The effect of alcohol on potency - the degradation of sexual function

A sense of celebration and fun. Despite the fact that absolutely everyone knows about the harm of alcohol on the human body, only a few refuse to use it. Why is this happening?

alcohol and potency

Beverages cause a sense of euphoria, elevate mood, relax, keep it light, and overshadow the problems and concerns. But, it's worth it, for a few hours of fun to spoil your health?

The relationship of alcohol and libido

The body of a young man formed up to 25 years, so until that age, the doctors categorically forbid drinking alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, many people drink alcohol begin in their teen years. There is a myth, like a glass of wine or shot of vodka a positive effect on the libido, prolong sexual intercourse. Indeed, in healthy men at the beginning a small dose of alcohol increases the attraction of the opposite sex and delaying ejaculation, which, in fact, increases during sex.

On a subconscious level among the people creates a positive correlation between sexual relations with women and alcohol. Alcohol increases the time of sex, if you only consumed occasionally and in small amounts. Otherwise, it causes the weakening of erection. In the first, the man before sexual intercourse with a woman sipping a glass of wine, and then go to cognac, in the end, it comes to vodka. People believe that alcohol has a positive effect on his sexual function. And that, in fact, is quite the opposite.

During sex, perhaps the weakening of erection due to irritation of the erogenous zones. The process of communication is broken, so consequently, the partners feel dissatisfaction with both themselves and each other. After sexual intercourse, drunk man and woman have aversion to each other because he allowed things you normally would never do. A drunk man can go of an intimate relationship, even with an unknown partner, and often in alcoholics diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections and sexual disorders.

The gradual degradation of the sexual function

The extinction of sexual function is gradual. At first, the alcohol improves erection, increases the number of frictions. But, then the morning spontaneous erections are less and less. Even during longer absence of the intimate life of a man is not the dream of erotic dreams, wet dreams go away. During sex, a long time can not come ejaculation. It usually ends without a bright orgasm.

Sexual relations involve a mutual understanding, trust and respect between the partners. All this is missing in a couple in which the husband always drinks. The alcoholic is reduced intelligence, shamelessness manifested in the sexual sphere. Men who drink after long periods of abstinence alternate with the rare attempts to establish intimate life with his wife. Then, how to maintain potency up to old age requires regular sexual intercourse.

The sexual function of men affect different parts of the nervous system. Even if one of them is affected, disturbed and all the rest. But not only the defeat of the nervous system becomes a cause of genital disorders. An important role plays the human health, especially his figure and character, as well as family relationships.

The fastest melancholic neurosis develops in people with weak nervous system and sexual Constitution. But, I don't think that anyone else can avoid an unpleasant fate. Even people with strong sexual Constitution and the nervous system, sooner or later suffer from his failure in sexual relationships. Drunks usually complain about the lack of an erection, weakening of sexual attraction to the opposite sex, quickly ejaculate, dull orgasm. Libido can be maintained even in alcoholics with the experience, but the erection is deteriorating to such an extent that for sex and speech cannot be.

How does the intimate life work?

Because alcohol has a positive effect on libido and erections, then the cause of sexual sphere, men do not get along well with a drink. Problems in intimate life, they attributed to overwork, poor health. Are in a bad mood they can not have sex, but like when drinking alcohol becomes the norm. Then develops persistent impotence. The man thinks more about women, drinking.

Moreover, intimacy with an alcoholic to make a little, and the man avoids sex with a woman. The reason is simple – he was afraid to embarrass yourself, because even when strong excitement, there is no guarantee for the appearance of an erection at the right time. Even if we manage to have sex, to have fun and the usual relaxation to fail. Man feels weakness, fatigue, and even aversion to the partner.

Immediately after when there is a spontaneous erection, but after a few days of an erection and libido completely disappear. This condition is maintained until the full elimination of alcohol from the blood. Oddly enough, it was from the drunks, you can often hear the stories about the sexual victories over women. Discussions of topics, they simply compensate for their failure in intimate relationships.

Alcoholic beverages in different ways affect the sexual health of men. Cheap wine have a high content of fusel oils. Their toxic properties have a harmful impact on sexual function. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to vintage wines, from the inexpensive of them to refuse. If you compare the white and red grape drinks safe for men is the first option. Most of the stronger the way I love beer, but unfortunately, it also reduces the erection.

We can not exclude the individuality of each organism. But the effect of alcohol of different men may differ only in case, if it is consumed occasionally and in small amounts. But when daily drinking alcohol sexual performance almost equal for all representatives of the stronger sex. Sometimes alcoholics, as a protection gives the example of his friend, who for many years drinking, but not suffer from impotence. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, but people with high sexual opportunities are very few. In most cases, regular use of alcohol leads to impotence.


Non-drinking men sexual function are maintained until old age, can not be said for alcoholics. They and 60 years, rarely survive. For years, people have developed certain stereotypes, to educate them can be very problematic, and in some cases is impossible. If a large part of his life, the man performs the sexual intercourse in a state of alcoholic intoxication, he may not get sex sober. In it he does not interfere with physical health, and psychological barrier. That is why after treatment for alcohol dependence, patients develop problems with sexual life. Many put the blame on drugs, but really the problem lies in the stereotypes. Some time after the treatment in men back the power, because they are accustomed to intimate relationships with women in a sober state.

Alcohol's effect on procreation

Ghosts cause changes in the gonads, and it can not affect the offspring. If a married couple intends to reproduce the light physically healthy and mentally healthy baby, alcohol needs to give up not only woman but also man. Drinkers have observed scarring of the seminiferous tubules, reduction of hormonal function of sex glands.

At the age of 25-30 years sex hormones are produced in the greatest number, then their numbers are slowly declining. But, if the man began to drink alcohol in adolescence, the changes the worse happen even earlier. Because of the widespread problem of alcoholism are more and more young people have weak muscles and barely noticeable hair on the body (as in women).

Scientists have conducted a number of studies that have proven that the highest percentage of defective children are born to couples who suffer from alcohol.

DNA is the main carrier of genetic information, contains several nucleotides. It is a combination of programmed genetic code. The order inevitably leads to mutations. Studies have confirmed that the greatest number of children with genetic mutations are born to parents drinkers. Moreover, the inherited desire for alcohol.

Alcoholism and happy, close-knit family - these are two completely incompatible concepts. The rejection of alcohol will not only protect marriage from collapse, but also help to restore the sexual function, prevention of premature aging. During the treatment of alcohol addiction to doctor prescribed drugs not only to purify the body from toxins and to develop aversion to alcohol, but also to restore the sexual health.

Dependence on alcohol is very fast, but get rid of the addiction is incredibly difficult. Modern medicine can restore health, but in addition, you must also desire of man to lead a good lifestyle, quit drinking alcohol and Smoking. Only a rejection of bad habits will help to produce healthy offspring and the maintenance of the power of ripe old age.