How to make dick bigger baking: recipes

No wonder the penis is called masculinity. This pride of men, provided that its volume in the excited state, pleasing to the eye of the owner.

penis enlargement baking soda

This is a rare case where size matters. But what to do when the penis by nature is not very impressive? Or its owner it seems that the best friend could be more? From such Intrusive thoughts, the advantage becomes a disadvantage, and from the pride of the male organ into the subject of shame and a cause for ridicule. Today we will learn more about penis enlargement with the help of the soda at home.

There is only one way to raise the self-esteem of men, and to get rid of complexes in sex sphere is to artificially increase the size of his dick. The internet is full of sentences describing the radical and effective ways of solving this problem: from fat and grindings before the surgery.

Most of these methods are quite expensive and not safe, and often just useless. Is there something more safe and preferably not too expensive?

There is only one way. You will not believe it, but this is simply baking soda.

See how soda helps to increase the article? What is the technology of this method? Define – whether your penis needs to increase or the small size of the fruit of the sick imagination.

You can be normal?

You will probably be surprised (I now refer to men with small Dicks), but the size of your penis just to work for you. It does not play any role for the girl you want to have sex.

For girls are the main tenderness on the part of men, as well as the ability to maintain your body in a state of constant erection during sex.

Scientists long ago showed that the level of satisfaction from sexual intercourse with women does not depend on the size of the penis of their sexual partner. The penis is considered normal if its length, in the excited state, is from 12 to 17 inches. At rest, this parameter is in the range of 7-10 cm

Remember that the penis measured at room temperature. Good for the man to know that there are no clear boundaries in this area do not exist. Cause for concern only if the length of the penis in the excited state is less than 8 cm.

Conclusion: if the size of the penis do not meet the above indicators, there are no physiological reasons for the increase of the body does not have.

If male, normal size, is still obsessed with the idea of an increase, then it is a result of psychological reasons, such as: a sore ego and inferiority complex.

Medical indications

Sometimes, there are cases when the penis of men really need to increase the medical reasons and is not a figment of a sick imagination.

Such situations happen very rarely, but still happens. Here are the real reasons that require a penis enlargement:

  • Peyronie's disease;
  • Micro penis;
  • Injury;
  • Cavernous fibrosis;
  • Hypospadias;
  • Excess fatty tissue in the groin area;
  • Epispadia.

These are the main circumstances that require surgical intervention for the correction of the size of the penis.


Here's a brief list of factors that increase the contraindicated:

  • Mental illness;
  • The presence of chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • A weakened immunity;
  • The presence of purulent infections, ulcerations, wounds;
  • The presence of inflammatory pathologies;
  • Individual intolerance to plastic surgery;
  • Serious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • The presence of sexually transmitted diseases;

In these cases it is better to refrain from the penis enlargement, even if a lot of you want to do it.

ways to increase

Description of the procedure

The method is simple to implement, do not require significant cash expenditures and are used in the home.

Prescription how to make dick bigger soda:

  • Baking soda (sodium sold in all grocery stores);
  • a small soft sponge (you can use a sponge for washing dishes as long as it was soft and not scratch the skin);
  • a little vegetable oil.

Before you can increase the member soda the man you need to check your individual sensitivity to this substance.

This will need to dilute the powder with warm water until paste-like consistency. After that, apply the mixture on the head and foreskin.

The composition must withstand on the skin of the penis for 15-25 minutes. After the composition is rinsed out, make sure that no allergic reactions at the point of contact with the body. If it is not revealed neither abnormalities in the color of the epidermis in patches or severe redness, you can continue to use the method of penis enlargement with the help of baking soda.

Process technology

Technology implementation of the following: lubrication of the penis with vegetable oil along the entire length. Then, in a greased surface to pour a thin layer of dry powder of sodium. After the surface is completely covered, you will need a soft circular motion, with the help of a sponge, RUB on the powder mass in the skin of the body. To perform this procedure within five minutes.

After that, the massage is terminated and the soda-soaked with vegetable oil remains on the surface of the penis for another 2-3 minutes. After that, the composition is washed off thoroughly with water.

To eliminate the irritation of the skin, after bathing, lubricated with baby cream. In cases of individual intolerance, we recommend to use the soda solution in the ratio of 1 teaspoon per Cup of water. To make a tray for my best friend not recommended more than 10 minutes.

The procedure is performed a few hours before an intimate encounter, because the impact of the soda, the size of your penis gives short-term effect.

Those who have decided to use this method, it is necessary to take into account the fact that after this procedure it is possible to increase the penis size of only a few millimeters. However, this process will be accompanied by a slight redness of the external skin of the penis. This is due to the increased flow of blood to his body.

The effectiveness of the method

Unfortunately, there is no research on whether to increase the member usage of soda. The effectiveness can only be judged from the words individuals apply this method, the increase in the practice. This method does not help at all. For many, this method helped. Others do not feel the result.

Is the percentage of men who do not implement the technology of this method, because of individual intolerance and allergic reactions to soda.

There are cases where men were able to increase your penis by a few inches. But, they were able to achieve such results only after a few months of use.

So, to judge the effectiveness of penis enlargement and soda, can only man who has been used for many weeks.

The weaknesses and shortcomings

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • Short-term, transitory effect;
  • A slight increase in the body of the penis (the average of 3-4 mm);
  • High probability of allergic reactions;
  • The risk of damage to the mucous membranes and the skin;
  • The lack of formal medical research.


I hope that in this article we reveal all the moments of penis enlargement baking soda. Obviously, this procedure is not a big deal.

More importantly, every man, after reading this information, ask yourself only one question: and do I need it? Men's quality does not depend on penis size. And women who measure a man, not from these parameters.

In addition, the procedure carries health risks. They are not as large and not to be compared with the consequences of the surgery, but they are.

Think about whether or not the elapsed time, the effort and the risks of a few extra millimeters or even centimeters?

a large penis

You have thought of everything, and still want to be in the personal possession of the member which is at least a few millimeters longer?

What, no barriers for dreams no. The more that an essential element in our country and many of You are aware of how to increase member use baking soda. Good luck with your experiments!