Herbs for potency - the most effective herbs for men

Problems with potency a few decades started to bother men after 45-50 years. Today erectile dysfunction, the impossibility of full sexual intercourse and intense orgasm in some cases attains the representatives of a strong half of mankind much earlier.


It is caused by stress, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits and other negative factors.

Among many numerical methods for the treatment and prevention of male impotence a long time was and still is in the use of medicinal plants. Herbs that increase the power and to cook them on the basis of the meals, teas and tinctures give a slow, but powerful effect. Let's see, what plants will help restore the health of the men, and how to use them properly.

The advantages of the use of herbs

The herbs for the improvement of the power has been used since ancient times. This method of prevention and treatment of male impotence has many advantages in terms of use of the pills and other methods of treatment:

  • the natural composition;
  • regarding the harmlessness of the body;
  • the availability to buy and prepare the assets of their own;
  • the possibility for application of any age;
  • General firming and toning action;
  • low risk of side effects;
  • a small number of contraindications;
  • improvement of blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body at the cellular level;
  • the prolonged action;
  • the continuation of sexual intercourse, improve erection and light sensations during orgasm.

Important! Sometimes the use of herbs increases the potency, is not enough to produce the desired therapeutic effect. Folk recipes will help to prevent problems with the health of the men, and it will be a good helper when you comprehensive therapy.

The main features of the use of medicinal herbs

Plants and herbs for the improvement of power have their own particular application. Important when using natural recipes to remember and to respect the following rules:

  1. To get the maximum effect of the medicinal plants need to comply with all the recommendations specified in the recipe, and to participate in regularly.
  2. You can not reduce or increase the duration of treatment and dose.
  3. Herbs, improving the potency, you need to store. The acquisition of the plant of the market can lead to poisoning and do not get the desired effect. Therefore, it is better to buy herbs for the potency in a pharmacy or specialty store. If you want to collect herbs by yourself, then grow plants on his land in the country or in the vicinity of the house, and to make a collection in the forest area away from the road.
  4. You will want to avoid the independent use of recipes in which the presence of toxic and relatively toxic (prolonged use or large amounts of) plants.
  5. Herbs to increase potency in men should be ingested just before meals for 1-1. 5 hours. In this case, nutrients are better absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and exert their maximum beneficial effects.
  6. It is impossible to prevent a few recipes and try to get the quick effect of the application of the several charges or tinctures. It is better to choose a tool and to pass the full course of treatment.
  7. It is better to resort to professional help. Only he can tell what kind of grass for the potency of the drinks in your case. A visit to the doctor is necessary to diagnose the disease and to identify the reasons for it. Sometimes it is enough just relaxing and calming effect on the return of the sexual function of men, and in some cases solve the problem can only surgery or the treatment of strong drugs.
  8. It is important to take into account contraindications, which have a lot of medicinal herbs. Some plants are prohibited in the presence of the diseases of the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, and liver, tumors and cancer. And to take this need very seriously, the herbs of the force of impact on the body exceed the medication.

Do not expect that the herbal treatment will bring visible effect 1-2 days after the beginning of the application of the selected recipe. Only a complete course of treatment will give results.

What herbs for potency the most effective

All the herbs for potency, have different positive effects on the body:

  • calming and relaxing;
  • immunostimulant;
  • complementary deficit vitamins and minerals;
  • for the improvement of the heart and blood vessels;
  • contribute to the normalization of the urogenital system.

We have decided to choose for the choice of the most effective and safe male enhancement herbs with the guidance of the most popular recipes for making drugs.

Parsley, cilantro, dill and celery

Be used for the preparation of drugs such as the leaves and rhizomes. In these plants, oil, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, necessary for the restoration of men's health. Parsley and celery – a powerful aphrodisiac which with regular consumption help a man to never experience problems with potency.


To get the effect you can eat these herbs and fresh roots and to drink teas with them in the team. In such a means that you can add other plants such as rose hips and nuts. Parsley, cilantro, dill and celery improve the flow of blood to the pelvic organs, saturate useful substances, but are not recommended for use for people with cancer and kidney problems.


Aloe – a plant with anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating action. Its use normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs and the penis, helps to restore libido and erections. The composition of aloe Vera includes a large number of different nutrients that contribute to normal balance in the body. But, the effect of this plant is very powerful, it must be applied only after consultation with your doctor.

Here's a recipe with aloe for potency. The washed aloe leaves hold a few days (at least 5) in a cool and dark place, and then squeeze the juice with the pulp. 100 g of this mass to take 0.4 kg of honey, 0.6 kg of chopped nuts, juice of 5 medium lemons, mix everything carefully. Take this medication will scoop three times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating.

St. john's wort

This herb for male potency, have a positive effect only when used correctly. Overdose will exacerbate the situation of men, will cause a variety of problems. St. john's wort successfully to fight against fatigue and effects of stress, normalizes reproductive system, blood circulation and metabolism, increases libido, and light sensations during orgasm, to cope with the problem of incomplete erection and premature ejaculation.

To prepare means to increase the power on the basis of st. john's wort do not need a lot of energy. 10 g chopped dry grass pour boiling water (200ml), cool, strain and take a quarter Cup three times a day for 1-2 weeks. It is recommended to drink the soup for 20-30 minutes before eating.


Ginseng has long been considered one of the most important herbs for male potency. For the normalization of urogenital system only applies to the rhizome of this plant. It is a powerful stimulator of sexual desire, and arousal.

Ginseng helps to strengthen the feeling many times men during sex, strengthen the immune system, gives a charge of vivacity and energy. But, it must be applied carefully, as the presence of a tumor, hemorrhage, inflammation, problems with the cardiovascular system use can cause serious problems and disturbances in health.

The most popular is a recipe where the dry rhizome is crushed and mixed with honey in the ratio 1:28, that is, 25 g of root is necessary to be taken for a 0.7 kg of honey. The mixture insist in a cool dark place 10 days, followed by a man, one small teaspoon three times a day before meals. Successfully helps to restore power and alcohol tincture of ginseng that you can buy in a pharmacy or make your own.


The second is the name of the plant fireweed – Fireweed. The composition of the leaves is rich with nutrients, including vitamins C and A, in group B, bioflavonoids, amino acids, minerals, pectin.


Ivan-tea helps to eliminate the toxins and normalize metabolism, improve blood circulation and hematopoiesis, leads to normal sexual activity and functioning of all organs of the genitourinary system. It is especially important that the plant gives a soothing effect and improves the prostate gland, which often is the source of the "male impotence".

To prepare Ivan Chai only. Just add one tablespoon of this plant a Cup of boiling water and infuse under the lid. You can drink 2-3 times a day as a tea. Also, to increase the volume herbs rhizome is used for fireweed. 2 large spoon of the crushed root pour 0.5 liters of water and boil on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Soup to drink half a Glass before the first meal and the same 30 minutes before bedtime for 2 weeks.


Remember, before the application of any of your selected recipes find out which herbs increase the strength, and how they affect the body, whether restrictions in use.

Before use, be sure to seek assistance from a specialist. Only a doctor can determine the reason why started to have problems with erections, the duration and the quality of the relationship, and many others. A specialist will tell you the herbs that are useful for potency in your case.

It is important to remember that often only the use of herbs for the potency will not give the desired result. To improve the health of the people, it will be necessary to completely rethink their way of life and should be replaced with healthier, give up bad habits, avoid stress, fatigue, hypothermia, lack of sleep, to eat balanced. Only in this case you will be able to restore health and opportunity to enjoy sex with a woman.