Vitamins to increase male potency

The total of these permanent effects are a negative impact on the potency of men, especially after 35 years old. Therefore, in order to avoid all kinds of problems related to sexual activity current question, which can be useful, vitamins to increase the efficiency of the men.

Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin A, or use of vitamin preparations containing beta-carotene leads to increased libido and helps to preserve male power.

The B vitamins, especially B1, helps to avoid fatigue, irritability reduction, normalizes sleep, a good influence on the brain activity.

The B3 Vitamin is involved in the regulation of blood circulation, increase the muscle tone. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the Central nervous system, as well as participating in the synthesis of serotonin also known as the "happiness hormone".

Vitamin B9, also called folic acid, it provides higher performance, better general health of the body. Another effect is the strengthening of the B9 erectile function.

Vitamin C is especially important for men's health, because it plays a role in the production of dopamine – the hormone that contributes to libido and reaching orgasm. Also important is the fact that increase the capillaries permeability, which is important for erection.


Vitamin D-hormone-like substances positively affect the level of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. On this basis, the vitamin D is very important for the potential.

Vitamins to increase the efficiency of the men include men's health, to ensure normal erectile function. The value of vitamin E in this context, it seems almost exceptional. Helps normalize the functions of the pituitary, or other glands of internal secretion. The pituitary gland, in the male body, however, is responsible for the production of sex hormones, as well as ensures the normal development of the sperm.

Indications vitamins to increase male potency

Indications vitamins to increase the efficiency of the men can occur due to the appearance of difficulty in achieving a normal erection. In particular, if a certain life stage, it started to be regular.

Indicators of sexual performance, both men's health is often trading by the set of several negative factors. These include the way the life is leading people in the presence of the bad habits, diet, genetic, genetic predisposition to certain diseases, or adverse environmental conditions, as well as various stressful situations, and stressful pace of life in the modern world.

Male power, potency, to a significant extent depends on sufficient quantities are present in the body complete list of the substances, trace elements, vitamins necessary for the healthy functioning of the organs and systems. Including the male reproductive system.

Since a large part of the vitamins supplied to the body to take if there are problems with potency, it is advisable first to perform all aspects of the regime in connection with the nutrition, balanced diet. Moreover, it would be superfluous to test the subject content, the concentration of male hormones in the body. Based on the results of the research can be justified indications for the use of vitamins, to increase the efficiency of the men.

Pharmacodynamic vitamins to increase male potency

Pharmacodynamic vitamins to increase the efficiency of the men use preparations containing vitamin A is primarily the characteristic that causes the activation of phagocytosis, stimulates the antibodies production. This is to facilitate the strengthening of protection forces, an organization against the development of infectious processes, which have adverse effects on the reproductive system of the male and in the case of the presence in the chronic form, leads to weakening of potency. The Vitamin actively participates in the energy metabolism, and hormonal replacement.

The B vitamins ensure a better conduction of nerve impulses in the synapses, play an important role in the Central and peripheral nervous system, including the normal innervation of the male sexual organs. This value of potency is important because the reduction in the sensitivity, and the visual acuity of the sexual feeling may be one of the reasons for the deterioration in durability of the erection.

The Vitamin C in addition to what the body is significant refreshing effect, is involved in the production of the hormone responsible for libido in men – dopamine. He also has a beneficial effect on capillary permeability, which is a significant factor in the erection.

Pharmacodynamic vitamins to increase the efficiency of the men, like the vitamin D that is involved in the regulation of testosterone level to a considerable extent caused by the potential.

Vitamin E is actively involved in the processes of hormonal regulation of the body, help to strengthen a better capillary permeability.

Pharmacodynamic vitamin E is expressed by the rendering of the organisation's anti-oxidant effect. In addition, protection from injury, as well as the cells membrane. Vitamin E is an active participant in the metabolic processes in the tissues, helps prevent hemolysis of red blood cells, strengthens the capillaries and improves their permeability.

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Pharmacokinetics vitamins to increase the efficiency of the men about the vitamin characterized by the fact that the esterification in the intestinal villi he is, so the lymph flow to enter the liver. Keep the liver through the bloodstream spread throughout the body. Vitamin a is stored mainly in the liver, and with less of the heart. Excretion from the body, the bile, the urine.

The B vitamins pharmacokinetics, which is characterized by the active absorption of the thin duodenum, the gastric-intestinal tract. Once the liver metabolism of vitamin evenly transported to the tissues and organs. The main route of excretion is the release of the vitamins in the urine, bile.

The Vitamin C because its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, appears in plasma, accumulates in the glandular tissue, and the adrenal glands. Maybe the phenomenon that the metabo lization that the formation of oxalic acid, soluble metabolites. Vitamin will continue to accumulate in the body, while the saturation of no more than 1500 mg. and then leaves the body, the urine composition.

Vitamin D is the typical pharmacokinetics of vitamins, to increase the efficiency of the men. Since the absorption is the proximal small intestine in the blood bound gamma-globulin and albumin. This vitamin tends to Deposit in the adipose tissue, a biological transformation he goes through, especially the liver, kidney, skin. Excretion from the body occurs, the contents of the intestine, the bile's composition.

The pharmacokinetics of vitamin E inherent low degree of absorption. As a result, the presence of lymph penetration of the vitamin in the blood. Shows that tend to accumulate in the red blood cells, lipid, muscle tissue, the pituitary gland, liver, adrenal glands. Leaves the body, the urine composition, as well as the bile.

Contraindications to the use of vitamins to increase male potency

Contraindications to the use of vitamins, to increase the efficiency of the men can take place in a number of cases.

First, be careful vitamin complexes, which include components, which are not hypersensitivity, predisposition to Allergies. The feasibility of the use can be justified, the elderly, and the chronic diseases.

For example vitamin E, which is considered irreplaceable, then the touch is important for improving men's health and male enhancement and enhancing the functioning of male sexual glands, should not be taken when the disease, multiple sclerosis, and heart attack.

Many drugs designed to enhance sexual function, improve potency of an operation associated with improvement of vascular permeability, capillaries due to the expansion, enhance blood circulation, the region of the male sexual organs. On this basis the use can be justified in the case of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure.

Contraindications to the use of vitamins, to increase the efficiency of the men, too, if you have heart disease, kidney disease, ulcer of the stomach or duodenum.

Side effects vitamins to increase male potency

Side effects vitamins to increase the potency, men are manifest as increased irritability, a general decline of the body's voice, fatigue, drowsiness. It should be noted that the emergence of severe headache, dizziness, light sensitivity. Can, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.

Due to the use of vitamins can also appear on the pimples, and other lesions on the skin could be an allergic reaction of varying severity. There is some risk of anaphylactic shock. Increased irritability of the nervous system.

Side effects vitamins to increase the efficiency of the men often occur in the form of violations of healthy sleep. Can occur as an overwhelming need to sleep because you have insomnia. Rash excessive consumption of vitamin potency in some cases, can cause the formation of kidney stones, cause gastritis, and venous thrombosis.

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Vitamins potency in large quantities may be the cause of pain in the epigastrium, the symptoms of renal failure. I can't exclude the possibility of bleeding in the membranes of the brain and the retina of the eye.