Top 5 best products to increase potency in men

With age, many people are faced with the problem of reducing the potency. Many of them turn to the advice of the doctors to improve it. However, to go in the hospital should not, as they can be at home to stimulate the libido. For example, it is possible to eat foods that increase potency in men. But before that, you need to decide what foods increase sexual potency in men.

useful products for men for potency

The volume of men can exacerbate the following:

  1. Neurological problems: autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy.
  2. Psychological problems: stress, irritability, depression, fatigue.
  3. Damage to the genital or pelvic organs.

All of these factors immediately affect the strength.

There are also certain types of foods that are a danger to potency of men. Because of their regular use erection will gradually deteriorate, so it is advisable to remove them from your diet.

They include:

  1. Spirits. They affect the genital area and the health of the testicles. Be careful when drinking alcohol, as sometimes, the abuse of such drinks ends up with impotence.
  2. Meat with lots of fat. This food is very dangerous for people of any age. If you are too often eating of meat, the fatty, the body will start to reduce the amount of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the functioning of the sexual organs.
  3. Salt. Almost every food contains salt, so to completely abandon it will not work. However, if possible, better not to eat a lot of salty foods.

The top five best meals

Having defined the reasons for the deterioration of an erection, you need to understand that you need to eat to increase the volume. There are the first five types of food which increase the power. This list will help you to choose the most beneficial foods for male potency.

A camel's stomach

Among the products to improve the volume, it is necessary to highlight the stomach of the camel, which has helped many men. Thanks to him, the man's strength is increased is almost the same as after the use of Viagra. However, this product is very difficult to get, so not every man's luck to try the camel stomach.

For many years, people stimulate an erection with the help of this product. The first peoples who started to use it to increase the potency in men who are the Bedouins and the Mongols.

A camel's stomach will increase the volume a little, and so eat it before sex, or a few hours before the start. Stimulants work immediately and will not have to wait.
healthy recipes for men for potency

From the stomach of a camel can be quite useful to prepare alcohol tincture. For this, 100 g of camel meat, pour the liter of vodka and leave to infuse for 2-3 weeks. To save the prepared liquids are recommended in a cool and dark place.

The oyster

The list of products for maintaining and increasing the power includes and shells. The diet of every young person who cares about their men's health needs to include this product. Oysters to eat, they are natural amino acids. The impact of these components strengthens the erection and increases the sperm count. Also, oysters are apamin enhancement of libido.

Many scientists claim that in the spring, oysters in the increased amount of the amino acids with zinc. Therefore, a good stimulator of the libido are shells that were caught in the spring.

Men are encouraged to eat this dish only raw materials. The fact that the high temperature during thermal processing has contributed to the destruction of the most useful elements. Before eating oysters, it is recommended sprinkle with lemon juice to improve the taste of the dish.

It should be noted that it is not always the oysters contribute to the raising of the potency. Too frequent use of molluscs is not always a positive effect on health. The fact that oysters have mercury and therefore such meals are sometimes negatively affect potency. Also from the use of this product to increase the potency of men should give people who suffer from diabetes and have problems with the immune system, and acidity.


Diet some men include flounder. Many are not even aware of the useful properties of this fish and consider it only a very tasty meal. However, the dishes of plaice improve libido and have a positive effect on the overall health.

The composition of this fish contains vitamins and other micronutrients that enhance the male erection. Also, flounder contain proteins and active substances that improve male strength.

There are different recipes of cooking the fish. For best persistence of all useful microelements, it is advisable to boil it, boil or cook for a couple. Once the product is brought up to full readiness, it is necessary to immediately stop the heat treatment.

Flounder is useful not only for men but also for women. The fact that she has dietary properties, and, therefore, can be used to get rid of excess weight.


Among the products to increase the volume may vary mackerel. It includes a significant amount of omega acids. They participate in the formation of testosterone, which depends largely on men's sexual ability. Mackerel also contains a large number of iodine and phosphorus that increase sexual desire.

Diet men should include mackerel boiled. Because the cooked product is effective in the treatment of sexual weakness.

fish products for male potency


Top best foods to increase libido include turnips. Of vegetables contain substances and trace elements, leads to better production of testosterone. Is useful not only vegetable, but also his seed. Seed beets, encouraging the sexual desire and to improve sexual life. The same effect can be obtained if the boiled turnips in a small amount to include in your diet.

Also turnip it is possible to prepare a special medical mixture. For this you will need to grate on a grater and mix with grated carrot. Then it all mixed and poured the rare honey. The prepared solution is used 2-3 times a day before meals.

To increase the volume, you can prepare another mixture of a turnip. In this case, the chopped vegetables cooked in one liter of milk. After that beet rubbed on a grater and mix with warm milk coctum. To improve the therapeutic effect of the prepared mixture, you can add a couple of tablespoons of honey.

Other products

In addition to the above, there are other products that will help you to regain the virility.

Meat dishes

The main part of the diet of most of the men are meat dishes. They contain a lot of protein which enriches the body with energy. It also helps to improve anxiety and supports a lot of nerve centres.

It is advisable to eat more dishes made from lamb, beef, chicken and horse meat. Some men have an exotic diet consisting of meat, thrushes, pheasants and rooster combs. Meat facilitates the return of lost male power.


Eliminate sexual weakness will help the nuts. For this purpose you can use the nutmeg and pine nuts. They can be used not only to improve the health of the genital organs, but also to improve their health. They need to be consumed raw, but can sometimes be a little nuts, assuming that they were a bit tastier.

nuts for men for potency

We also need to emphasize the nutmeg it is recommended to eat every day. However, this does not mean that you should eat in large quantities. Enough every day sprinkled with the food powder of nutmeg. The optimal daily dose should not be more than 20 grams.


To strengthen the strength, the power added dark types of chocolate, which include theobromine that increases libido. To buy recommended product that contains at least 70% cocoa. All the other variants, with different chemical fillers, can not be used for medical purposes.

From eating dark chocolate, it is better to give to the people with high blood pressure and problems with the liver or pancreas.


Sexual weakness bothers a lot of people, especially in adulthood. To get rid of this problem, you need to trust the rating of food products to increase power and to adjust your diet. You can also watch the video, where they will be enumerated and described products to improve erection.