Cost of penis enlargement surgery? Varieties of procedures and their prices

One of the most important tasks of medicine is to improve the patient's quality of life. It is difficult to imagine a normal and healthy life in which there is no sexual intercourse. This largely depends on the functional health of the penis, as well as on the characteristics of its anatomical structure. Some men are convinced that their penis is not a normal size, so they decide to use the services of surgeons. First of all, you need to analyze if the penis size really needs adjusting and also find out how much penis enlargement costs.

the man thought about the cost of penis enlargement surgery

What problems can there be with the penis?

Since ancient times, the size, appearance and function of the male genitalia have played an important role in the appearance of courage, strength and health. Psychologists say that members of the stronger sex who have problems with the penis do not have good contact, especially with women, are notorious and insecure. Surgery can help in this regard, but you should first clarify how much penis enlargement surgery costs, as this fact makes many people prefer another method of correction.

The procedure is not performed on everyone who wants, since for this there must be social, medical or aesthetic indications. Basically, a man faces the following problems:

  • insufficient penis length.
  • small diameter of the penis.

These problems force a man to look for different ways to enlarge the organ, some of which pose a health risk, while others are generally ineffective. Various exercises and massages aimed at the groin have received positive reviews, thanks to the daily manipulations, the blood circulation is improved and the structural elements of the penis are stretched. But one of the disadvantages of such a radical method as surgery is the high cost of penis enlargement surgery.

Before using any method of penile correction, you should visit a medical facility, where a specialist should perform diagnostics to determine the presence of pathological processes and determine the cause that led to a change in the geometry of the phallus. In general, all causes can be divided into relatives and acquired. The following factors are related:

  • phimosis - non-opening of the foreskin.
  • abnormal growth;
  • irregular shape of the penis.

These problems occur in a man from birth and, for some reason, have not been corrected in early childhood. Basically, this is the fault of the doctors who performed the scheduled examination, as well as the parents who did not pay attention to the improper development of the child's genitals in time. The structure changes visually during construction for the following reasons:

  • pathology of the development of cavernous bodies and tunica albuginea, called in medicine - fibrosis.
  • congenital deformity of the spongy body caused by spasms and hypospadias.

Acquired diseases are not less common; they arise as a result of the action of negative factors of the external or internal environment. In this case, the responsibility lies solely with the person who did not make an effort to defend himself or did not go to a medical facility on time. These diseases include these manifestations:

  • the entry of foreign bodies into the genitals;
  • development of dangerous infectious diseases;
  • damage and injury to the penis.

In order not to lead to serious complications or pathological process, you should respond immediately to any signs of illness. The deformation occurs for the following reasons:

  • severe damage to the cavernosum corpus, as well as trauma in which there was a partial or complete rupture of the tunica albuginea.
  • as a result of complications from Peyronie's disease.
  • after past transmitted diseases related to the reproductive system - priapism.
  • consequence of surgery, for example, of male prosthesis.

The above factors lead to a change in the appearance of the penis, resulting in the man deciding to make a surgical correction, but first you need to find out how much penis enlargement costs.

Hidden membership features

Many men believe that the standard of a regular phallus is at least 20 cm with a large head and a large thickness. However, in the process of research, it was not possible to determine a specific rule, as it differs at every stage of a man's development and depends on other characteristics of his body. At birth, the length is only 3 cm and when extended, it is about 4 cm. The size of the penis of a European man at rest is about 9 cm and with an erection it increases to 12-18 cm. From this we can conclude that on average his length is 15 cm. However, men who are this size consider it too small and want to know how much penis enlargement costs and how to do it at all.

The indications for the appointment of an operation are various congenital pathologies that lead to a deterioration of a man's quality of life, in some cases to a loss of reproductive capacity. Often the penis is small because it is hidden in the tissues of the scrotum. This pathology is called occult penis, it was not possible to study it completely, as well as to determine the exact causes of its occurrence. In the first, the term "was used in 1954, but only 23 years later, doctors were able to give a clear definition of this concept.

The latent penis is an abnormality in the development of the congenital penis, which is characterized by the presence of a normal-sized penis in a man, but is hidden behind the tissues of the scrotum, as well as the subcutaneous fat of the pubic area.

It can be concluded that the hidden phallus is a disease in which the genitals have the normal size of cavernous bodies, corresponding to age. The following factors lead to the appearance of this pathology:

  1. to be overweight?
  2. underdevelopment in sexual development;
  3. tiny idiopathic phallus.
  4. large hernia;
  5. hydrops affecting the membranes of the testicles and other conditions in which the scrotum grows to such a size that it completely obscures the genitals.
  6. hypogonadism.

If you suspect the development of this pathology, you should contact a medical institution, where the treating physician will diagnose, determine the cause of this condition and clarify the cost of penis enlargement. Great importance in this case depends on the type of hidden penis:

  • Indentation In this case, the base of the penis is where it is needed, but the corpora cavernosa are hidden in the tissues of the breast and scrotum.
  • Membranous. On the abdominal surface of the organ, the lack of skin is felt, resulting in a transition to the skin of the scrotum and then immediately to the foreskin.
  • Displaced. Another name for the pathology is the transplantation of a scrotum, in which the base of the organ shifts to the central part of the scrotum.

The disease is treated through surgery, some plastic changes are made in the joints of the penis and scrotum. In this case, the downside is the long recovery period and the cost of penis enlargement surgery. In addition, the effectiveness of such treatment is increased by the use of hormonal agents. If necessary, the hernia is removed.

Varieties of penis enlargement surgeries

Before deciding on penile surgery, you need to consider a number of very important aspects. First, you should consult your doctor to clarify the indications for the operation and also to refer for diagnostic measures. With their help, experts will determine the appropriateness of the procedure and confirm the absence of contraindications. A urologist or andrologist from a local hospital is suitable for these purposes.

The operation is performed by surgeons in a private plastic clinic or in large hospitals in the city. From the type of surgery and the characteristics of the clinic, it is determined how much the penis enlargement surgery costs. Private institutions in their price lists indicate that the cost of procedures is much higher than in conventional hospitals. Of course, the detention conditions, the professionalism of the doctors and the quality of the equipment are much better in the first.

Plastic surgery is performed by various methods, depending on the wishes of the patient and the appointment of the treating physician. Experts say that it is advisable to perform the operation if the length of the penis is less than 12 cm.

The following types of surgery are offered:

  • Fat supplement.This operation involves the use of the patient's adipose tissue, taken from a place and placed in the inner cavity of the penis. Some of the cells disintegrate, but the rest remain, although they may also disappear over time. In some cases, muscle flaps are transplanted, but this significantly increases the risk of various complications. This process adds about 1 cm. This is a very insignificant increase in the penis, the price depends on the reliability of the clinic and its location.
  • Muscle transplantation.This procedure allows you to enlarge the penis, including the head, about 3-4 units will be added in centimeters, but not every institution will be able to perform this function. Performed under general anesthesia, its essence lies in the fact that muscle tissue is taken from the abdominal cavity and transplanted into the penis. This is a complex procedure, therefore, before performing it, a man must go through all the tests, consult a urologist and anesthesiologist. It is important to prepare properly for the procedure, so you can not eat food and water (in limited quantities you can) 10 hours before surgery. This procedure has some contraindications, in which the operation will necessarily be rejected, these include: psycho-emotional instability, diabetes, hypertension, problems with blood clotting. This is the most expensive penis enlargement procedure.
  • Ligamentotomy.Before the procedure, the man is injected with general anesthesia, if there is intolerance to such anesthesia, then they resort to spinal anesthesia. The doctor analyzes the ligament of the penis, which is attached to the bones of the pelvis. Due to this, the size of the penis increases. After the incision, the surgeon removes the hidden part and then sutures the incision. Many people choose this procedure because of the cost of penis enlargement surgery because the cost is very low.
  • Phalloprosthetics.This operation is notable for its increased complexity, so it is performed exclusively by a qualified specialist. For its application, general anesthesia is also required, the doctor cuts the tissue, which gives access to the spongy bodies of the penis and then an implant is implanted there. Various types of prostheses are known in modern medicine, it can be an inflatable prosthesis, plastic as well as hard, the latter being installed much less often. This process takes a long time, but guarantees the most effective result of increasing length. First, you need to determine how much penis enlargement costs, it is known that this amount is very large.

Each type of surgery has a number of advantages and features. Based on these, a specific method of operation is chosen, but we must not forget the complications.

Possible complications

Of course, after surgery on the human body, there is an increased risk of side effects. Penis enlargement with this method is no exception. One of them is the altered appearance of the phallus, which may not meet a man's expectations. In addition, many other complications can occur:

  • fever;
  • Bleeding;
  • hematomas;
  • scars;
  • penetration of the infection through the wound.
  • violation of reproductive function;
  • psycho-emotional failures.
  • necrosis;
  • decreased penile sensitivity.
  • tissue absorption.
  • blood clots?
  • an unusual angle of inclination of the penis in an upright position.

Before the procedure begins, the specialist should inform the man not only about the cost of penis enlargement surgery, but also warn him about the possible dangers. The man decides independently whether it is appropriate to perform surgery.

Not even a professional surgeon will guarantee 100% of the result, and even more, will not be able to say with certainty when a man will be able to return to a normal sex life.

It is believed that after surgery or the use of an extension, the thickness of the penis decreases significantly. This hypothesis is nothing more than a fiction, since when the tissues of the penis are removed, new cells are formed around the perimeter and not in a specific place. This procedure allows for a uniform increase in male "dignity" in length and width. This is why you can not refuse the use of extension, as this device not only stretches the penis, but also keeps it in the correct position, which is very important since the surgeon has cut the ligaments.

Male genital enlargement surgery is the most effective procedure, because it allows you to radically change the appearance of the penis, adjusting its length and thickness. For the operation, there must be indications from the treating doctor, for example, congenital anomalies or the size of the penis is less than 12 cm. It is important to consider how much it costs to enlarge the penis - the cost of this procedure is tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles, you will need a specialized doctor and a long recovery period. Experts recommend using the services of a plastic surgeon only if the size of the penis really significantly affects a man's quality of life.