity, stiffness, shame) etc.

To enlarge the penis, the exercises must be done regularly, only in this case the effect will be felt.

Preparing for training

Penis enlargement with exercise requires a little preparation:

penis enlargement exercise technique
  1. Penis measurements. You need to note the size of the penis before doing the exercises so that you have something to compare the result.
  2. Psychological comfort. You have to watch out for a calm environment. The moral element affects the effectiveness of the training, so you should start exercises in a good mood.
  3. Hygiene. Wash your hands and genitals thoroughly to avoid getting infected during training.
  4. All exercises should be done in an upright or semi-upright position.
  5. Prepare a special lubricant that will improve slippage and prevent skin injury.
  6. Before performing the exercises, warm the tissues of the instrument by applying a warm compress to the phallus.

Technique for the most popular penis enlargement exercises

There are many exercises designed to enlarge your penis. Some are aimed at enlargement, while others at penis length. It is recommended to combine and alternate with each other.


This technique involves creating high blood pressure inside the organ. Due to this, the tissues are stretched, the volume of the penis gradually increases.

The method is quite traumatic and must be performed carefully, otherwise side effects may occur:

  • decrease in sensitivity.
  • numbness and tingling?
  • does the instrument turn blue?
  • impotence.

The main principle is to tighten the external veins of the penis while the internal large vessels are open. This is done using fasteners (elastic cord or rooster ring). You will also need an elastic bandage or cloth during the procedure.

It is necessary to wrap the base of the semi-upright penis tightly with an elastic bandage and fasten it with a ring or string. After 1 minute, carefully remove the structure. Repeat daily for a week. In the future, gradually increase the time, but do not exceed 10 minutes. If discomfort occurs (tingling, numbness, pain), remove immediately. As the tissues begin to exhibit oxygen starvation, which can lead to nerve cell death, decreased sensitivity and erectile dysfunction.

Taoist exercises

They include a combination of breathing practices with genital manipulation. Ideal for those who are into Tantra meditationPractices contribute to penis enlargement, emotional self-control and improved quality of sex life.


  1. Warm-up: press with your middle fingers on the depression at the base of the skull. Massage in a circular motion up to 50 times. In the process, it is important to breathe properly: inhale air through the nose, exhale through the mouth. The tongue should come in contact with the upper gum.
  2. The main part of the exercise: quickly pull the pelvic floor muscles, hold them in a tense position for 15 seconds, while taking a deep breath. Then exhale slowly and relax the muscles.
  3. Repeat 21 times daily in one set.

Perform movements in an upright position, feet shoulder-width apart, arms down.

Penis flexion

Exercise 1.Performed when the phallus is in a semi-upright position. With two fingers of one hand, hold the penis at the base, with two fingers of the other hand, close to the head. Bend the penis so that the fingers touch. Hold in this position for 20 seconds. Repeat 4 times a day, each time changing the direction of rotation. Spend the first 2 weeks of the course.

Exercise 2.Suitable for 3-4 week sessions. Erection level 75%. Grasp the base of the penis with the fingers of one hand, the other - the base of the head. Bend the penis to the maximum, hold it for 2 seconds, release it. Repeat daily, alternating sides of the turn (up, down, right, left), for a total of no more than 10 seconds a day.

These exercises are designed to increase penis thickness. With their help, you can achieve a good result and add a diameter of up to 1 cm in 1-2 months of continuous training.

Kegel Exercise

This technique is designed to strengthen the muscles of the genitals. With the help of various exercises, you can improve blood flow to the tissues and learn how to control an erection. The classes provide excellent prevention of diseases of the urogenital system and indirectly contribute to the increase of penis size.

  1. Pull the pelvic muscles, hold them in tension for half a minute. Repeat three times a day, gradually increasing the stress time to 1 minute.
  2. Quickly replenish your pelvic floor muscles and relax quickly. Repeat at least 20 times each time. Over time, increase the number of compressions up to 100 times at once. This is a very effective exercise that gives remarkable results after a week of regular exercise.
  3. Slowly pull the perineal muscles, hold for 5 seconds, relax slowly.
  4. Slowly push the perineal muscles out, then shrink quickly. Repeat 6 times.

Arabic technique or jelqing

jelqing exercise for penis enlargement

The jelqing technique aims at long-term support of the circulating blood in the body of the penis. Classes stimulate the work of blood vessels and contribute to the gradual development of the organ both in length and width.

Grasp the penis tightly with 2 fingers at the base and slide it over the head. The movements should be rhythmic, not annoying, so you do not need to push too much. At the same time, it is not worth reaching orgasm.

In the first week, it is recommended to keep your penis upright for at least 10 minutes a day. In the future, you should gradually increase the time to extend the erection for up to 20 minutes.

Aaron Kemmer Exercise System

The result of this complex is not only an increase in the size of men, but also healthy blood vessels, urogenital organs, strong pelvic muscles.

The technique was developed based on the following exercises:

  • compression- it is necessary to press slowly and quickly alternately and unblock the penis, which promotes blood flow and increases organ volume.
  • stretching- consists of the gradual stretching of the instrument. Each time you need to increase the load. The tissues of the penis are quite elastic, so it is easy to do this exercise.

With the systematic application of the band, you can achieve impressive results: thickening - up to 2 cm, elongation - up to 5 cm.


Exercise with 100% erection:

  1. Tighten the perineal muscles as much as possible.
  2. Move an unarmed member in different directions, mimicking the movement of a bell.
  3. In the first week, run for 2 minutes, gradually increasing the time.


This exercise is one of the most effective. Its purpose is to adapt the instrument to a constant load and to stretch its tissues to increase the length in an upright shape. Starting position: sitting or standing.

You should gradually stretch the skin of the phallus without much effort:

  1. Grasp the instrument at the base or closer to the middle.
  2. Pull forward. Reach the highest possible point that does not cause significant discomfort, but retains volume.
  3. Hold for half a minute and release.

Repeat several times each day. To restore normal blood circulation after stretching, you should do Kegel or bell exercises. Each time you need to increase the load.

Stretching can be done by rotating movements. Erection status: 50%. It is necessary to turn the penis in 1 or 2 turns and at the same time stretch it forward. Hold for half a minute and release.

Double stretching is also one of the most popular and effective exercises for increasing length. It projects the circumference of the penis at the base and near the head and stretches the organ in opposite directions at the same time. It is necessary to keep the phallus stretched for half a minute.

Double spin stretching is recommended after 3-4 weeks of daily practice with prior techniques, as it is high intensity and can be traumatic for an unprepared instrument. Erection level: 50%. Grasp the penis at the base, with the other hand close to the head and pull upwards. While stretching, make circular movements of the arms in opposite directions. Correct the position for 15-20 seconds and release.

What should you do after exercise to improve exercise performance?

In conjunction with the exercises, it is recommended to use special devices designed to enlarge the penis at home, for example, an extension. The device works on the principle of tissue stretching. The prolonged elastic effect promotes the active regeneration of the cells and the increase of the volume of the organs, without changing the functional characteristics of the tissues. Growth takes place both in length and width.

To create extra stress on the penis muscles and make them grow actively, it is recommended to hang weights on the upright penis.

Additionally, there are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Sports activities. Physical activity has a therapeutic effect on the whole body, so it is recommended to supplement the exercise with all sports that put pressure on the lower abdomen: cycling, squats, running, abdominals, etc.
  2. Stop addiction. It disrupts the normal function of blood vessels, which eventually cancels all efforts.
  3. Food. Unhealthy foods should be excluded from the diet and enriched with products that have a positive effect on penile development: greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, ginger, nuts, lean meat and fish, seeds, garlic, fermented milk, aphrodisiacs (oysters, mussels).
  4. Vitamins, dietary supplements. There are special complexes that enrich the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the normal development and function of the penis.
  5. Monitor the health of the urinary system, avoid cooling or overheating. In the presence of chronic diseases, treat the exacerbations in time so that the infection does not spread and does not interfere with the normal development of the penis.
  6. Additionally, take advantage of other ways to enlarge your penis at home.

How often should the exercises be performed to achieve the desired result?

Penis enlargement is a laborious and time consuming process that requires perseverance and time. In order for the result to be visible, it is necessary to perform various exercises daily, it is recommended several times a day, while the result will be felt no earlier than a month.

Massage that stimulates blood flow as an exercise supplement

Warm-up massage is a great addition to any exercise. It can be done to have a relaxing effect after each session. The technique consists of lightly rubbing the skin. It is necessary to apply lubricant to the palms, grasp the penis and distribute the gel over the entire surface of the phallus in a circular motion. Perform massage movements until artificial ejaculation.