How to increase male potency natural ways?

From a certain age men often have problems with erections. The question how to increase potency in men, is the subject of interest of many. Such a injury in the male body can be a real tragedy. Causes of erectile dysfunction can be stress, sedentary lifestyle, and adoption of a performance-enhancing drug use, alcohol, Smoking, bad nutrition, hormonal imbalance.

how to increase the volume at home

However, you do not need to panic. There are many different methods to increase the strength. To help deal with the problem in the acceptance of modern means of the latest generation, and with time-tested recipes of traditional medicine. A lot of men in the middle years would like to improve their potency. Modern life affect men's health. Permanent lack of sleep and fatigue, can also cause weakening of erection and libido. For the recovery of the power requires time and specific measures.

First of all, in the struggle with erectile dysfunction is necessary to observe a few basic rules:

  • A regular sex life. The male reproductive organs require constant training. For any men it is important to avoid prolonged bounce from sex. It provides health for the whole body, improves the quality of sperm and increases the amount. Regular sex prevents the development of impotence. According to scientific studies, 2003, weekly orgasms are significantly lower risks of developing prostate cancer.
  • Prevention of diseases that are sexually transmitted. Such infections develop suddenly and quickly. Their presence in the male body will help to identify the appropriate tests. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex regularly tested for Stds. Each disease needs to be a reason to consult with a doctor and be diagnosed. After the defeat exposed not only the sexual organs but the male body.
  • Proper nutrition should be one of the main methods in the fight against erectile dysfunction. A balanced diet will increase potency and libido provides. Use the product must contain large amount of phosphorus, this element has a direct impact on male health and potency. You need to eat food that encourages the production of male hormones is required. After phosphorus, the main nutrient for men is zinc. He is involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Lack of zinc in the body leads to the deterioration of the quality of ejaculation and a reduced potency. Also used in food products should contain vitamin E. It also provides high male potency and prevents negative changes in the cells of the genital organs. A proper diet promotes rapid relief from the problems with erection, restores hormonal balance, helps to heal in a short period of time. How to improve weak potency with diet? You must eat protein foods, honey with nuts, spices, vegetables and fruits.
  • Abstinence from alcohol. The less a man drinks alcohol, the better its potency. Many believe that a glass of wine will provide the necessary stimulus for the sex. But it is not. For example, if you prostatitis any alcohol is absolutely contraindicated. In a situation when the exact cause for the weakening of potency, alcohol should be completely avoided from your life.
  • To get rid of excess pounds. Being overweight can also cause a reduction in potency. Slowly lose weight, start every morning with exercises. Engage in sports or exercise during the day, go to the gym.
  • Peaceful sleep helps to rejuvenate the body. Chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue, weakness very negative impact on erectile function of men. It is extremely important always to sleep and relax after work.

How to increase male potency natural ways

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Natural ways to increase the power not only to focus on the excellent work of the sexual function, but also on the General improvement and strengthening of the male body. To cope with the problem and will help you a specially designed set of exercises. In the process of practicing pubic muscle, which is directly connected with an erection. Daily need to perform these simple exercises:

  1. rotation of the pelvis. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Rotate the pelvis, you need to be 10 minutes one way and then the other.
  2. step into a place, highly lifting knees and pressing them to her stomach;
  3. knees slightly bent, hands on hips. Then on your knees and bend stronger then it should be possible to stretch and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times;
  4. the raising of the pelvis, lying on the back; rotation of legs, lying on back, exercise bike;
  5. a couple of times to stretch and relax pubis-coccygeal musculus.
  6. In addition to physical exertion, it is important to eat certain types of food. They increase power, to provide persistent erection of the penis.

Men should eat regularly:

  • honey;
  • garlic in its raw form;
  • braised carrots in milk;
  • nuts; beans; chocolate.

Water - as a way to increase the strength

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Well help to restore power daily contrast baths for the night. They are a very beneficial effect on blood circulation in the pelvis and strengthens the whole body. To complete the procedure, a bath filled with cold water and the other hot. In each container you want to dive on the line for a minute.

Gradually increase the difference in temperature. It is important to know that in the beginning a strong temperature drop can only hurt. You can also use contrast showers as an alternative to baths. On potency has a beneficial effect and a sauna. In the bathroom it is better to go twice a week and be sure to use a birch broom.

Very effective method with the application of ice. In the ordinary gauze to be wrapped ice. This question must first be folded several times. This cold compress is needed to apply for one or two minutes to different parts of the body. Start with the head and ice to the skull, and then to the region of the heart, after the scrotum.

How to increase the potency of folk remedies

Traditional medicine is rich in various effective recipes that help to quickly restore the erectile function. Most known methods:

  • Every day to eat as a treat, honey with crushed nuts. The components are mixed in equal parts. The tool you want to apply not less than 1 month. For the best effect, you can wash down a treat with milk.
  • Well helps to solve the carrot cocktail with honey. Bee products and vegetables, such as carrots, long considered a great way for the renewal of men's health. I was drinking a cocktail, you will need ¼ Cup three times a day.
  • Prepare a tincture of garlic and to take every day 20 drops.
  • Greatly increases the volume of juice from the cabbage. It must be consumed daily in small amounts.
  • The decoction of medicinal herbs will help to achieve an erection. Take blossoms of the Basil, the leaves of the walnut, the rhizome of hell. Then you can boil 1 liter of red wine and pour them grass. Prepared soup wrapped in a warm towel and to insist. The tool is then filtered and before eating 100 ml.
  • It is highly effective in the treatment of impotence remedy lungwort. The plant should regularly be added in salads and other dishes. Also, the bees, the infusion of dry grass pour boiling water and take the tool.
  • Asparagus, infusions and decoctions of maple branches, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds need to constantly use men who have problems with potency. Such tools help to get rid of this problem.

A healthy way of life

The basic rule when dealing with impotence is to follow a correct healthy way of life. It is important to take various preventive measures, even for the older to not think about the problems of an intimate nature. Older men often wonder how in the 60 years to increase the strength.

For a solution you can use various methods, starting with exercise and ending with the use of special tools. A comprehensive approach to the problem will help to eliminate erectile dysfunction quickly and the return of men's health.

It is necessary to apply special massages, play sports, go on long walks in the fresh air. You can use the best recipes of traditional medicine and modern innovation, developed by experts to increase the volume.

Men of any age are not immune to problems with potency. To date, it is not surprising that young men have erectile dysfunction of any kind.

The cause of erectile dysfunction can be physical trauma or stress, as well as the consequences. Problems with potency may be as unnatural temporary and permanent.

Hesitate to go to the doctor, often men are turning to these synthetic drugs and completely forget what to improve erection with the help of natural assets.

A definite plus of most synthetic drugs - immediate potency, but keeping some tips about improving men's health, you can prevent problems.

Increased potency natural methods

  1. First and foremost is a proper diet, which plays a major role in the healthy functioning of the whole organism. To use the vitamin, fresh from the garden fruits and vegetables - the key to success. Man needs such as vitamins and minerals such as C,E, zinc, selenium and b vitamins Essential in the diet will be the following products: nuts, honey, garlic, legumes, egg yolks, chocolate, and stewed carrots in milk.
  2. Performing special physical exercises that can increase strength, namely, to increase blood circulation, especially in pelvic organs. Physical exercises of this kind does not take up too much time, but are sufficiently effective.
  3. The presence of sexual desire in men directly associated with testosterone - the male hormone. Accordingly, the low level of the testosterone reduces the strength, and and sexual performance. The middle-aged men the levels of testosterone gradually begins to decrease.
  4. The main enemy of the power - weight. In addition, the presence of excess weight involves a few other diseases, such as diabetes, for example.
  5. The sedentary way of living can negatively affect potency. Ideally, when the occupation of the men is associated with physical activity.
  6. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are the worst enemies of power
  7. Stress and experience a different kind of oppressed sexual function.
  8. Sleep - the guarantee of health, it must be held in a pleasant and comfortable conditions and the duration be not less than eight hours.

What are natural methods of increase of power?

  1. Three raw cloves of garlic per day best way to affect the strength
  2. Useful for the reproductive system are the pumpkin seeds that can be eaten in any form.
  3. Application of honey and pure honey the perfect enhancement of masculinity. Time tested natural means to increase potency, consuming equal proportions of honey, nuts, nuts and the juice of the aloe.
  4. One cure is to increase the period of erection is the most common mustard, which should be applied to the feet. Mustard can cause the active tide of blood from the feet goes directly into the sex organs.

5 great ways to increase potency in men

  1. Every day to eat a lot of vegetables and lean red meat with vegetables.
  2. Periodically raise the tone by taking baths with mummy.
  3. Doing contrast showers or baths for the pelvic organs.
  4. Lead in the daily diet of a small amount of walnuts, almonds, cedar, or walnut.
  5. Daily drinking of the juice from the tomatoes and a small amount of red wine.