Proven ways to enlarge the penis in length and in width

Very often men are not satisfied with the size of his penis that makes them think – it is possible to make a dick bigger at home without surgery? For this, as a rule, a man comes to himself or to him this idea is pushed by the partner.

how to increase penis size

Question the norm

Of course, no one can give accurate information, it all depends on body type and weight.

But, in an erection the normal size is from 8 inches.

Countries that do not achieve this length can be considered small. But you should not rely on these data. The first man decided to fit the penis or not.

The average size of a penis ranges from 12 to 16 inches (for European type men). The diameter of their advantages of about four inches. Says medicine, with age, sex organ less blood flowing, even during the erection, and the article loses mm, in length and in width.

General characteristics of the methods

If the decision on the increase of the reproductive organ is accepted finally, you need to choose an appropriate method. Ways to increase penis size quite a lot, and here are some of them:

  • Jelqing has;
  • Vacuum;
  • Weights;
  • The medicinal oral preparations;
  • Medications in form of gels, ointments and creams;
  • Surgery;
  • Massage;
  • Extender;
  • The nozzle member.

Of course, the almost instantaneous result can bring only the surgery. But, if you want to avoid the surgery time will take a little more, but the risks will be the virtually no.

Jelqing has

Technique for increase of the penis, called "jelqing has" worthy of the title of the most ancient. It has been used by the representatives of Africa, India and the Middle East. For many centuries this technique has helped people to believe in themselves. Jelqing has means "to milk". With it you can increase a member both in length and in width. This technique gives, as funny as it sounds, with impressive results.

how to increase penis size ways

Methods of this technique are several. The only rule is that the penis does not have to be 100% excited state. Chubby maybe, but pretty weak. If a member of a full alert – there is a possibility to damage.

So what is the effect? The answer is simple. When the stimulation of the penis, the blood rushes to it. And because this body is composed mainly of cavernous bodies, they fill with blood and grow. A lump formed new bodies. It is the reason why there is an increase in the length and thickness of the body.

Recommended exercises

Many men wonder how to increase the thickness of the penis through exercises in technique "jelqing has"? To make it more than just. The following two exercises, which you can use to get a good result.

  1. Before the first exercise you need to warm up of the penis the cavernous body was more malleable. Warm up using warm (not hot!) the warmer or using the bag of warm salt or rice and flour. Easy attachment without the pressing need to warm up the dignity and you can move on to the massage. You need to bring the article to the easy erection and liberally grease it with lubricant for sexual intercourse. Enfold a member of the index finger and thumb, tightly, making them ring. Pulls his hand to the head, and on the way to her stop. Fix the penis taut, and also delayed by 7-10 seconds. The removal of the hand. It should do 20 repetitions. If erection came into force, it is possible to terminate the exercise. As soon as she weakened to continue.
  2. The next exercise for penis enlargement should be done with the palm. She should firmly grasp the cock at the base and squeeze fairly hard for 10 seconds. If the palm does not fully cover the penis the protruding length of the Enfold of the second hand. During compression, you can pull the penis up-down and left - right. To compress, so that feeling was on the edge of the pain. Repeat the exercise should not be more than 10 times.
how to increase penis size techniques

If the daily to do such exercises, even without surgery can increase the length of the article of 2 cm in just one month.

Massage effect

Penis enlargement by massage is very effective method. With the help of tactile effects is possible not only to increase volume but to increase the strength.

Carefully warm the penis before the massage. This is best done with the help of a warm compress of cloths, dipped in hot water. Massage can be done in each state in a relaxed or erectum. Clear rules for the massage there – but the frequency of movements in each case do not need to increase, and they need to be smooth, with good grip.

During the massage the movement needs to replicate those used during Masturbation. The only article you need to pull in every time the hand goes on the head.

Hanging weights

Really a increasing method, although a lot of men avoid it. But, in order to achieve the desired length of the member, it is worth a try. The only drawback of this method is to increase the thickness is not achieved.

As always, before the procedure, the member should be warmed up one of the above ways. In the front part of the head need to glue the plasters, which in the future will be fixed drawstring. The cable is the load. You can use something:

  • Book;
  • Vegetables or fruit;
  • A bottle of water;
  • Heavy mug, etc.

If the item can not be suspended – it should be put in one package and the package itself to attach to the lace.

The duration of the procedure should first be about 15 minutes, should gradually increase the time to 45-50 minutes. We also need to increase the weight of the load. Make sure to follow feelings – if there is discomfort or pain, the load should be reduced.

You also need to monitor the color of the article: if it is red, the procedure must be stopped. Also, are required to stop and numb penis head.

The use of the extender

It is possible to make a dick bigger at home and with the help of this device.The extender can be of several types:

  • The waist;
  • Vacuum;
  • Looped.

The extenders can not only increase a member in length and width, but also to correct the existing curvature. We have this method one drawback – because the device works gently its use can be up to a few hours of the day. But the result is worth it, as the effect is very long term.

how to increase penis extender

Vacuum pump

The internet is full of information on how to increase penis size with the use of a vacuum pump at home. This method has a number of positive reviews. Pump contributes not only to penis enlargement but also increases the strength.

Also, the pump is the best companion for those men who have a member in the an erection quite soft. With the use of a vacuum around the penis increased blood flow and penis size is gaining momentum.

To use the pump very easy. Before using the penis should be washed and wipe dry. Then the member have to enter in the cylinder that is on the pump. The pressure with which will work the unit can be controlled with a manometer.

The disadvantage of this method of increase of a member – a temporary effect.

But, if the procedure is carried out directly before sex, the partner, and the owner of a powerful article you'll be surprised. The pump can be purchased in specialized shops or larger pharmacies.

Ointments, gels and creams

Promotional videos and pictures guarantee a "shocking" result after the application of such funds. Unfortunately, it is not so. In addition, you will need to select a composition to suit your needs. Need short-term or long-term effect. If we don't pay attention, you can get not what we expected.

If we consider the cream with the short-term effect of any drug is good, because in its composition contains a component which causes the increase of the member and of the head. If you select fat for the long-term effect, you need to consult with a specialist. It will tell you which part is right for you.

"Maximum" and "minimum" solution

The maximum is surgery. Not every man will decide for such a procedure. And here it is not in fear, in some clinics the operation cost big money. But the effect of this is pretty good – the increase of the penis length can reach 5 cm and a thickness of 2 cm. Such operations are performed only under local anesthesia, so completely to avoid the discomfort will not succeed.

The minimum way to increase the genital organ is to buy from the retailer the nozzle. Nozzle – the most cost-effective in financial terms, the method of penis enlargement. With the help of tips, you can not only increase the length but also the thickness of the genitals. Device better to buy something made of silicone or latex, these materials are very soft and supple. These devices can extend the member, up to 10 cm – partner will love it.

how to increase penis size massage

As you can see, to increase the article is not a difficult task. The main thing is to focus on the wishes and financial possibilities. You do not need to be taken for the first method – you need to consider all for and against, if necessary, in consultation with the partner.

After all, some men may be underestimated, at a time when the partner is satisfied. To clarify all the misunderstandings will be able to help honest conversation. The main thing is to be sure and can not be hung up on the size.