Is it possible to enlarge the penis without surgery?

the man looks at the size of the penis

The problem of penis enlargement worries many men. Even in ancient times, people tried to influence the penis in various ways to increase its size. Considering the plans made by people in those days, one can think of the leaders of their states. Their huge phalluses symbolized their power.

Real ways to enlarge the penis

Nowadays, men are also looking for methods to increase penis size. The only difference is that today the representatives of the stronger sex do not turn to magicians. Over the years, humanity has accumulated a baggage of knowledge about the structure of this male organ and its effect on internal tissues.

A lot of research has been done. During the experiments, it was found that it is possible to enlarge the phallus, both surgically and using special exercises.

Penis growth pills and creams

You can buy safe pills to enlarge this instrument at the pharmacy or order them online. These drugs work without side effects. They are based on a number of special herbs, widely known for their special properties. Mixing herbs gives excellent results.

The pills can be taken by all people, but they work differently for each person. It is better to use drugs whose effectiveness has already been proven and not to buy little known drugs.

You can also use different sprays. The doctor or pharmacist at the pharmacy will help you find the right one.

Creams are divided into 3 types, depending on the effect they have:

  • Short term
  • Long;
  • Secondary action.

With their help, it is very possible to prolong male dignity at home.

Using extensions and weights

Suspension of various weights in the penis is the oldest method of increasing its length. It should be noted that this method is effective.

For a few years of continuous load transfer or extension use, you can increase the instrument by 2 cm. But during this period, the sensitivity of the penis may decrease and health problems are likely to occur.

Surgical augmentation

Functionally, the penis thickens due to the patient's adipose tissue. But such a function is not cheap. And this is a big disadvantage of the process. In addition, there is no extension of male dignity, the effect of enlargement is felt only in diameter.

Many men are repulsed by this method, as they will have a recovery period after surgery. The penis may have a permanent scar.

Magnification using a vacuum pump

With this tool, the penis is extended in length. The cost of the pump ranges from $ 200 to $ 300. But it should be noted that the efficiency is achieved by weakening the instrument.

As a result of the studies carried out, it was revealed that the enlargement of the genitalia with a vacuum pump is not for life. For true tumor growth, new cells must appear inside the penis itself.

The method of increasing the organ with exercises

Penis exercises are an effective method of increasing male dignity. The man makes them himself. They are called "Jelqing" - milking, they do not have a negative impact on health.

Exercise technique:

  • The erection must be incomplete, at 40%.
  • A small amount of lubricant should be applied to the penis and foreskin so as not to injure the organ.
  • Grasp the base of the penis and pull it down towards the lash. Movements must be made in one direction. The process is similar to milking.

Exercise should be done for at least a month.

Compared to other methods of penis enlargement, the exercises are predominant, as they are based on the knowledge of the structure of the male genital organ. Thanks to the exercise system, you can not only lengthen the body, but also make it thicker. To enlarge the penis by 2-3 cm and by 1 cm in circumference, it is necessary to practice for at least 10-12 weeks.

Men who want to enlarge their penis doubt whether this or that method is effective and how long to wait for positive results. Urologists explain that the techniques really work. You just have to try different ways and determine the most acceptable one.

After a month of regular exercise and strict adherence to the instructions, the first result is already felt.