Vacuum pump for the penis

Many men, in search of an effective way to enlarge their penis, in 90% of cases use a specific pump, which you can order online or at a grocery store. The reviews for the pump for men are either completely negative or enthusiastic. How to understand if it is worth living a very traumatic way to increase male dignity?

hand pump for penis enlargement

How the pump works, who should buy it, how it affects the body and what doctors and consumers say about this method, we will say further.

How the pump is used: the principle of operation

First of all, it is worth saying what a vacuum pump is and what is its principle of operation. The device is a specific device with a transparent bottle and an air pump, due to which a vacuum is created. The bottle is placed directly in the genitals and then all the air is pumped out from there. Thus, blood enters the genitals, but there is no outflow, due to which the penis grows.

It is worth noting that the use of such a device allows you to achieve an erection that lasts for half an hour.

The vacuum pump for men has mixed reviews. But the doctors' criticism is radical: none of the specialist doctors welcomes this kind of method, as it is quite traumatic. In addition, with improper use or excess of time, you can actually cause muscle atrophy. Therefore, you must first understand what types exist.

Pump types: what options are available

The supply market is full of a variety of pump models. And this is due to the fact that the vacuum pump for men has received positive reviews from consumers and many men are looking for this device, so the demand has not declined to date. In connection with such an advertising campaign, the manufacturers offer the representatives of the stronger sex the following types of this device:

  • Manual selection. Such a pump is the cheapest on the market for similar products, since the action is done manually. That is, the person independently pumps the pump to create a vacuum. This is a very energy consuming process, so we came up with the following form.
  • Electrical selection. In this case, the model is equipped with an electric pump. That is, you do not need to download it yourself. These pumps have buttons that allow you to adjust the vacuum volume. But, it is worth noting that this option is much more expensive than the first, although it is much more convenient to use.
  • Water selection. A fairly new and not fully tested version by users. According to the manufacturers, this type of pump is not traumatic. In addition, the possibility of cracks in the skin or swelling is ruled out.
using a penis pump

Consumer reviews and how to use the penis enlargement pump

It is worth mentioning that the risk of injury is quite easy if you do not follow all the recommendations. And it is:

  • First you need to shave the hair in the groin. This is necessary so that the hairs do not cause discomfort when creating a vacuum.
  • Be sure to apply lubricant to the penis. Otherwise, skin rupture, swelling can not be avoided.
  • The instrument must be placed tightly in the bottle to create a vacuum effect. It should be pressed as much as possible and secured.
  • The last step is to turn on the pump or pump it yourself.

The penis enlargement pump size reviews are more than rosy. Some men write that with regular training, the penis grows by 5-7 cm, and for experts, the penis grows by 10-12 cm.

Pump use: benefits and disadvantages

Despite the fact that the penis enlargement pump has such elegant reviews, you should take care, first of all, of your physical health. Immediately, we note to whom this method of penis enlargement is not suitable:

  • If there are infectious diseases of the urogenital system. In this case, you should first get rid of the disease and then start such training. But it is worth noting that with prostatitis, such an increase in the penis is not worth doing.
  • Any rash, damage to the skin of the penis should prevent a man from exercising.
  • Again, first we cure - then we apply the pump.
  • The use of the device is strictly forbidden for those who have blood disease, as well as inguinal hernia.
  • Penile deformity (curvature) will not allow a quality workout. It will not be as useful and painful at the same time, so you do not have to spend money to buy a pump in the first place.

And now we will describe what advantages the pump has:

  • The device helps to achieve an erection when there are such problems.
  • Memberships really increase over a period of time. The penis enlargement pump has different reviews about the growth rate of the penis: for someone, the result is achieved after the second application, one has to wait a week to see the first result.
  • The pump, as a method of penis enlargement, is the most effective and cheap compared to other methods (surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery).
types of pumps for penis enlargement

Such training, with skillful use, helps to restore sexual function. Men's reviews say that the longer the operation lasts, the more the genital muscles become stiffer and more uniform.

What harms a pump:

  • If the pump is not adjusted correctly, swelling of the penis may occur. Also, petechiae (red or purple spots on the penis) often appear.
  • Skin damage. And here not everything is clear. Used properly, it's not bad, but the penis enlargement pump also has negative reviews. "Beginners" complain that after using the device, skin irritation occurs and sometimes the foreskin breaks (cracks).
  • Reduced ejaculation power. This is a temporary condition, but it causes great discomfort to men. To prevent this from happening, you can buy a pump with a clamping ring.

For the pump to have a positive effect, you need to learn how to use it properly. You should strictly follow the instructions and do not overdo it with the number of workouts. Manipulation is allowed twice a day for 15-20 minutes. Yes, the pump causes sexual arousal, which is why many people enjoy using this method several times a day. However, it is not good to cause frequent blood clots in the organ, so it is worth using this method in a dosing manner.