The effect of Smoking on male potency

Unequivocally is that the dependence on smoking is harmful for the body. Although this has little impact on the number of those who suffer from this habit. The reason is the slow action of the main components of tobacco. The spread of the venom can last for decades. Even those men who know how Smoking affects the potency, it does not prevent starting to smoke. Some do not even know about the risk of problems with erections in the future.

Whether the Smoking of potency in men

Direct link potency and smoked cigarettes are looking. This applies both to the person who is just starting to become addicted to nicotine, and a heavy smoker. The reasons are two:

  • cigarettes that smoking has no direct effect on hormonal balance and sexual function;
  • the time development of the negative effects of smoking on the body lasts for a few years, which does not allow to realize the effect of nicotine on the opportunity for sexual intercourse.

People can notice what is the impact of Smoking on power over the years. This means that the nicotine and tar tobacco smoke (along with all the substances which it contains) after his first hit in the body begin to have a negative effect. Hence it can be concluded that Smoking and potency are not compatible.

The effect of nicotine on the body

Nicotine is a chemical compound of natural origin (alkaloid). Contained in the leaves of solanaceous plants. This is primarily a tobacco and tobacco. Other (such as tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, peppers) has a negligible concentration of nicotine. For the human body nicotine is a foreign substance. Not synthesized in it. Due to its structure of the alkaloid can stimulate certain nerve receptors. Because it was called from the nicotine.

Nicotinic receptors are located in many parts of the body. It is the brain, the ganglia of the spinal cord, and peripheral neurons (i.e., neurons that go from spinal cord to skeletal muscles). They all respond to acetylcholine and nicotine. The first stands apart from the synapse of the neuron and goes immediately in the space between the neurons. Nicotine can be get not only from the fluid surrounding cells. Therefore, the development of the poisonous effects of nicotine from cigarettes you need a large quantity.

It is the main danger of tobacco and how Smoking affects the power and the endocrine system of men. The dose of nicotine received from a cigarette, small to development of toxic effect. Routine and regular flow of substances in the body will slowly poison him. Nicotine can intervene in the normal course of metabolism. All this means that the person can contribute to the development of toxic lesions of the body.

Smoking and testosterone in men

Nicotine, directly affect the level of testosterone may. The action takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • nicotine through the lungs is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream;
  • freely in the blood;
  • nicotine damages the epithelium of the small blood vessels;
  • the epithelium of the inflamed
  • interfere with the normal circulation, the pressure increases;
  • changes in blood flow affects the cells.
The effect of Smoking on the reproductive system

Testosterone production is due to the synthesis of the tissues of the testicles. The concentration of hormones directly related to the level of the metabolism. The result of its reduction leads to weak tissues. Therefore, reduces the level of hormone synthesis. Everything happens very slowly. For example, in perfect conditions with a steady nicotine consumption can cause testicular dysfunction after 20-30 years, if not to take into account the age,unfavorable environmental factors. They themselves can reduce the production of testosterone.

The effect of Smoking on the reproductive system

The action of nicotine and toxicants in tobacco smoke in the whole reproductive function is due to several factors.

  1. Smoking leads to a decrease in testosterone production.
  2. Nicotine and toxins in tobacco disrupt the work of the testicles and prostate.
  3. Dependency weakens the immune system, depleting the body's resources.
  4. Tobacco weakens the libido (desire).
  5. The nicotine toxicity effect on sperm, reducing the likelihood of fertilization.

Smoking and erectile dysfunction

The effect of Smoking on erection has the same mechanisms. The first is the reduction of the level of the testosterone. This hormone is crucial for the creation and maintenance of erection the emergence of desire. The established system of Smoking, causes chronic inflammation of the vascular walls, promotes atherosclerosis. If the disease affects the iliac artery decreases the functioning of male sexual organs (penis, testicles, prostate). Therefore, the clearly visible negative effects of Smoking on male potency.

How cigarettes affect the power

In addition to nicotine, tobacco smoke contains many other components. Among them, a resin and a complex mixture of heavy metals. First, for violation of the metabolism, which leads to a decrease of the synthesis of semen . The second can cause neoplastic disease. And the dose of the compounds of the heavy metals is not significant. The development effect is possible in the presence of only one atom.

Impotence Smoking

Impotence occurs as a direct result of atherosclerosis of the vessels in the iliac arteries. These vessels give branches that supply all of the male genitals. Impotence is purely functional in nature and occurs when a small amount of testosterone. Or has a direct defeat the blood vessels of the penis. Then impotence is associated with disorders of the erection.

Whether electronic cigarettes of power

Mechanisms of the influence of electronic and conventional cigarettes are similar . Both contain nicotine. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar and heavy metals. They have a lot of light elements. However, their effect on the organism are still not fully resolved. Still far from just that electronic cigarettes in their influence on strength is almost identical to normal.

Whether the hookah of power

The answer is Yes. Although a special study was conducted, the tobacco used in hookah contains the same (sometimes more) dose of nicotine. Unlike conventional cigarettes is the temperature of inhaled smoke, as well as the concentration of the ingredients. Design hookah includes passing the combustion products through the filter and cooling with water. Important for the quality of the tobacco for the Shisha.

Whether the hookah of power

How to recover potency after Smoking

After the smoked cigarette health in the sexual sphere is not changed. The situation, when you have persistent erectile dysfunction in smokers, it is said that the development of organic changes. Recovery power that arise from addiction include:

  • Smoking cessation;
  • the recovery of the metabolism of the genitals;
  • respect the rules of a healthy way of life;
  • the absence of bad habits.

The information presented in the article is preliminary in nature. The article is not a call for self-medications. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.