Exercises for penis enlargement (photo)

The size of the manhood is the main indicator of the quality of sexual life. This affects the activity and if it can still be increased with the help of pills, then the enlargement of the penis with the help of drugs is not possible. Knowing about such a male problem, doctors found a solution - penis enlargement with the help of exercises. Penis enlargement exercises and video tutorials can be viewed online, so you need to submit a "penis enlargement video" request.

How is this training done?

Organ augmentation can be done both in length and in thickness. For this you can use hands, special devices, as well as weighing materials, which, using their weight, will stretch the penis.

The ideal choice for penis enlargement at home with exercises is the manual penis enlargement with two or three fingers. There are many different options for running, they are divided into difficulty levels, you need to start exercising on the beginning from easy to difficult.

penis enlargement exercises

You should start with 15 minutes and then the time you spend on lessons should be gradually increased to 30 minutes a day. It is believed that the most favorable time for practicing such penis enlargement exercises at home is morning and evening. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself.

The ideal option before starting this type of exercise is to consult a doctor, who will tell you in detail about how to enlarge the penis at home. The main thing you need to know during your training is that the main thing in their performance is regularity. Of course, you should not rely on a lightning result, to increase your dignity by at least a few centimeters, you will have to work hard.

Preparing for a penis lengthening workout:

  1. Penis enlargement at home is not an easy task, preparing for this type of activity should be done every time, this will help make the lessons more productive.
  2. Before you start exercising, take a shower and wash yourself, pay special attention to the perineal area.
  3. After the shower, dry with a towel and pat dry.
  4. For lessons, you will need a special lubricant, so visit the pharmacy in advance and buy it as well.
  5. Be sure to choose a place where you will exercise for penis enlargement. First, try to do all the selected combinations in different postures, standing, sitting, lying down, half-sitting, lying down and choose the option in which you will be as comfortable as possible.
  6. Like the arms, legs or other muscles, the penis must be warmed up before starting a workout. To do this, you can make warm compresses. The easiest way to do this is to warm a towel or other thick cloth with an iron and apply it to the crotch area. Repeat this process several times. If you have a heating pad in your hand, use it.
warm up the penis before exercising for augmentation

Once the preparation is complete, you can start exercising, including for the first time a video of how to enlarge your penis.

Exercises for penis enlargement

What kind of exercises increase the penis? Which penis enlargement exercises to do most effectively can be read in reviews on niche sites. If you do not know how to increase your penis with exercises, then special fitness classes will help you.

Penis enlargement exercises and videos with their detailed descriptions are what you need, especially if you are a beginner in this business.

There are many exercises for penis enlargement, everyone has to choose something for themselves, depending on what results they want to achieve and what exactly to achieve.

Depending on the exercises you do, penis enlargement will happen in different ways. Penis enlargement at home is the most popular way to solve the problem.

  • Stretching the penis in length.Penis length exercises are the most popular exercises in this area, with penis fattening exercises taking second place. Get in a comfortable position, take your penis in your hands and start pulling it forward. You should not reach fanaticism, if you feel pain, then this is a sign that you should not pull further. Pull the penis for five seconds and then release it. The break between these sets should be about 5 seconds. The meaning of such training for penis enlargement is that the main part of the cavernous bodies, which is the main component of male dignity, is located in the pelvic area and from there they can expand, thus increasing the organ by a few centimeters. When performing such an exercise, you must ensure that there is no erection.
  • penis stretching for enlargement
  • Penis extension while sitting.For such an exercise, you will need a very small erection. Allow your body to grow in size by about 30%, no more. You need to download it as much as possible and sit down. Such an exercise aims to increase the pressure on the internal components of the penis, this will help increase the size of the penis both in length and thickness, as well as increase the base of the penis.
  • stretching the penis to enlarge it
  • Organ massage.Before starting a lesson, the penis should be raised a little, taken with two fingers and make movements that will resemble the movements during masturbation. When it is fully raised, then take the head in your hands, press it to the base and extend the instrument in this way until you feel discomfort. Stop and rest immediately after. Care must be taken not to damage the joints.
  • Bell. . . Achieve a full erection of your penis, start making left-right and up and down movements. At the same time, try to strain the perineal muscles as much as possible.
  • bell exercise for penis enlargement
  • Jelqing.This technique for increasing penis size is known all over the world. To exercise, you need to ensure that your penis stands more than half. The head will not be used under such a load, so you should not touch it again. Take the penis off the shaft with two fingers, make movements up and down and do not forget to use lubricant, so the exercise will be much easier. If you suddenly feel that ejaculation is approaching, stop for a few minutes and continue again.
  • jelqing for penis enlargement
  • Bending of the penis.It is necessary to make sure that the manhood increases by about half or a little more. Bend the penis in different directions, in addition, in such as will be convenient for you. However, while doing the exercise, listen to your emotions. If it hurts or is just uncomfortable for you, then stop doing it or act more carefully, as such manipulations can damage the genitals.
  • penis flexion for enlargement
  • Kegel exercise.Doing such exercises for the genitals is useful for both men and women if they want to have a good erection and get a brighter orgasm. Exercising is very, very simple. It is necessary to press rhythmically and tighten the perineal muscles. If you can not understand what kind of muscles it is, then just go to the toilet and start urinating. During this process, just hold the jet and you will immediately understand which muscles it is. You can perform such an exercise not only at the time it has been given to them, but at every opportunity. For example, in an elevator, in a car, on a subway ride, at work. Do not be afraid, from the outside it is not felt at all. The main thing is not to forget such a gym and return to it as often as possible. When it comes to increasing male dignity, the main advantage of this approach is that the classes activate the circulatory processes very well.
  • Tightening.For the tightening results to be impressive, you have to do it right. To perform such manipulations, you need to buy a device that will press the penis, these are tightening simulators.
accumulates to enlarge the penis

If you have difficulty selecting it, then look for something suitable for the "tighten photo" image request. After this technique, do a relaxing massage on the penis.

Great!It is possible to increase the length of the penis even when you wear a load on it for about 8 hours a day. However, for some it is painful and uncomfortable.

What to do after training?

After completing your daily penis enlargement exercises, you should let your penis rest. To correct the result, you can wear an extension, but this will already depend on a person's personal wishes.

Penis enlargement extension

In addition, try to give up bad habits, dress for the weather, do not overheat and do not overcool, try to follow the principles of proper nutrition, move as much as possible and do not lead a sedentary life, only then physical enlargement of the penis willstart.


Thus, increasing the length and volume of the penis through exercise is a good technique to correct your complexions and regain your self-confidence. To really enlarge the penis, at least by a few centimeters, you should try, but the result is worth it, most importantly, decide for yourself what exercises you will do to enlarge your penis and develop your own set of exercises inhome for penis enlargement.