Penis enlargement: don't be fooled

The increase of pensions is a real problem for those who by nature has the modest dimensions of the penis. How penis enlargement?

how to increase article


The penis or the penis is an external organ that is part of the genitourinary system men. But, to be more precise, he belongs to both the urinary and reproductive systems, such as, besides the fact that it serves for the excretion of urine, he took an active part in the intercourse and ejaculation.

This body has long been a major source of pride and reverent attitude of each person. As hundreds of years, its dimensions are considered the main advantage of the stronger sex. Its modest dimensions – it is a real disaster. Men resorted to the most complicated and painful procedures to increase it. However, how effective they are, and we will discuss with you in this article.

How to measure penis length

The measurement of the penis is performed, when the organ is excited at its side parts from the pubis to the top of the head. In the measurement of the penis is not in erection a member is drawn as much as possible. But, in this case it is possible to get only approximate dimensions.

Ways to increase penis size

Today, those who are not satisfied with the dimensions of the penis are many methods to achieve penis enlargement. But were they all good?

Medicines for penis enlargement

Penis enlargement using pills, ointments, creams and syrups can only relatively be called such, that taking only a increases the flow of blood to that organ, but has no bearing in reality to change its length.

Manufacturers shamelessly lying when he says that their drug will increase the size of the manhood, as well as for that you need to stimulate the growth of cells, which, unfortunately, is impossible. Why penis enlargement with miracle pills is just a clever PR stunt and nothing more.

The penis can stretch

Mechanical stretching of the penis today embodied in devices that increase penis size. The manufacturers of these devices to justify the action of their products, the fact that in many medical fields, to eliminate any external defects use the method of mechanical impacts. However, the weights can not increase penis. This is another myth, that has no connection with the real increase of the masculinity.

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

At first glance, the penis enlargement with the help of the pump seems quite logical. In this case, penis enlargement is a special flask that has the masculinity, and the air is pumped out. By reducing the pressure within the device fabric article substantially thicken, and he stretched in length. But in fact such a device penis enlargement not only for the teeth, but it can cause significant damage to the body which will lead to disruption of the circulation of the blood in it.

Surgical enlargement of the penis

In fact, the only method that allows highly efficient to produce penis enlargement, is considered to be plastic surgery. Before the surgery the doctor will carefully examine anatomic-physiological characteristics of the penis, and, on the basis of these data, produce a surgical intervention associated with penis enlargement. In the postoperative period for the recovery of the functionality of the organ will be seen by three physicians: plastic surgeon, urologist, etc.


For many penis enlargement is just obsession, not has in reality nothing to do with the size of the body.