How to make dick bigger soda: basic recipes and methods, reviews the effectiveness of the method

On the Internet and numerous forums you can find a lot of methods for changing the size of the penis. Each of these ways has advantages and disadvantages. Some are accompanied by pronounced discomfort, others require a lot of time or assistance. But, relatively recently, it was reported how to make dick bigger soda. Many men have tried this remedy on yourself and to describe the stunning effect. For reviews, after a month of using the penis was a few inches more.

It seems, as to ordinary baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to affect the whole organism and the length of the male penis in particular. The fact that the blood flow and the metabolic state is largely dependent on the pH level. According to some experts, the changes in acid-base balance can even cause the growth of malignant and benign tumors.


pplication soda helps regulate pH. The result stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation, improves the metabolism in the organs of the small pelvis. However, normal hormonal balance, stimulate creation of testosterone and its transformation in the prostate. Also, the baking soda activates the process of cell division of the penis, and with proper use, increases its length and diameter.

This product not only has an impact on the penis. It is widely used for other health problems.


So, sodium bicarbonate is used for:

  • to get rid of excess weight;
  • combat painful sensations and discomfort, heartburn;
  • the correction of the pH of the digestive tract;
  • treatment of dermatoses of various etiologies, including inflammation after burns;
  • color enhancement and correction of facial contours, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin, stretch mark prevention;
  • recovery of the metabolic processes;
  • cleansing the body of toxins.

Doctors recommend to consider increasing the penis, if the size in erection is less than 10 cm.

Better to start with the safest ways:

  • massage and special exercises;
  • stretch the penis in length with suitable for this purpose fillers;
  • application to the skin of the penis a variety of creams and ointments, which include natural and synthetic compounds that stimulate the flow of blood and to accelerate the process of division and regeneration of cells.

Painful, but at the same time guarantee a 100% result from the changes in the size and shape of the penis is ligamentotomy. This is quite a heavy surgical intervention that requires serious preparation and rehabilitation. In addition, in the course of the operation, the patient is given General anesthesia, which expands the list of contraindications for the procedure.

In comparison with these techniques, one way to increase the member of the baking soda is completely safe and painless. In addition, the use of this tool does not require significant financial costs.


To apply soda on the inside there are a number of limitations or contraindications. So begin your penis growth with this food better with external procedures.


Shared bathroom

First bring to boil 5 liters of water and pour it 0.5 kg of baking soda. Then mix everything and pour it into a prepared bath. On the same principle, it is possible to prepare solutions and for General baths. The exact percentage is of the order of 100 g of baking soda per gallon of boiling water. Then the volume and the temperature are adjusted to the desired values.

IMPORTANT:the Duration of treatment should not exceed 15 minutes.


To prepare the mixture you need to mix with soda water in the ratio 1:1 to pasty consistency.

Also, in this mixture you can add:

  • one teaspoon honey;
  • essential oils, preference should be given to the natural stimulants of blood flow, it's the extract of mint, thyme, rosemary, sage.

In the process of preparation of the mixture for scrubs, instead of water you can use vegetable oil (except sunflower oil). They moisturize the skin, promote regeneration of tissue, have anti-inflammatory effect and normalizes metabolism. Perfect grapes, almonds, sesame, linseed.

IMPORTANT: the Mixture is applied evenly on the skin of the penis and gently rubbing in a circular motion. The procedure is recommended to repeat no more than three times a week.


This way of solving the problem of how to increase member use of soda, a combination of two techniques: the beneficial effects of sodium bicarbonate and direct stimulation of the blood circulation and metabolism with the help of massage.

Doing the procedure this way:

  • to heat the skin of the penis can do this with salt, place in boiling water with a soft Terry towel or cut tissue;
  • lightly wet your hands and pour in the palm a little soda;
  • for massage the penis from the base and in the area of the frenulum;
  • soda rinse with hot water.

Massage with baking soda to increase the size of penis, it is better to do in the evening before bedtime, after the procedure it is recommended to lie down a bit and relax.

Repeat the manipulation two times per week.


To prepare a solution of 10 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate diluted in one liter of hot water. Then in the mixture, moisten a strip of cloth from natural material. The cuff is wrapped around the penis and leave for 15 — 20 minutes, and then wash the penis with warm water. Lotions may be performed every 3 to 4 days.


Features outdoor use soda

In the procedures for solving the problem of how to increase penis with the help of baking soda, you need to pay attention to several aspects. A solution of sodium bicarbonate should not be applied on the area of the head, as this can cause skin irritation and discomfort.

To improve the efficiency of external procedures, you must first apply to lumbo-sacral part of the spine is known to all balm "Asterisk". Thus it is possible to significantly improve the flow of blood in the vessels of the pelvis.

The soda itself does not cause irritation or other symptoms, suggesting hypersensitive. However, when the tendency to allergic reactions, it is better to refrain before you can add essential oils or honey.

The internal use of soda

The wide popularity of the admission of sodium bicarbonate inside acquired after the speech of Prof. H. Q., Neumyvakina. It is recommended that the soda in the following way. The initial dose is one third of a teaspoon is diluted in a glass of water or milk at room temperature.

Drink the mixture twice a day (morning and evening) half an hour before a meal. According to this scheme, the sodium bicarbonate take three days in a row. Then make a three-day break. If there are no complaints of feeling, gradually increasing the dose to one tablespoon twice a day (you can additionally drink the soda solution and the lunch). It is necessary to withstand the mode (three days of treatment and the same period of the break).


Sodium bicarbonate is present in every kitchen. Hostesses also add it during cooking and is often used for the purification of sanitary ware, kitchen appliances, getting rid of the bad smell in the refrigerator. But despite such widespread external and internal use of this tool has several limitations.

Penis enlargement baking soda with baths and lotions are contraindicated in:

  • injuries of the skin;
  • dermatitis of unknown etiology;
  • infectious urethritis, the fact that sodium bicarbonate is a great way to get rid of yeast fungi of the genus Candida, however, change the pH of the skin and mucosa can be increased in the course of bacterial inflammation.

However, these are relative contraindications. Penis enlargement of the baking soda can be resumed after full recovery from these diseases.

The intake of sodium bicarbonate inside is not recommended for:

  • aggravation of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • severe chronic pathologies especially affecting the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system;
  • malignant and benign formations, regardless of location;
  • urolithiasis;
  • diabetes.

IMPORTANT: When pathologies of the digestive tract associated with the violation acidity, before taking soda, need to consult with your doctor.

Under normal conditions of use and doses, without complications use soda to increase the size of penis does not happen. However, in excess of the recommended amount ingestion may cause nausea, and in the local application — skin irritation and rash.

In addition, for breeding soda in no case it is impossible to use cold water or milk. Also, it is not recommended immediately after this drink. You need to sustain an interval of at least 20 minutes. If you feel the disease, the use of sodium bicarbonate, you need to immediately stop, and if you want to see the doctor.


In the last few years, the popularity of various methods of application of sodium bicarbonate is breaking all the records. This tool is recommended for the treatment and prevention of almost any disease of the internal organs. According to the words of men, penis growth using soda, really effective. One month with regular use, the length of the penis can be increased by 1 — 1.5 cm in Connection with this result is confirmed by the numerous comments of the representatives of the stronger sex.

Reviews on baking soda for penis enlargement

Andrew, 29 years old "For the size of his dignity began to think even at a young age. I like in the conventional rules, but still wants even more to impress the girls. I've studied information about methods of penis enlargement but use of creams I do not believe, and the thought of using a different instrument was creepy. In the end, I decided to try recipes based on baking soda. Happy with the result, it is only been three weeks, and already plus 1 cm."

Oleg, 25 years A "permanent partner there, and now, as they say. But, always think that the girls are waiting for me in the bed something more. Try different toys, positions, role playing. But, we came to the conclusion that not the last role as a sex game the size of my manhood. Of all the available methods chose the increase of the length of the usage of soda and do not get lost. Not going to talk about the other ways, but this really helped. A half-inch per month without much costs and efforts."

Teams Victor p., the surgeon-urologist "Indications for operation for increasing the size of the penis not so much. Patients often treat me to the background of the different psychological complexes. But, before you lie on the table, I recommend patients to try a more safe way. Frankly, the effect of different sprays and creams are almost there. But regular juice does wonders".

Increase the member using soda — a simple and effective way of solving different problems with sexual life. Sodium bicarbonate is safe, practically does not cause complications. The effectiveness of this technique can be improved by using additional extenders or vacuum pumps (models of such devices are many, they can be purchased in the sex shop). Not last role is played by physical activity, proper nutrition, weight control.