How to increase male potency natural ways

Men of any age are not immune to problems with potency. To date, it is not surprising that young men have erectile dysfunction of any kind.

how to increase potency in men

The cause of erectile dysfunction can be physical trauma or stress, as well as the consequences. Problems with potency may be as unnatural temporary and permanent.

Hesitate to go to the doctor, often men are turning to these synthetic drugs and completely forget what to improve erection with the help of natural assets.

A definite plus of most synthetic drugs – immediate potency, but keeping some tips about improving men's health, you can prevent problems.

Increased potency natural methods

  1. First and foremost is a proper diet, which plays a major role in the healthy functioning of the whole organism. To use the vitamin, fresh from the garden fruits and vegetables – the key to success. Man needs such as vitamins and minerals such as C,E, zinc, selenium and b vitamins Essential in the diet will be the following products: nuts, honey, garlic, legumes, egg yolks, chocolate, and stewed carrots in milk.
  2. Performing special physical exercisesthat can increase strength, namely, to increase blood circulation, especially in pelvic organs. Physical exercises of this kind does not take up too much time, but are sufficiently effective.
  3. The presence of sexual desire in men directly associated with testosterone – the male hormone. Accordingly, the low level of the testosterone reduces the strength, and and sexual performance. The middle-aged men the levels of testosterone gradually begins to decrease.
  4. The main enemy of potency is the extra weight. In addition, the presence of the excess weight implies chredu other diseases, such as diabetes, for example.
  5. The sedentary way of living can negatively affect potency. Ideally, when the occupation of the men is associated with physical activity.
  6. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are the worst enemies of power
  7. Stress and experience a different kind of oppressed sexual function.
  8. Sleep – the guarantee of health, it must be held in a pleasant and comfortable conditions and the duration be not less than eight hours.

What are natural methods of increase of power?

  1. Three raw cloves of garlic per day best way to affect the strength
  2. Useful for the reproductive system are the pumpkin seedsthat can be eaten in any form.
  3. Application of honey and pure honey the perfect enhancement of masculinity. Time tested natural means to increase potency, consuming equal proportions of honey, nuts, nuts and the juice of the aloe.
  4. One cure is to increase the period of erection is a common mustard plasterthat must be applied to the feet. Mustard can cause the active tide of blood from the feet goes directly into the sex organs.

5 great ways to increase potency in men

  1. Every day to eat a lot of vegetables and lean red meat with vegetables.
  2. Periodically raise the tone by taking baths with mummy.
  3. Doing contrast showers or baths for the pelvic organs.
  4. Lead in the daily diet of a small amount of walnuts, almonds, cedar, or walnut.
  5. Daily drinking of the juice from the tomatoes and a small amount of red wine.


The best prevention potency – promoting mental health. Sexual disorders may lead to inadequate behavior of the second half, her coldness in bed.

Experts agree free, if you adhere to the proper hygiene of the body and to establish a continuous psychological relationship with the opposite sex, then you can avoid the development of serious diseases. And finally, not to be abused medical drugs that increase power without the consultation of a specialist.

It is easier to follow simple rules, then for many years you can forget about the loss of male power.

Physical exercises to raise the tone


Sports, of course, necessary, but the General gymnastics not effective in the improvement of the potency.

In this case, you need special exercises:

As always to bring the girl to orgasm?

  1. To increase its power. Allows the continuation of sexual intercourse from several minutes minimum to one hour, increases the sensitivity of women to the caresses and allows her to experience an extremely powerful and longer orgasm.
  2. The study and implementation of new working places. The unpredictability in bed always excites women .
  3. Also do not forget about other sensitive places of the female body. And the first of them - the g-spot.

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  1. Before the step. Starting position is very simple – stand upright, hands down. The essence of this exercise is elementary that from the starting position to start to walk, lifting his knees high to press them to the stomach.
  2. Bridge. Lying on his back with half-bent knees should firmly put your feet on the floor. Hands normally lies along the length of the body, and the back is fully in contact with the floor. From the starting position, you will need to start slowly to raise and lower the pelvis.
  3. To keep the stone. A very simple and productive activity. Original position as in the first exercise, only the knees bent slightly. The essence of the exercise is to maintain the tension in the gluteal muscles, the knees bend even more, and then to relax. You need to get a sense as to the buttocks be reduced to stone, and then it is lowered.
  4. The muscles of potency. This exercise is key for increasing strength. The starting position should be the same as in exercise number two. Your feet need a little push, then start to alternately stretch and then relax the muscles potency. These muscles are inside the body, it is as a continuation of the article, only the inside. If the exercise is done properly, then we feel that restrained the urge to urinate.

Increased potency natural remedies

Increased potency natural remedies

The same mustard plaster can be improved with the incredible speed potency. It is necessary to coat the stomach with oil, and attach to this place a mustard plaster, pre-soaked in hot water. Keep the mustard plaster you need 5-10 minutes.

This method is absolutely aggressive, it should not be abused.

Another emergency method for increasing strength is the decoction of nettles.

Pour enough dry nettle leaves with boiling water, add honey and give the infusion to cool. Previously, one hour before sex, you need to take the AO inside the miraculous infusion.

Increased potency drugs

The standard medications used for solving such problems with potency:

  1. If you have problems with potency is a well-established new drug Viathine, which provides a persistent erection, if sexual stimulation, helps to maintain it during the sexual act, improves the quality of orgasm. The drug is affordable, well tolerated, not addictive. Doctors do it in combination with a moderate amount of alcohol.
  2. Viagra is the most popular drug, increases the strength for 4 hours. The drug gives an amazing effect and really contributes to the confidence of the male population.
  3. Cialis is slightly different from the usual Viagra, namely, a fairly long-acting. It is hard to believe, but the effect of cialis can be stretched by as much as 36 hours, which means that the article may be in a constant state for more than one day.
  4. Increases several times the erection another medicine called Levitra. Erection from taking this drug comes almost immediately and can last up to one day.

Vacuum, injection, prolactin, and surgery to increase the strength

Almost all cases of reduced potency can be solved thanks to modern medicine.

  1. In order to increase the erection, can be used vacuum-constructive correction, which easily stimulates the circulation. This procedure must be performed before the activity of sex because it will not have a lasting effect. And it should be noted that it is not the most effective.
  2. Injection give amazing results. Injections, injected into the penis, with a nice erection.
  3. Hormone therapy is required before the research, but it is also quite effective.
  4. Surgical intervention is rarely done, only in the most extreme cases. Penis prosthesis not only when other ways to increase erection already tried and yielded no results. This is the latest method, but it is better not to go. Initially, it is necessary to try all of the above described methods.

The lack of a sexual life in the family is able to destroy it.

Sexual symptoms can reduce self-confidence and his masculinity.

Today there are many generic methods, as well as folk, of course, that really solved the problem of the recovery of potency. The return of male power and confidence – the reality of the present.

Every man deserves to be successful and to be sexually active. You may not be immune from the problems of different kind with potency, but they can solve everything.