Increased potency in men after 60 years

The woman nature has menopause, in which her sexual activity and fertility fades, and the man always keeps his erectile function, only its quality with the passage of time can be reduced. In old age, the reason for this is the natural internal changes. To determine the exact cause of erectile failure may be only one physician, but often the culprit of several important factors:

  • abuse of alcohol and nicotine;
  • the decrease in the level of testosterone;
  • excess weight;
  • neurological disorders.

Even if a person supports physical activity in the elderly, attempts to treat chronic diseases do not have problems with excess weight, following a healthy diet, he can't protect yourself from natural deterioration of potency. This is due to the hormone testosterone, which develop in men over the age of 60 years is gradually slowing down, which contributes to decreased libido, problems with erection and ejaculation.

How to improve the potency

A few

An effective way of influence on the erectile function can not limit the intake of some pills, or just eat the food an aphrodisiac. Increased potency in men after 60 years requires a comprehensive approach and the necessary patience, because if it is not buy stimulant erection in the pharmacy, the treatment will be long. It often happens that the therapeutic scheme includes:

  • treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • eye exercises;
  • vitamins and overall strengthening of immunity.


The choice of drugs that have increased potency in men after 60 years, is carried out by determining the reason for the deterioration of erectile function. Possible recipes, correction of hormones that affect the libido, enhances the feeling of intimacy. Together with oral medications, long-term therapy of erectile dysfunction may require local use of medications, ointments and gels, injections into the penis.

Folk remedies

In old age, doctors advise to prefer synthetic pills traditional medicine, if you do not want to be confronted with the severe chronic diseases of the reproductive system. The downside of this treatment is the duration of the course: 2-4 weeks break and repeat. Instant effect from the pills not worth the wait, but the price and risks of this treatment below. Primarily for the enhancement of potency in men after 60 years of folk medicine offers:

  • using the herbal teas;
  • overlay applications of the penis;
  • the use of mustard plasters to the feet;
  • receiving a relaxing bath.


Experts suggest men over 60 years of doing yoga – it is good for the pelvic organs: the exercises help to relax the lower back, which affect the nervous system, circulation. You will also need separate sets of exercises that assist in the recovery of the power – they can be a doctor or not. The simplest of the bunch:

  • While urinating, stop the stream and count to 10, again and relax your muscles. This physical exercise should be done every time you urinate.
  • Sitting on your buttocks, pull your heel aligned with the heel of the foot to the groin. Knees apart, try to reduce it to the floor. The attitude of "butterfly" you need to keep 30-40 seconds.
  • To lie on her stomach, bent at the elbow, place the palms down on the sides. Exhale, lift chest off the floor, arching the back. Count to 20, down. Exercise helps to establish blood flow.

The intake of vitamins and trace elements

To enhance the volume you can use the "male" vitamin complexes or cheap to buy over the counter or order online any SUPPLEMENTS that will contain certain vitamins and minerals, correction of the hormonal and vascular. Important to use:

  • Zinc – it is the building blocks of testosterone.
  • Selenium – affect the male genital organs.
  • Vitamin C – helps blood circulation and strengthens the blood vessels.
  • Vitamin E – stimulates the flow of blood in the penis.
  • Vitamin D is responsible for the libido.


Improvement of potency in men after 60 years, it is impossible, if there is damage to the blood vessels of the penis in such a situation only one way out: surgery. Mostly doctors practicing strengthening vascular walls or bypass surgery (in patients of Mature age the arteries touch rarely – only veins). It is not excluded penile prosthesis introduction of an implant in the corpora cavernosa, and pump in the scrotum.

For the recovery of power, after 60 years


If we are talking not only about the deterioration of erectile function, and complete disappearance of libido, inability to withstand even short sexual intercourse due to premature ejaculation, weak stimulation of the penis, men need to urgently go to the doctor. To restore power at the age of 60 years later on our own with the purchase of the advertised pills will not work for the health of men, this period should be treated with special attention.

Folk remedies

Alternative medicine will not be effective in complete impotence – this attracts the attention of men all doctors. In advanced situations it is desirable to use several popular recipes, along with medications, special exercises and other measures to increase potency in men after 60. Well established as these assets are:

  • Grass Dubrovnik, from where you will prepare a soup – 5 teaspoons of raw pour a glass of water, allow to boil for 3 minutes, leave for half an hour. Take 50 ml before eating, all the glass you need to drink per day. The next day, prepares a new series. The course lasts 14 days.
  • Thyme infusion helps to restore the normal erection and prevent early ejaculation. 2 tablespoons herb insist under 500 ml of boiling water for about 2 h, to divide in half and drink in the morning and in the evening. Of course you do not need to last more than 2 weeks.
  • Nettle seeds contribute to higher male power through the elimination of diseases of the reproductive system, but they cannot be taken if someone has cardiovascular disease. Recipes of traditional medicine offer to make a tea (1 tsp per Cup) or infusion: pour 5 tablespoons of seeds of nettles 0.5 liters of dry red wine, boil, cool. Drink 50 ml a day before meals for 3 weeks.

Diet and active way of life

Constant motion – walking, playing volleyball and soccer, skiing in the winter and bike in the summer, is the key to health at any age. Additionally you need to ensure that the male the regular sex he has a direct impact on the improvement of potency in men after the age of 60 years. Not the last role for the increase of sexual activity plays and healthy eating:

  • Throw on the menu, alcohol, fatty foods, fast food, avoid Smoking and large amounts of salt.
  • Daily eat nuts and pine nuts, almonds. It is recommended to combine them with honey.
  • Do not ignore the protein, but don't overdo fatty meat.

When in men older than 60 years, weakened erection, the first thing that comes to mind to increase the – go in the drugstore and choose an appropriate remedy. Before you choose the means that increase potency in men of Mature age, it is necessary to find the causes that led to the difficulties. In normal healthy men in this age there is a slight decrease of the sexual function related to the decline with age of testosterone.

Preparations for potency for the men of Mature age, can be divided into three groups.

  • Hormonal preparations of testosterone.
  • Stimulants potency synthetic origin (tablets based on sildenafil).
  • Means to improve male potency natural origin (based tablets yohimbine or other herbal components).

Before you make a means to increase potency in men of Ripe age, you will need to carefully read the instructions, indications and contraindications.

To increase the volume, after 60 years, the experts recommend taking medications that contain testosterone. The improvement of the erectile function occurs due to the input of the sufficient for full erection of the male sex hormone.

Improved sexual arousal and substantially increase the volume of the 60 years and folk remedies.

The use of a mixture of nuts and honey, mixed in equal proportions, also, are effective and useful for the whole body to increase the volume.

Another good tool to enhance male power – a decoction of herbs Dubrovnik ordinary. 2 tbsp raw materials pour a glass of boiling water, to insist within an hour and is taken 3 times a day for 1/3 Cup before eating.

To raise and to restore potency, improve the sensations of sexual intercourse, it is advisable to follow the following rules:

  • To get rid of bad habits.
  • To use it in their daily diet seafood, nuts, legumes, vegetables and fruits.
  • To give up meat, smoked food and fast food.
  • To increase physical activity: exercises, gymnastics, yoga.

Compliance with these rules helps to preserve potency in men 60 years and her increase, which will allow you to enjoy the sexual life for many years.

Even a Mature age, will not be an obstacle to full and intimate life if you take care of your health, a regular visit to the doctor and properly take their assigned pills and medications.

What factors lead to reduced potency


These factors can be divided into physiological and pathological.


  • Obesity. Is a consequence of common metabolic disorders.
  • Smoking. Nicotine affects the blood supply of the organs in the pelvis, causing ischemia and artificial atherosclerosis. The lack of blood is the road of impotence (I wrote earlier about the dangers of Smoking on potency).
  • Drinking large amounts of alcohol. Alcohol dulls the libido, decrease in concentration of testosterone. You can drink only in moderation: no more than one glass of wine a day.
  • Psychogenic causes (lack of confidence, phobias and fears).
  • Hypodynamia (lack of motion).
  • Taking certain medications (especially psychotropic).

Include pathological diseases:

  • Venereal disease. Of sexually transmitted diseases "painful" hitting on male health, affecting the prostate and testicles.
  • Hypertension. Causes instability of blood vessels and ischemia of the organs in the pelvis.
  • Prostatitis. Is the actual beach males over 60 years of age. According to statistics, this dangerous disease affects 70% of men of advanced age. The disease is characterized by erectile dysfunction and problems with normal urination. Despite this, the defeat of the prostate is not the death penalty. The disease causes temporary impotence. It is really to fix the pathological condition.
  • Adenoma of the prostate. A benign tumor of the glandular tissue of the prostate. Has similar symptoms with the prostate. Require mandatory surgical treatment, because at stake is not only reproductive function but also overall General health.
  • Inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions of the testes and their appendages: orchitis, epididymitis, cryptorchidism (extremely rare in adulthood), etc.
  • Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. Including urolithiasis, pyelonephritis.
  • Endocrine pathology at the level of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), the hypothalamus and the hypophysis (hypogonadism).

To understand the basic reasons is possible only with the help of a competent doctor. The only thing that can make the patient — to adhere to the rules of prevention in order to reduce the role of physiological factors. What to do to regain strength after 60 years — this question can be solved only by the representative of the stronger sex.

How real is the improvement of the potency of this age

For enhancement of sexual activity after the age of 60 — more than real. An important role plays the age and the will and desire, as well as the older representative of a strong half of humanity, more responsible approach is needed and the harder it is to restore a healthy erection. To increase the volume after such a Ripe age, we need an integrated approach that includes:

  • Increase of physical activity.
  • Change in the diet.
  • Receiving the targeted drugs.
  • Also, includes and treatment of chronic diseases, of course with them.

Restoring male potency and improving the quality of sexual life contributes to compliance with the rules of the diet, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, timely treatment of chronic diseases.