How to improve the volume of men: the best products

Humanity spent a century in search of products that increase potency in men and today, they are known to science, and their efficacy is proven from a number of experiments.

products to increase the strength

Such products in ancient Greece are called aphrodisiacs in honor of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. The aphrodisiacs are products of vegetable and animal origin, in short, everything that we call natural. It just so happened that most of us think special aphrodisiac drugs, but in fact this perception is imposed on us by the influence of advertising.

All the things that we see every day on our tables, in one way or another, affect male potency. Some products are called "neutral", while others become especially important for men's health, as it can both improve and impair potency. There are also products that can cause a real attack of lust literally out of the blue.

As this is not surprising, but the products in the composition, which contains vitamins A, D, can increase the transmission of nerve impulses, and along with them, and libido. In ancient times such products took the Rhino horn and blood of a snake, and if today you do not have the desire and the opportunity to use these products, you can listen to what scientists propose for those who want to be solid and strong in the sexual life.

What every man must know

But, before we can begin to talk about the foods that increase the power, we would like to point out some details that everyone should know. And the first thing you need to know that overeating is unlikely to contribute to your sexual activity not only in the moment when you will eat it and lie on your side, but in the future. Always try to control the amount of food you eat.

The greeks at one time believed to be the best natural product to increase the volume of nuts, peanuts and pistachios, while Freud says that it is best to increase libido, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and rye bread. But, we can not say for the onion in all its form and variety. But, this, all in order later.

We would like to say that impotence is usually attributed to the early signs of aging, and should be known to every man. The reasons for its occurrence can be many: hard work, poor diet, passive lifestyle.

We all know that Clary sage helps with infertility very well. But few people know about it.

What can I say, many factors are able to "destroy" your body, and if the work isn't going anywhere, then you can afford to eat what is useful for your male power, you can. Because of advanced impotence is treated very difficult, and then how to maintain the proper level is absolutely easy.

In addition to these factors to reduce the strength may and the long-term Smoking, alcohol, drug addiction, prostatitis and irregular sexual life. If you notice that your sexual activity has ceased to be the same as before, do not be afraid, it could be a temporary factor.

Vegetables and fruits

For potency, a good helper serves of vegetables, and particularly, as mentioned – nail Polish in all its variants. In ancient Rome, to increase the volume, use a mixture of onion and egg. This mixture is especially effective, because it is able to restore hormonal balance and ignite the desire in men.

Another aphrodisiac with the right to be called luke, for greater effect it is recommended to reduce the one kilogram of garlic in a glass jar and pour boiling water, then let it infuse for about a month. Just don't forget to shake the contents of the can, so it is not lost. Garlic mixture should be consumed every day for one teaspoon. This recipe will not only maintain the potency of the proper level, but also for the cleaning of the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

reason potency

Able to increase the strength, and even turnips. For it must be boiled in carrot juice and mix with honey. Consume this vegetables you need daily, one-third of a Cup. As this is not surprising, but to be an aphrodisiac date back and watermelon juice, first - dilates blood vessels in the body, not worse from the drug.

For anybody not a secret that one of the best remedies for male health are also nuts. They have a lot of nutrients that stimulate the functionality of the gonads. Everyday people to eat 100 grams of nuts, and it will always be "the horse" in a relationship with a woman. You can also prepare a mixture of nuts, fruit and other ingredients that also increase libido. One of the best was a mixture of nuts and honey.

Dairy products for healthy sex

To increase the volume with the help of dairy products. The main helpers of the volume of the family dairy includes cheese, sour cream, cream, yogurt, cheese. Here I would like to include seafood which should be consumed by every man, aware of his strength. And it's not just for shrimp, shells, types of cancer, but also for the flounder, or mackerel.

The sweetness of sex

Surprisingly, some sweet foods, also, can be good helpers to increase the potency of men. The most useful of the known is a sweet honey.

But if we add more nuts, it can be assumed that the homemade viagra you are ready, it will be enough just one teaspoon honey daily to sex was always sweet and in a timely manner.

Diet for every day

Perhaps, everyone knows how much meat is useful for men and as this is not surprising, but it is able to increase the potency. But, since you eat a meat, few people can afford, and it will not be so useful to diversify your menu with vegetables.

You can use mushrooms, carrots, turnips, onions, carrots and sauerkraut. You can add them in your diet every day seafood that are a real treasure trove of micronutrients and vitamins.

If we talk about spices and herbs, it is recommended to add dishes like a lot of dill, parsley, caraway, celery, tarragon, mint, and red pepper.

That can harm healthy potency

And if food that increase strength is more or less clear, now pay attention to ingredients, not recommended to eat.

Here the palm belongs to the energy drinks, soda, fast food and foods rich in carbohydrates. Coca-Cola, potatoes and pasta – absolutely useless food and to increase the strength.

Also harmful to male power and white bread and flour products. The most useful kind can be rye flour or bran, it contains vitamin b, necessary for a full erection. Meat in the form of sausages and sausages with their high content of preservatives is unlikely to benefit men, so their consumption can not be called mandatory. Do not forget to say in connection with alcohol, which at first glance seems to and helps an erection but its effect is only temporary, then the man immediately feels exhausted and tired.

Of these products a success, they need to prepare:

  • with minimal loss of nutrients, and that means steamed or boiled;
  • as salads with lemon dressing or a mixture of spices;
  • without the use of mayonnaise, tomato paste or ketchup.

A special honor and glory...

Among the fish in the erotic cooking enjoys special honor flounder, it's no wonder she was called the fish, which awakens love. Venison a good choice can be a thrush or a pheasant, and a true delicacy steel rooster combs.

food for potency

According to the Chinese ancient books boiled mackerel do not only improve power, but also "to make abundant seed", and women this greatly increases the possibility of pregnancy. The chinese still believe that dog meat, seasoned with turtle blood, may affect the potency and erection. Is your prescription of male power and of the Russian people, who are prepared, the so-called male stew meat, carrots, turnip greens, dandelion leaves and nettles.

If you want the sex was always good, stick to the chosen way of diet and sleep, healthy sleep. And of such bad habits as Smoking, alcohol or sedentary way of life it is better to forget at once, as that is the main enemy of potency. Have you thought about what you can do for your sex life?