Power in men. The question of power - how to treat and how to help

The increased potency. Potency in men and how to increase the strength. The problem of potency

Power in men. The problem of potency.

Power is the ability to act, the ability to produce and create.

In the more narrow sense of the word, power is the ability to prove himself a real man - the pleasure of women, conception of children. Also, regular sexual life, is only possible with full power, has a vivifying effect on the organism as a whole. Sexual life improves blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of all vital systems. As a result, people will have a good mood, confidence in their abilities.

The whole existence of mankind powerful potency, a man's ability to procreate, to be the father of the family was considered one of the greatest blessings granted by the nature. For most men increased potency and normal sex life is considered one of the main criteria of its usefulness. And at the moment, for the time of fantastic progress in science and technology, each man trying to realize their spiritual and physical potential, aspires to without what it is difficult to call sincerely itself quite healthy and happy person. The problem of potency, the inability to complete sexual life is, perhaps, one of the most powerful emotional trauma for men. The image of the strong spirit and the body of a man with a powerful potency sung in many classical works of different nations, cultures and time. Doctors describe the potency by several indicators characterizing different cravings stronger sex to love life. First of all potency in men, is the strength and orientation of sexual desire. Then potency, is the quality and duration of erections and duration of sexual intercourse. And finally, and very important, powerful potency is time, through which man can once again be able to be in a relationship with a woman.

Power in men

All these parameters can be strong, medium, weak or absent together. But impotent can be called a man who has no desire, no erection or ejaculation. And this is either a child or dead. So a person can complain only of difficulties in his private life, but the word impotent he can no longer be used.

Impotent we have. Problems with potency and only and it is not a reason to use this unpleasant word. Difficulties Yes, maybe, but in 99% of cases, these problems can be overcome. The efforts of doctors, caring loving wife, their actions can solve the problem of potency quickly and efficiently. The ratio of male power in history has varied. So, the ancient Greeks had a God of male power. He was portrayed in the form of a standing male with a disproportionately large symbol of manhood. Companion of the deity was a little God in charge the prostate most important organ of the male potency. No wonder the Greeks called the prostate the second heart of man.

What affects the potency, why is one "happy", while others are considered to be poor? On the one hand, some men force lies in the nature of man. Just as there are people stronger or fast, hardy or weak, and the volume of each person initially depends on the physical data. However, as you can manifest itself, man - the whole force of his stock, or half, depends on in what conditions it grew and with whom communicates.

Of course, to increase the potency and rise above its natural limit can not nobody, but physically strong, healthy man has more chances to show good results in bed at any age. Poor health, alcohol, drugs, excessive Smoking, obesity - all this does not allow to be manifested even by nature good potentiality. Unfortunately, men often do not tend to pay attention to their health until the process goes away and will not require serious medical intervention. The power of the men depends almost any disease, and not just connected with sexual system - kidneys, genitals, a prostate, endocrine system. After all any indisposition forces the person to focus on the pain, to think about the possible complications, and not for pleasure. Of course, if someone is sick with something many years, there is nothing you can do. But, the tenacity with which we ourselves are undermining your health! Alcohol and Smoking accompany us with his young and does not improve health, and therefore potency. Reluctance to go to doctors too complicates the subsequent treatment. Professional hazards at work generally the Bane of many modern men.

In the list of candidates for the reduced potency, in the first place, perhaps you can put motorists and drivers. Constant shaking on rough road leads to disruption of blood circulation in the genital organs, inflammation of the prostate, and then reduce the erection and desire. There are simple ways to reduce shaking while riding in the car, but they are neglected.

In addition, despite numerous warnings, drivers very close contact with gasoline. Even if there is no apparent poisoning of the body, getting gasoline vapor into the bloodstream dramatically reduces the sexual ability of men. Great risk lovers of winter fishing, sitting on ice; "walruses", workers of hot shops, miners, sailors and many, many others. Practically, to each man, hoping for the state care, it is necessary to look round on work and to define that can threaten his health in General and potency in particular.

The problem of potency

How to increase the strength. Recovery power

The emergence of new medicines and dietary supplements promising increased potency, gives new hope, but also promises new complications. The advertising type "drug for the treatment of all types of impotence" promises everything, but gives nothing. Reasons for reduced potency are different and one remedy all of them is not true. Each has its own indications and contraindications.

Male hormones are often used by men uncontrollably and in large doses, can cause your own hormones will stop being produced and people will develop the condition, as well as if castrated. This list can be continued, but the most important thing is that even the best medicine will not help if used improperly.

The best way to increase the potency of substances that normalize overall health. Multivitamins, small doses of bio-stimulants, treatment of chronic diseases, training and hardening is the way to restore power. After all, now rebuilt with medicine treatment of diseases already developed their warning. There are many means to improve the quality of life, not only for patients but also healthy people. You can choose a multivitamin according to their requests - with an increased content of calcium or magnesium, iron or fluoride. Biostimulants type of ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Golden root, lemongrass, etc. long been used for improving the strength and overall metabolism. But the strength is part of the overall functioning of the body and improving overall health will respond positively and intimate life. Unfortunately, often biostimulants drink in large doses, leading to insomnia itself, explosiveness, overstimulation. The normal dose is 5 - 10 drops 2 - 3 times a day after 2 - 3 weeks.


An interesting way to increase the strength offered the ancient Chinese doctors. They were advised to talk with your article, to make contact with him, as if he is alive, separate from the men. Before bedtime and in the morning, immediately after waking up, still half asleep, male plays with his penis, gently caressing it, squeezing and stroking, showing care for him, sparing him up for a better future. When such training occurs, a quick erection, which is not necessary to forcibly hold - how many survived, and so good. From time to time of the erection will improve, confidence will return to the man. Well, if the same with a man makes his beloved woman effect occurs even faster.

The same applies to the type of treatment that doctors call marital sex therapy. Under the guidance of the physician partners learn to behave like that in the course of the next to best reveal their feelings, desires, opportunities. Man and woman learn to hold each other, to help each other, care for each other. This approach to intimacy lays the Foundation for a great power for many years.

The greater dependence of women feel quite older men in their 60 - 70 years remaining single and entering into a new marriage. Age-related changes of potency, a new, as yet unknown woman, understandable excitement, a break in the intimate life - all this and much more leads to shattering failures, the loss of faith in yourself. In the meantime, for women (especially older persons) care and love of men are much more important than his sexual abilities.

Maybe she does not need intimacy, especially if she is lonely lately. Maybe she will make some effort to normalize the intimate lives, if it is necessary. Perhaps, the man himself, a sense of confidence in the new wife, calmed down, going in a rhythm relations, he will be back to normal. A lot of options. The main thing - to be mutually patient and not lose hope.