The effect of alcohol on the volume of men: the whole truth

But the frequent use of alcoholic beverages, even in small doses can start the development of a number of diseases of the genitourinary system.

power in men

The injuries that occur in the processes of sexual attraction, arousal, occurrence and duration of an erection, suffer from 37 to 42% of the male population at the age from 30 to 55 years of age! Hypoactive sexual desire does not affect on the best way to sexual health and physical and emotional condition of the men.

Deceptive influence of alcohol

Representatives of a strong half of mankind often resort to the use of alcohol, given that the drink increase sexual desire and give you the opportunity to prove himself at the highest level. In reality this is one of the invented myths in connection with the use of alcohol. Even in the Ancient World of the doctors was saying: "in the wine awakens the desire, but makes it impossible to enforce".

Intoxicated after drinking alcohol, people, in fact, increases the desire for sexual intimacy. Such a pattern indicates that alcohol enhances power and erection. However, this is very wrong, because this reaction is only a result of the primary effects of the nerve endings and the nervous system men in General. In the course of sexual intercourse forces left in the most inopportune moment.

The fact that after the drinking in the human body occurs, the slowing down of many processes, the circulation of the blood, which at first is very active, and then its activity decreases sharply. For this reason, in a state of intoxication, it is often impossible to achieve a stable and prolonged erection. First, blood rushes to the penis, resulting in rapid erection. But, following a sharp contraction of blood vessels causes the opposite effect. Thus, alcohol and potency are not compatible.

How alcohol affects the volume At all?

Excessive or regular alcohol has the following effects on the male reproductive system:

  • under the influence of ethanol reduces the sensitivity of the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction, even among young people;
  • there is a decrease in the body, the level of testosterone (male hormone), this is manifested by reduced libido and deterioration of semen quality;
  • alcohol kills over time, the seminiferous tubule, which can cause infertility and make it impossible to conceive a child;
  • changing its structure, sperm lose their mobility, which also leads to reproductive dysfunction;
  • the negative impact of alcohol on the functioning of the brain leads to disruption of the normal testosterone production in the testicles;
  • the intake of alcoholic beverages in the course of the long run will lead eventually to complete impotence, because the body is less and less resists the destructive action of ethanol.

The gradual reduction of the volume alcoholism

Regular consumption of alcohol leads first to the disappearance of wet dreams and erotic dreams occur in a healthy not sexually active men 1-2 times a month. Starts to subside or disappears erection.

The man who systematically drinks are not always aware of the problem, considering the reduction in your male power due to fatigue or bad mood. Under the influence of alcoholic intoxication ejaculation for a long time does not occur or is absent altogether. Along with all the other changes and the nature of the feelings of a man or not experiencing orgasms, or its onset is accompanied by painful feelings. Instead of pleasure and relaxation is not weakness.

Thus, alcohol negatively affects the potency of men, until it is permanent impotence. Sometimes a person may feel a strong emotional desire, the desire to have sex, but these feelings quickly pass. Over time, the alcoholic becomes more and mentally impotent.

From the harmful effect of alcohol on the male body comprehensively, it refers to the brain, so the patient alcoholism has no desires, including sexual. One of the parties to the harmful effects of ethanol on the volume of men is and the production of defective germ cells, which ultimately may affect the health of future children.

It is important to remember that alcohol affects the condition of the prostate and many other organs men. Also, the connection between the development of prostatitis and excessive use of alcohol consumption has been proven and scientifically justified.

Beer – the most dangerous drink for men

Any alcoholic drinks affect the strength of the men. However, recent studies show that the greatest harm for the functioning of the reproductive system and the reproductive capacity of men is just beer.

beer is good for men

Power in men is closely linked with sexual hormone – testosterone. Really male hormones, the hormone of masculinity. Its opposite is estrogen is the female hormone. How does this tie in with beer?

It is very simple. The fact that beloved by many men foam intoxicating drink contains the hormone estrogen, make women women, giving them distinctive characteristics. This substance has the property to accumulate in the human body. Frequent, uncontrolled consumption of beer becomes the reason for impotence in men. Quite understandable! Why should the sexual strength in the body, in which there is more testosterone than estrogen.

Another intrigue of the beer is a quick way to alcoholism. A man falls in addiction, develops the so-called "beer alcoholism". And alcohol and potency, as stated above, are not compatible. It should be remembered that beer is one alcoholic beverage, it is also present alcohol poison the body with products of their decomposition. Alcoholic drinks carries do less damage than their strong counterparts.

Often, alcohol becomes a kind of stage of preparation for sexual intercourse. Alcohol is relaxing and helps to increase male self-esteem. But, for the extraction of beverages is just good, dose it should be minimal. Although when you consider that the harmful impact of alcohol on conception for men, when planning a baby, even the permissible dose of alcohol is desirable. Excessive consumption of alcohol negatively affects the potency of men. It is especially in people who suffer from alcoholism.