Increased potency folk remedies in 3 days

Folk remedies to increase potency long been popular. In the absence of drugs that can increase the intimate power of men, the recipes of traditional medicine was a blessing. So, until the present day the manner of use of medicinal plants continues to be widespread.

the increase of potency in men

Simple methods

Folk medicine offers you a few simple techniques, providing the normalization and recovery of sexual function. Even there are several ways to improve male potency for three days. Consider the main ones:

  • Hops.

    The method includes pour one tablespoon of crushed hop cones cup of water. Then the mixture to simmer for 10 minutes. The resulting broth should be filtered. Of quickly increase male power take half a Cup 2-3 times a day.

  • The cilantro and parsley.

    The method is based on the preparation of an infusion of crushed, dried leaves of the cilantro and parsley. They pour boiling water, then insist. Also recommend taking pure one tablespoon during meals.

  • Honey and walnuts.

    This method is one of the most delicious. To increase male power, traditional medicine recommends to mix equal parts chopped nuts and honey. Take the resulting mixture should be two teaspoons half an hour after eating, drinking milk. The reception of the frequency during the day is 2-3 times. This method normalizes the potency, increase the synthesis of male sex hormones, and also fulfills the daily requirement of minerals, vitamins.

  • The root of aralia.

    increased potency in men carrot

    Used as a tincture. For its preparation popular in the following way: one teaspoon crushed root pour alcohol. The capacity of use of the medicinal product is placed in a dark and preferably cool place. Two weeks later, the medicine for the rapid increase of power and ready for use.

  • Parsnips.

    From the root of this plant can be prepared of the lens, that season meat and fish dishes. Another method of increasing the male power includes the preparation of an infusion of the seeds. One tablespoon pour a glass of hot water, two hours later, the drink is ready to receive it.

  • Luke.

    Folk medicine has long recommended to include in the diet garlic as a means to improve male strength. Method of preparation of such medicine for men is not complicated. To do this, finely chop 1 kg of garlic and put in a glass jar. Then pour the boiled water, insist within one month. It must be remembered that the jar with the mixture daily shake. You need to take one teaspoon a day.

  • Turnips.

    Turnips used raw or cooked. Is not the way to combat erectile dysfunction in men with the help of turnips, boiled in milk. You can also use fresh or stewed root vegetables. Good effect in three days can be achieved by eating a salad of carrot and beet.

  • Ginger.

    Very effective is the use of dry ginger with honey. The optimal ratio of ingredients is 1:1. The tool not only helps to increase the strength, but also has a restorative effect on the body of men. You need to take half a tablespoon (a teaspoon) three times a day with water.

  • Ginseng.

    This plant is part of the greater number of medicines to improve potency. The effect of the ginseng is meant to increase the creation of testosterone and improve the quality of the sperm. It is therefore not surprising that the traditional medicine also recommends the use of ginseng for men. The method is based on the fact that the root of the plant crushed, pour vodka. The optimal ratio is 1:20. The capacity with the resulting mixture is sent to a dark place for two weeks. You need to take 20 drops before meals three times a day.

  • Carrots.

    The speed boost power in men you can take carrot juice. Greater efficiency can be achieved by mixing with honey. Take a quarter Cup three times a day.

Start from a proper diet

Speaking about non-pharmacological methods of treatment, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of proper nutrition. Undoubtedly, for the normal functioning of the body and men should obtain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Therefore, the diet should be complete and balanced. In addition, there is a method for the normalization of male sexual function, by including in the diet certain types of food. The main of them are listed below:

  • Seafood.

    It is well known that oysters, brine and oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac and able to increase sexual activity. But, if you have to cook them with the sauce is on the basis of the celery and parsley, which are also great stimulants, the effect of the food will be even greater.

  • Eggs.

    The eggs are useful in any form, because they are considered a powerful stimulant of the male potency for many people. It is possible to use not only chicken eggs but also quail. Greater efficiency is achieved if we make omelet or scrambled eggs with onions, which also increases the sexual activity, after all, is an aphrodisiac. Although the growth of male power is not as fast as when using medicinal plants.

  • Tomatoes.

    Folk medicine claims that the tomato is able to activate the activity of the gonads, as a result, there is improvement of sexual function of men. But, it is better to consume them in their raw form and after heat treatment. For example, bake in the oven or a little put out.

increased potency in men food

The secret of effectiveness

You have to remember that folk remedies for the normalization of potency in men is less effective than drugs. Because the positive effect of their use derives not at once. Usually a three-day course is not enough, we need a lot more long-term use of the above assets.

Folk remedies to increase potency is quite popular. They are used not only independently but also as part of various plant fees. The right combination allows to achieve the desired effect even at the three days of the application. There are several explanations for the popularity of folk therapies:

  1. They are available, and easy to use.
  2. Most of them are our famous food and adjust the diet in their favor, it is possible to significantly improve the sexual function of men.
  3. Increased potency folk remedies do not require significant financial costs, in contrary to advertised medications.

Despite the safety of use and absence of side effects from these treatment methods and it is recommended that prior consultation to the doctor. Because the cause of sexual dysfunction can be a serious disease. It is therefore important and timely research.