Drugs to increase potency in men

Drugs to increase potency in men, is always popular, as erection is a complex mechanism, involving many organs and systems in the human body.

To select a tool for the best after a thorough examination and together with a specialist, as improper treatment can cause more harm than good. Let's face it, if you want increased potency with the help of medicines and dietary Supplements, and, also, what are the remedies to restore male power.

funds for improvement of potency in men

When the reception

Most often occurs reduced potency in the 45-50 years, caused by changes in the tissues, accumulated chronic diseases and many other reasons. But injuries are possible in youth and in middle age. Common causes of erectile dysfunction and lack of libido experts call:

  • the lack of a balanced diet and a daily mode;
  • lack of rest and sleep;
  • bad habits;
  • increased anxiety, self-doubt, stress;
  • physical and emotional overload;
  • chronic illness and some medications;
  • irregular sex and the lack of diversity in intimate life.

Not all of these factors require an increase of power in men with the drugs. In most cases, when decreased libido, weak or incomplete erection not accompanied by other disturbing symptoms and is not often possible to limit the change of environment, rest, good nutrition and improved quality of life. As a rule, it helps to normalize the potency in the absence of serious health problems.

If low power is accompanied by problems with urination and ejaculation, discharge from the urethra of blood or pus, the appearance of pain of different localization, reduction of the total body tone) and other symptoms, you cannot self-medicate and wait for the improvement of the health condition. You have to go to the doctor to make a diagnosis and find treatment.

Types of medications for erection and libido

There are many effective drugs to increase potency in men. Each of them should be selected on the basis of many factors:

  • the reasons for the emergence of the disease and existing complications;
  • the nature of the violation of the power and their degree of complexity;
  • age;
  • the existing chronic and acute diseases;
  • already capta human drugs.
medicinal pills for the enhancement of potency in men

All foreign and domestic drugs to increase potency in men there are several types:

  • blockers, a quick and powerful effect, but not suitable for all;
  • homeopathy, where this composition of natural animal and vegetable components;
  • biologically active supplements, natural, but not always, have high efficiency;
  • hormones, which include testosterone;
  • funds that indirectly affect power, for example, antispasmodics, medications to improve circulation of the blood and transmission of nerve impulses, Immunostimulants, vitamin-mineral complexes.

No one, even the at first glance innocuous, the drug to increase potency in men should not be taken without consultation with a specialist. First, the tool may not be appropriate or may not provide the desired action, and secondly, it may mask troubling symptoms and can lead to progression of existing diseases require immediate intervention.

Medication for instant increase strength

Medication for instant increase of strength, as a rule, there are a lot of differences of the means with natural ingredients:

  • the presence of a powerful synthetic components such as sildenafil;
  • fast effect, which is manifested after 30-60 minutes after the treatment and last from 4 hours to several days;
  • there is no impact on the composition of the semen;
  • the presence of certificates of quality and proving the security of the documents;
  • clinically proven efficiency;
  • the ability of one application to provide the desired effect;
  • an affordable price.

With the help of such tools even in the case of serious disturbances of potency. But, these drugs have two significant drawbacks: a large number of contraindications and possible negative effects.

For example, you can use fast money for the elderly and those with serious diseases of the internal organs and systems, especially of the heart and blood vessels. And possible side effects can be allergic reactions, palpitations, dizziness, vision problems, and are dangerous to life and health in terms of heart attack and stroke.

Best drugs to increase potency in men — blockers, which also includes the popular Viagra. They block the enzyme PDE-5 that leads to a change in the speed of conduction of nerve impulses, the more filling of the penis with blood and prolong sexual intercourse.

These products work only in the presence of natural additional stimulation, for example, movies or erotic pictures, Nude partner.

the dietary supplements means to improve the potency in men

Safe drugs to increase the strength

Relatively safe, but less effective natural remedies to increase potency in men, as they have less contraindications and the almost complete lack of negative consequences.

These tools include the homeopathic remedies sold in pharmacies and dietary Supplements that often have to be bought on the Internet. As part of their natural active ingredients that act on the whole organism of man, and not only for the work of the reproductive system.

The effect of taking dietary Supplements and homeopathy comes only after some time – 2-3 weeks of treatment. A man begins to feel better and more confident. In relationship is passion and desire, and intimacy brings pleasure.

In addition, to solve the problems with erections: it is getting full and persistent, not caducous during sex and allowing them to enjoy long distance relationships. Some herbal preparations to increase potency in men, according to the manufacturer may even increase the reproductive organ.

No one can prescribe as a medicine Supplements. The fact that the efficiency of these drugs is not clinically proven, and to apply these assets in different ways. The effect largely depends on the reasons for the decline of the power and the individual characteristics of the person. And to cope with a serious illness, for example, prostatitis, varicocele, diabetes and many other diseases, which may reduce male power and lead to impotence, without a chosen treatment is impossible.

Therefore, if you decide to use SUPPLEMENTS, it is best to include it in composition of complex therapy and to consult a specialist.

Among the best dietary supplements popular Chinese pills and pills that contain ginseng, Cordyceps fungus, deer antlers and many other natural ingredients.

Not always cheap drugs to increase the strength in men is inferior in its effectiveness to more expensive. Often, toning and strengthening the immunity of the means of improving the circulation of the blood and transmission of nerve impulses, for example, vitamin-mineral complexes, hawthorn tincture, usually glycine, and some others, to help to restore power.


Remember, an erection is a complex mechanism, in normal operation, involving many systems and organs of the human body. But, the possibility of the high quality of sexual relations under the influence of external and internal factors.

Therefore, in addition to taking high quality dietary Supplements and pharmaceutical drugs to increase potency in men, change the way of life of the more active and healthy, cure the existing disease, normalize the emotional and mental state, balanced food. Only such an approach and timely access to a specialist for the selection of the right remedy which will help to restore trust and men's health.