Smoking and power in men: effects, contraindications and reviews

Smoking is now the youth begins at a very early age, sometimes the first experience is still in high school. First, it is done for the sake of bravado, the boy's so in front of their peers, to prove their "maturity". Then self-indulgence is addictive and it becomes a habit for many years. And when the middle ages begin erection problems, there are several men who are associated with the concept of Smoking and the power of one unit, under the assumption that all these years have done irreparable damage to men's health.

how Smoking affects the volume

Whether Smoking on potency

Violation of erectile function may face even young people who smoke. The danger is the nicotine, even in small amounts it leads to vasoconstriction and decreased circulation of the blood. Even 2-3 cigarettes, which were smoked before sex, can cause a weak erection.

Impotence is directly related to the effects of nicotine exposure. And menthol included in the composition of some products of tobacco, increases the burden on the vascular system, impeding blood circulation, including in the penis.

In the composition of the tobacco smoke includes as many as around 5 thousand components, 60 of them have a negative impact on strength. The most dangerous:

  • carbon monoxide;
  • benzene;
  • hydrogen sulfide;
  • resin;
  • ammonia;
  • hydrocyanic acid.

The action of most components was not studied, therefore, to say that the other components are harmless, it would be wrong. Manufacturers of tobacco products are silent about the degree of harm caused by cigarettes.

How do

Nicotine, appears in the male body, causes a number of negative consequences:

  1. impede the the circulation of blood into the penis;
  2. reduces the level of blood pressure in the penis;
  3. contributes to the development of atherosclerosis;
  4. reduces the amount of produced testosterone.

Passive Smoking has not less damage to the body from the active.

The effect of Smoking herb (hashish, marijuana)

Fans of smoke "pot" claim that it enhances libido and sexual power of the people. Truth in it, of course. It is easy to explain. The fact that the penis has many receptors able to respond to the components of marijuana. Taking place in the body chemical reaction in this moment enhances the ability to achieve orgasm.

But the truth is the fact that the increase over time is replaced by reduced libido. Known cases, when the orgasm was accompanied with unbearable pain in the reproductive organs.

The truth about the effects of the herbs:

  • Cannabinoids that are contained in the grass, permanently destroy the mental health, inhibit and dull the actuation mechanism.
  • The level of testosterone is reduced, and the reproductive function is hesitation.
  • The number of sperm decreases, they become inactive.
  • The function of the testicles dies, they become smaller in size, changing their density.
  • The blood vessels constrict, blood circulation, frequent jams.

Smoking and potency myths

Claims that the impotence beach people who suffer from addictions such as addiction to alcohol and cigarettes. However, it is a common misconception. Even those who maintain a healthy way of life and never held a cigarette in his hands, not drinking alcoholic beverages, can fail during sex.

This is due to the fact that impotence has many reasons and factors causing it. For example, psychological of phobias, fears, unfavorable environment, or diseases of the genitourinary system.

Therefore, the refusal of bad habits, does not guarantee the return of male power, it is important to know the etiology of the problem, to successfully solve it.

The quality of the sperm

Among the complications caused by products of Smoking in the male body, probably the most serious is a decline in the quality indicator of sperm. More Specifically, Smoking:

  1. reducing the number of density, changing its composition;
  2. contributes to poor sperm quality;
  3. reduces the activity and destroys the sperm.

Changes in the male body, affect reproductive function, reducing to zero the probability of insemination of the female partner. If conception occurs, then it is likely that the fetus will be diagnosed developmental disorders, in addition can have disorders in various organ systems.

Are exposed to hydrocyanic acid and the resin, the sperm of a smoker are destroyed and cease to be active, although men differ good health, the recovery process lasts around three months. Another important point is that the pernicious addition of the snuff causes a decrease in the amount of androgens, which are directly associated with erectile function.

Scientific studies prove the relationship between the strength of men and the number of cigarettes smoked them. In accordance with the results from the testing of American citizens, on a daily rate of 20 cigarettes on the likelihood of impotence increases by more than half.

Other experiments show that components of cigarette smoke lower quality of sperm and its ability to fertilize the egg of 75%. This is the reason doctors recommend to avoid cigarettes all those who are planning children and normal family.

Research poles and Czechs have confirmed that Smoking 1 pack a day, male, this reduces to twice the duration and frequency of sexual contact. This claim is true for the stronger sex in the age from 30 to 45 years.


Smoking is strictly forbidden to all those who have the diagnosis of diseases of the respiratory system:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • bronchitis in the chronic form;
  • pulmonary fibrosis.

And in some other diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • high blood pressure.

How quitting Smoking affects the health of the men,

In the united states scientists investigated the disorder of the erectile function due to Smoking. It turned out that a decent number of studied diagnosed with diabetes type 2 diabetes. However, the best thing was that they were together almost the same number of smoked cigarettes per day. Talk about two packages.

The study of the consequences of leaving when problems of a sexual nature, the experiment was designed in which men are obliged to refrain from Smoking for six weeks. After the expiration of the one-third of subjects recorded improvement in erectile function in connection with the quitting of Smoking. Medical treatment to get rid of the dependence on nicotine is not required.

treatment potency

From this we can draw an unambiguous conclusion that the quality of sex life representative of the stronger sex greatly improves if you give up the habit. This method remains the only possible cure for the impotence that is caused by the impact of the nicotine products. In any other case, medicine is powerless to change anything.