How do hemorrhoids potency in men the relationship

The disease brings a lot of inconvenience and discomfort, but additionally affects the reproductive system. How are hemorrhoids and potency, hemorrhoids can affect the strength and how to improve the chances men cure are the main issues covered in the article.

power in men

Is there a link between hemorrhoids and power?

Overriding question: "whether the hemorrhoids in men of power?", as the quality of sexual life is an important part of every man's life. According to some experts, the presence of hemorrhoids is a reflection of men's sexual health. In fact, the negative effects really occur.

During the initial outbreak of hemorrhoids its effect on the body and discomfort go unnoticed. Negative feelings are written off at least the surrounding factors: "watchers", "malnourished" or hope to fix the problem. At this stage the man does not feel any effect of hemorrhoids of power, he is able to be fully sexually active. During the worsening of the inflammatory reaction there is a physical pain that cannot be tolerated.

In the process of sex involves the perineum and in the groin. The appearance of hemorrhoidal disease advancing the pain as well as tension in the muscles. This phenomenon inevitably leads to psycho-emotional influence on the health of men. Because of the pain comes to the deterioration of an erection and decrease libido. Sometimes it comes to a complete elimination of an erection.

Additionally, the disease reduces the immune system and affect other organs of the urogenital system, causing an increased risk for the disease. The occurrence and development of prostatitis or BPH, there are disorders in the human body that affect the reproductive system.

Taking into account the above presented information, it is easy to understand, not hemorrhoids potency. His influence is extremely negative. The sexual act the man does not bring pleasure and satisfaction causes serious discomfort. Men do not need to fall in depression, lethargy potency is the normal state, in the presence of the disease.

How hemorrhoids affect sexual life?

To consider whether the inter-related hemorrhoids and urinary system, it is necessary to delve into the pathological processes in the onset of the disease. The disease has an indirect influence on the potency, because from the anus to the genitals, the inflammation is not transmitted.

Erection deterioration is due to the negative feelings when the tension in the muscles of the perineum. Only libido in men is reduced, in addition to psychological impotence.

What is the impact of hemorrhoids in men if the disease is not directly affects the erectile dysfunction:

problems with potency
  • brings the pain in the process of sex, especially at the moment of orgasm;
  • leads to emotional disorders. Due to the pain a man experiences fear, tension, as we know – fear is the enemy of erection;
  • can cause disorder in the urinary system, which includes the sexual function;
  • has a negative impact on the function of the gastrointestinal tract, it is associated with constipation. The stomach and the rectum have a significant impact on all spheres of human life.

When the infliction of pain during sex a man faced with the disappointment that causes the desire to avoid shame, pain and bad memories. Over time, often develops a desire to avoid sexual relations, but the sex is sporadic and rare. The psychological side of the question plays a major role, i.e., to disregard this area impossible.

It becomes obvious that the hemorrhoids affect the volume negatively, and enough strong.

What actions to be taken to improve potency hemorrhoids?

The primary action recommended in all patients – this is an appeal to the doctor. The doctor will conduct a diagnosis of the human condition and to help find a way out. For the rehabilitation of many men is sufficient to eliminate the pain, but for others – you will need to work with a psychologist.

All patients proctologist prescribe lifestyle changes and diet. Diet therapy for the treatment of chronic diseases is of crucial importance.

Consider such eating habits:

  • to add in the diet buckwheat, fish and meat specialities, honey, potatoes and cauliflower, use plenty of water – up to 2 liters a day;
  • excluded from the diet of mustard, legumes, peppers, spicy food and black bread.

More details diet will help of a nutritionist. The diet should be aimed at the normalization of the process of defecation, as it is important to ensure the smooth movement of the colon.

An important recommendation is in accordance with high hygiene. Is frequent cleaning with cold water or wiping with a napkin wetted in the event the person is not at home.

Old recipes of traditional healers

Therapy of hemorrhoids is a long time, including the traditional methods. Healers have mastered a number of recipes before the advent of traditional medicine and are still using them. For risk reduction it is desirable to consult at the proctologist. Be especially careful if there is bleeding. The traditional methods that are used for 5-7 days.

Many recipes allow you to choose the appropriate option for the different patients. In therapy, folk remedies are often used:

  • suppositories made from potatoes. Effective and easy to use. Fresh potatoes are made into anus at night, and the outer cover of the skin with apricot oil;
  • onion. The medicinal influence is the onion and the juice from it. It is recommended to drink 1 tsp 3 times/day;
  • apples, carrots and grapes to be eaten raw;
  • swallowing cloves of garlic, they don't have to clean up. The garlic is not absorbed completely, only coming out together with the feces. As it will be affecting the intestines, it will cause damage to the tissues, with the aim of fast recovery;
  • serum. You will take 200-400 ml of 1 times a day;
  • cabbage. It is recommended to use if there is bleeding from the hemorrhoids. It is recommended to enrich the diet of this vegetable or drinking 400 ml of brine after the starter.
means for potency

Sitz baths

The people there are many recipes for sitz baths. The most effective and popular are different:

  • bath for the couple of making soup from the onions and milk. In a pot with thick walls (preferably clay) is poured 0.5 liters of milk, then add 4 bulbs. The mixture is placed on a slow fire and covered with a lid. Before using a prescription of the colon need to be cleaned on a standard enema. After the preparation should be cooked area hemorrhoids, hold over the united states. This recipe can cure internal hemorrhoids for 7-10 days;
  • the cold tub. In the united states filled with 1 liter of water, it should be cold, but not icy. You need to take bath sitting. Duration – 1-5 minutes. In order to perform the reception of the bath should be 2 times a day: after and before sleep, for 5-7 days. To improve the therapeutic properties, you can add a few grains of manganese to make the solution pink.
  • tincture for medicinal products and medical devices shall be valid only if it is the outer form of the disease. With the help of the plant prepares the bath for sedentary use within 7 days. The procedure lasts 10 minutes.

With the increase of the hemorrhoids and the inability to reduce, their preferred breakthrough. To improve the use of packages is based on oats and bran. The greatest benefit comes when used in hot. If the buds break, these lined lotions of tannin to the liquid.

To prevent the negative effects of disease should be timely treatment, it will help to restore the healthy power and to prevent the psychological trauma.

For how to treat hemorrhoids at home

Have you ever tried to get rid of hemorrhoids at home yourself? Judging by the fact that you are reading this article – the victory was not on your side. And of course you know that:

  • once again to see blood on the paper;
  • Wake up in the morning with the thought of how to reduce swollen bumps;
  • to suffer every visit to the toilet from the discomfort, itching or the uncomfortable burning sensation;
  • again and again to hope for success, expect with impatience the results and upset by the new drug ineffective.