Potency 60 years for men - ways to improve, health risks, treatment

In the course of life for men sexual function has an important place. After 60 years, potency of men is weakened, the desire for intimacy is diminished, sexual relations may become less regular. How to regain its former strength? There are medications, folk remedies, allowing you to return to an intimate relationship. You must pay attention to the correct way of life, to give up bad habits, and potency returned. It is important when a problem occurs, contact your doctor do not wait for complications.

increased potency 60

Sex at this age is almost on the same place in life, as in his youth, has a positive effect on mood, General well-being and emotional state. To have good potency in 60 years does not have to be someone special.

It is only important to observe some simple recommendations of specialists and monitor their health. Let's see how to restore the power after 60 years and what causes the decline of male power in this age.

How to determine if everything is in order with potency 60

Of course, the health in men and potency after 60 years it begins to deteriorate, due to the decline in hormone production, accumulated a chronic disease, decreased immunity and other typical problems of this age. 60 there is a gradual extinction of almost all functions in the body.

Sometimes an erection at this age comes only after intense stimulation of erogenous zones. And it can be considered the norm: in 20 years the excitement from some thoughts about the partner or to view the candid photos will be gone.

Yes, and the penis is in full erection is not those dimensions, what it was before. This is due to the deterioration of blood supply to the penis and reduce the volume of substances. All this is not a sign of erectile dysfunction. The problem experts name the following factors:

  • a sharp decline of libido and no;
  • the lack of an erection even with good stimulation;
  • the impossibility of sexual intercourse due to the lack of resistant or incomplete erection;
  • reduced sensitivity of the penis and lack of orgasm during sex;
  • premature ejaculation.

To sound the alarm and immediately consult a specialist is needed in the first disturbing symptoms indicative of problems in the urogenital sphere: too frequent and painful urination, the absence of erection and desire for intimacy, pain during sex, and discharge from the urethra.

Which causes less power

According to statistical data, the volume of the 60-year-old age can decline due to many external and internal factors. Among the most common worth mentioning are:

  • sedentary way of life;
  • chronic and acute diseases, especially of problems with blood vessels, urogenital and the nervous system, inflammatory processes:
  • hormonal disorders and decreased testosterone production;
  • common physical and mental fatigue;
  • hypothermia;
  • excess weight and overeating;
  • bad habits, including Smoking and alcohol;
  • the lack of regular intimacy;
  • the unfavorable situation in the family.

In some cases, improve potency in men after 60 years, can be achieved without much difficulty. Just enough relaxation, a balanced diet, move more and walk, to bring in their sexual life with sex different. Definitely need to talk with your woman or woman, we openly and then to make sexual intimacy "taste".

Common recommendations of experts

The doctors recommended for the prevention of erection problems and restore power after 60 years to observe a few simple rules:

  1. Each disease can cause deterioration of General health, a negative effect on potency and libido. Timely treatment of inflammation, viral diseases and infections to reduce the risk of complications, worsening of the power and immunity. Many diseases are asymptomatic. Therefore it is necessary to skip annual check-ups with specialists. If the scheduled treatment is to keep the receiving mode and dosage of the assigned assets. In the presence of any complex chronic diseases, such as prostatitis, your doctor will tell you how to improve the potency in the 60 years in a secure manner.
  2. A balanced diet plays a huge role in health maintenance and excellent power in 60 years. At this age (and preferably much earlier) need to be excluded from your diet, and too many greasy, fried, spicy and fast food, fast food and food that has preservatives, flavors, colors. The diet of the people need to be present in food, such as fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, lean meat and fish, nuts, bee products, yogurt and cheese, grains and legumes. If tests show a deficiency in any minerals or vitamins, to restore strength after 60 years, on the advice of the doctor should begin taking vitamin-mineral complexes.
  3. To abandon bad habits. Smoking and alcohol abuse have a negative impact on libido and power, not only at 60 but also at any age. Under the influence of the harmful substances that enter the blood, reduces the quality of semen is deteriorating erections.
  4. The normalization of sexual life. Regular sexual acts, emotional and physical intimacy with your partner, time together will give the desired effect. But long breaks can very negatively affect the erection and power in General.

Positively affect the strength of the men at the age of 60 moderate physical activity with maximum involvement of the muscles of the pelvic region. For example, the powerful effect of the Kegel exercises and proper prostate massage.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Even if you are in compliance with all these recommendations, men are still left unresolved the question of how 60 years have a good potency, you should consult a doctor for the selection of methods for the restoration of male power with the help of medications and the most popular recipes. Self-medication in this case can only get hurt, because all methods have their own particular use, contraindications and possible side effects.


Among the best drugs for potency after 60 years of the commonly prescribed and administered by men, such as:

  1. Homeopathic stimulants potency and metabolic processes in the body, and also Supplements. As these assets are mainly natural composition, a minimum of contraindications and possible side effects. They act gently and positively affect the work of all organs and systems in the body.
  2. Synthetic medications. Such medications better to use only after consultation with the doctor: they are fast, but have a number of contraindications and is not suitable for everyone.
  3. Of drugs to restore normal metabolism and General immunity. Thus, in many cases, to improve the potency in men after 60 years is achieved with the use of properly selected and regularly used vitamin and mineral complexes.
  4. Hormonal medications. Sometimes the cause of erectile dysfunction – malfunctioning of thyroid, low production of testosterone. After the adoption of all the necessary tests, the specialist takes hormone therapy to restore balance in the male body. Frequently used medications with testosterone, which are produced in the form of injections, tablets, patches, ointments and creams.

In some cases, to restore the power of 60 years in men help of the antidepressants, drugs for the normalization of emotional-mental plan, psychotherapy. This is particularly necessary for men who are faced with fear or insecurity, often suffering from stress and overwork, not enough rest during the night and during the day.

Folk remedies for potency

folk remedies for potency

Although there are many remedies and modern developments of medicine, popular treatment potency folk remedies men in 60 years. These recipes are inexpensive price, it is often easy to prepare and are very soft to the human body. The most popular folk remedies are:

  1. Tinctures with medicinal plants and herbs do alcohol and vodka. So, to increase volume, apply the tincture of garlic, ginseng, calamus root, ginger.
  2. Of the bee products. Especially useful, pollen, royal jelly, natural liquid honey. Regular consumption of honey with nuts is a powerful erection stimulant and a way of strengthening the immune system.
  3. Decoctions of herbs. Daisy, Dubrovnik, hawthorn, motherwort, Melissa, st. john's wort and many other plants, as well as their duties, welded in the correct proportions, give the same strong effect as some medications.
  4. Eating some foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. For example, regular inclusion in the diet of domestic chicken and quail eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, ginger, seafood, garlic and onions, dried fruit, vegetables and other wholesome foods will always stay in the form, regardless of age.
  5. Jet beaver, the musk deer and some other animals. This is a very valuable natural component to which the people attributed almost magical properties.


Remember, only a comprehensive approach to improving your health, maintaining an active lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits will improve the volume of the 60 years, and will keep up to a ripe old age. And age-related changes should not scare you – it is quite natural that the man in the age is not such an active sex life in 20 years.

Sex 60 may be too bright, regularly, to bring joy. It is important to give this area of life attention, to bring intimacy diversity, to monitor their health and prevent its deterioration. A balanced diet, traditional recipes and well chosen remedies to help in maintaining a good erection and libido.