What nuts are the most useful for the men?

What nuts are good for men and their sexual health? This question is asked by many people who care about your health and potency. Many have heard that maintaining a healthy attraction for a man need to eat certain foods, especially nuts. Why now are analyze.


As nuts affect the potency?

Nuts for men — this is a mandatory food item. For a start is to understand the chemical and diet composition of this delicacy. Most nuts contain:

  1. A high concentration of vitamin E.
  2. The mineral elements.
  3. Trace elements.
  4. Acids omega-3.

With the latest components you need to understand in detail. Not very long ago, omega-3 fatty acids are considered harmful substances. This is due to a number of myths, bloated around fat. Let's consider and refute some myths:

  1. Myth: eating fat makes you fat. In fact it is far from the truth. Excess fat is accumulated not so much from the fats as the carbs (especially in combination with fat). So, from fish and nuts (the main sources of omega-3) fat is difficult and puffs with pudding (carbohydrate and fat) is very easy.
  2. Myth: fat can be a blockage of the blood vessels and thrombus. Actually fat prevents problems with the cardiovascular system, as a natural lubricant for all organs of our body. Problems with the cardiovascular system, usually caused by excessive body weight or extremely excessive use of fat in food.

From the above we can conclude: drinking a moderate amount of fat in food is not harmful for our health, but instead supports the body in good shape. In particular, this applies to male sexual health.

As is known, the enhancement of the erection depends on the condition of the cardiovascular system. The freer and more active of blood to the penis, the more confident the owner. And since omega-3 acids have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system as a whole, they have a positive effect on the sexual health of men.

However, so many nuts: cedar, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts... What are the most effective? Consider which nuts are most beneficial for men.

Peanuts and almonds for potency

Like most nuts, peanuts contain a higher concentration of healthy fatty acids. However, the benefits of peanut for men is not only the content of omega-3, but in a large number of vitamins and minerals. This product can be found nutrients such as:

  1. The b vitamins
  2. Trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, iron).
  3. Vitamins from group C.

Another important element is the antioxidants. So the scientific name of the substances which inhibit the process of aging. In peanuts (and peanut butter) in abundance, so regular consumption of this product will help the body in solid form, which definitely has a positive effect on potency.

Benefits of almonds for men are invaluable — it is perhaps the most effective way to maintain sexual health. This product not only contains a large number of micronutrients and vitamins for potency, but also effectively clean the blood vessels, prevents their contamination. Benefits of almonds for men in addition? It has a choleretic effect. Another plus of walnut is the ability to reduce the level of glucose in the blood. This property can be used not only for diabetics. Reducing the level of glucose in the blood, helps to control appetite, which leads to excellent physical shape (and an active sex life as a result).

Cedar and hazelnut: benefits and harms for men

Unfortunately, the hazelnut is one of the most underrated nuts on the health of men, but it directly affects the production of testosterone. Every man knows that testosterone is the hormone of aggression, power and male sexuality, therefore its normal production, which are necessary for a healthy reproductive system.

Use pine nuts for men are quite suspicious. They have the same advantages, as most of the above: have a rich supply of minerals and vitamins, improves the condition of blood vessels. However, a direct impact on the potency, they did not have.

Walnut for men

No wonder nuts are among the most useful. In the their composition as well as a number of vitamins and minerals that a handful of nuts is able to cover the daily need of the organism for these substances. How useful walnut for men and sexual health? And how does the nut of the power?

This product has the greatest concentration of zinc. Zinc is a substance that stimulates the production of testosterone. Along with the omega-3 fatty acids, the cleaning of the vascular system of the body, the nuts help maintain a strong erection and healthy libido.

Unfortunately, the use of nuts in food can only prevent the problems with potency, but not to eliminate them in its entirety. However, if a man suffers from sexual disorders, which affect its power, directly or indirectly, the use of nuts in any quantity will not help to get rid of the disease and to restore health. Treatment of disorders of the power you must engage a specialist who treats diseases of the male genitals or a sex therapist.

  1. Compatibility with alcohol. Many drugs cause us to abandon the usual way of life and entertainment deny yourself even one glass of beer on Friday night. The action of some drugs has nothing to do with the chemical composition of the blood, and with it and the alcohol does not interfere with the capsules to work.
  2. A quick effect. Even after taking the first capsule within a few hours you will feel the difference. Sexual desire will become stronger erections — more sustainable and intimate experience will be many times brighter.
  3. Penis enlargement. Special formula allows simultaneously with the treatment of sexual dysfunction, increase penis size. Of course, all within a natural predisposition, but an increase of 1-4 cm is guaranteed.

Caring for the health of the men, and keeping your body in good physical shape will help you not think about the problems with potency. Include in your diet nuts, and the sexual dysfunction will not bother you.