At what age reduced potency in the aging men?

What is male menopause? It is known that the level of sex hormones (androgens) in the body is dependent on the ability of people to reproduction.

But, at the level of the sex hormones can be reduced not only due to age, but also because of the comorbidities, lifestyle, bad habits. It is well known that a healthy way of life leads to prolongation of the reproductive men. Conversely, bad habits, chronic diseases can lead to the appearance of the signs of menopause in men after the age of 40, and at a younger age. At what age do not show signs of menopause due to natural causes? Most often, the potency starts to decline in relatively healthy men aged from 50 to 60 years of age and older, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. It should be noted that it is sometimes a temporary decrease of potency, and not depending on age. Complete impotence may occur in severe disease.

at what age is reduced strength

Factors that affect the reduced potency

  1. Chronic fatigue, fatigue. The constant physical and mental overload lead to the fact that men's potency begins to decline. But, if you adjust the way work and rest, to balance the load, to give the body to recover, the resulting condition can be solved easily.
  2. Stress, prolonged depression. Potency in men depends on mood directly to avoid problems, you have to learn to get out of nasty situations, to engage auto-training, when a particular sensibility, you may want to think about changing jobs.
  3. Obesity. The reasons leading to the occurrence of excessive weight, known: a systematic overeating, sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, hormonal failure, the abuse of beer. The last reason directly affects the quality of potency. Because hop (part beer) contains an analogue of female sexual hormones, called phytoestrogen. Because it produces not only beer belly is formed effeminatos image, but also as a result of the systematic income phytoestrogen in the body — men are losing their power.
  4. Diabetes type 2.
  5. Stroke.
  6. Cardiovascular disease (without treatment is a violation of blood supply of organs of small pelvis, as a result, impotence).
  7. The influence of alcohol, drugs, tobacco.
  8. Things inflammatory diseases of the male genital organs and sexually transmitted diseases can lead not only to weakening of potency, and complete impotence.
  9. Dangerous working conditions (eg. work in the chemical industry, the impact of the body from toxic substances, which can disrupt the work of the body as a whole)

Signs of male menopause

  1. Erectile dysfunction, impotence.
  2. The reduction in the number morning erection or its complete disappearance.
  3. Dizziness, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Why the menopause is manifested not only by a reduction of reproductive function and other physiological manifestations? Because sex hormones affect many of the indicators in the body, almost all, and if the person is unhealthy, it is the weaknesses that will suffer the most.

Menopause can be accompanied by not only physical issues, when it comes to reducing the volume and other characteristics, but also psychological disabilities, neurological:

  1. Irritability, causeless anxiety, fear.
  2. Impaired memory, reduced ability to concentrate.
  3. Neuroses.
  4. Hypoactive sexual desire.
  5. Insomnia.

All these symptoms can happen or not to happen, it all depends on the characteristics of the organism.

What to do if it falls potency?

Problems with potency in men affects self esteem, quality of life and well-being.

What to do if failure treated whether the potency is weakened, not the flow of drugs on the reproductive sphere? The state of the climacteric period in men can be corrected with medications prescribed by a doctor and traditional medicine.

To increase the volume help of medicinal plants, but before the use should consult a doctor to avoid unexpected effects. Apply the following medicinal plants such as hawthorn, shepherd's purse and various fees from several types of plants.

Increased potency is regulated by the use of hormones. Potency after 50-60 years is in need of comprehensive support, as a rule, the doctor prescribed medication for continued use. You can start with the treatment with any problematic age, and strength with regular measures, as a rule, to be recovered. If the strength has fallen from severe exertion mentally or physically, you need to rethink your way of life.