Folk remedies to increase potency in men: the existing methods and recipes

Weak potency is the most important and quite sensitive issue for every man. Unfortunately, not all those who have observed this disorder in a rush to go to the doctor, citing shyness. Most are trying to solve the problem in an unconventional way, which, as it turned out, often have a positive result

folk remedies for potency, men the fast action

Nature to help

It should be noted that folk remedies for potency have a truly magical effect. However, some of them can help, and harm. Therefore, to improve the excitation of the herbs better after the consultation with the doctor. Do not assume that traditional medicine inoffensive. This opinion is fundamentally wrong. Increase the potency of men is possible only after you use big power methods. In addition, the treatment potency folk remedies should be carried out depending on the individual patient and the extent of the disorder.

Important: if the signs of illness progress, for improving libido, it is better to stay on the medications and combine them with the use of phytopreparations.

It is also important in this case to comply with these rules.

  1. For male power, and to increase and strengthen erections douches taken daily. Special attention should be paid to the inguinal region.
  2. A positive effect on male potency to have a proper diet.
  3. For quickly raising the level of sexual activity, you will need to give up bad habits - minimize the use of alcohol, Smoking.
  4. To improve the potency of folk remedies is possible, while avoiding stressful situations. A stable emotional state is the main component of health.

Possible the traditional methods in order to improve potency, need to be combined with exercise.

The mustard and honey

Mustard and honey

For increasing the sexual activity not only in average, but in old age will help this proven method. Two mustard plaster soak them in warm water and apply to the feet. Wear wool socks. Keep the compress for about 10 minutes. Then legs thoroughly under cold water, then RUB and feet hard with a towel. Such folk remedies that affect the active points that contribute to the fast improvement of sexual activity.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men, in which you would use the med, have no side effects. The most effective and powerful method is honey with nuts. These two products are wonderful aphrodisiacs, and in combination with each other caused a double whammy for the faint of libido. How to increase potency in men with the help of this folk remedy? Everyday you have to take the walnut-honey mixture 50 grams after eating. You can divide the daily rate by 2 times.

Folk remedies for male potency, including honey and wine, also contribute to increased sexual activity and increased sexual function. Here is the recipe:

  • The juice of aloe Vera (100 ml).
  • Liquefied honey (200 ml).
  • Red wine (300 ml).

To the mixture add a few parsley seeds. Future elixir infused for 12 days with the lid closed in a dark place. For potency men folk remedy is taken in 1.5 tbsp per day. The method helps to improve the sexual function and increased excitability.

Remarkable herb & tea

Treatment of folk remedies, which include thyme, is one of the most effective and proven to increase male power. 100 g of thyme pour a glass of boiling water. The tea should steep for 20 minutes under the lid. To drink a medicine for improvement of sexual activity and the strengthening of erection 2 times a day after meals.

To increase the potency of folk remedies, including the herb lovage in 3 days. Plant kindle in man the desire for sex, enhances the excitability and prolong sexual intercourse. A little bit of herbs to add to each dish, with the exception of dairy products.

A folk remedy, which includes nettle is able to treat the male sexual disorder, even in the course of 60 years. Many herbalists say that the plant in the healing powers "in the wake of the" bad drug Viagra. Here is the recipe: dried leaves are brewed as usual tea and drink it daily for several weeks.

tea from thyme

Strong tea is a powerful aphrodisiac, enhancing virility. Not in a Cup add a bit of spices, which also have a positive effect in disorders of potency in men. The most productive are considered to be saffron, ginger, cloves.

Garlic tincture, ginseng and red wine

Increasing the volume of funds on the basis of garlic can be consumed on a daily basis.

  1. You need to be taken to the Bank for the volume of three liters and 1 kg of garlic.
  2. The garlic is placed in the jar and poured the boiled water.
  3. Filled with a blend of the month (do not forget every day shake the jar).
  4. Take 1 teaspoon a day.
  5. Drink should be as long as the tool is not complete.
  6. Improvement and strengthening of the sexual activity happens just a few weeks from the beginning of the application of this method.

In addition, a remedy based on garlic, without the side effects and contraindications.

Increased potency folk remedies using plants ginseng might happen the next day (if the disorder is in an early stage). To achieve greater effect herb used in the tincture. It can be prepared yourself or purchased in a pharmacy. Use the method for improving the strength of the day. To drink tincture 25-30 drops 3 times a day before meal.

It should be noted that this method increases the libido, is not suitable for use before sleep, since the herb has the ability to raise blood pressure. Recipe for cooking "infusion of love".

  1. 100 g of ginseng root insist in 0.5 liters of water for 4 hours.
  2. In the drink adds cinnamon, honey.
  3. Drinking the broth should be 1 time per day after meal in 100 ml.

The recipe involves the use of water. However, in most cases, for a more effective result of it, the root infused in alcohol.

What are the traditional treatments will help a man suffers from a weakened potency after 40, 45 years? A very popular and proven is considered a prescription drug based on red wine and dried fruits. The recipe is as follows.

Remedies based on garlic
  1. Prunes, apricots and raisins (1 tbsp) crushed and mixed with sugar (50 gr.), a little bit of cardamom, clove, cinnamon.
  2. The mixture is poured into 500 ml of red wine.
  3. The future of medicine to improve male potency put on the stove and stewing over low heat for 60 minutes.

To drink the product before sexual intercourse. After the application of this method of treatment of the man, you will immediately feel the improvement and increase of erection, and intimate process will continue for much longer.

The tub with a Bay leaf and a compress of ice

To enhance the volume and improve the excitation of the penis folk remedies, you can use the bath-based decoction of Bay leaf. For this purpose, 100 g of leaves pour 1 liter of boiling water. So filled for 30 minutes, then added to the bath. I enjoy the process, you need at least one hour.

Treatment of disorders of it that way.

  1. Tub to improve the excitability of the need to 2-3 times.
  2. The procedure is carried out for a few hours before intimacy.

Many argue that this method addresses issues associated with the sexual drive, which lasted for more than one year.

How to improve the potency using the ice? This is not quite the traditional way to decide not all. However, the result will not keep itself waiting.

So, a couple of ice cubes should be wrapped in several layers of cheesecloth. The compress is applied first to the chest, and then on the neck and scrotum. Linger on each area are needed for 1 minute. The manipulation is repeated 3-5 times. This method is used before sex. This will help to increase your erection and improve sexual activity.

Hemp and vintage stew

In the low-potency traditional healers claim that cannabis has a positive effect on a weakened libido in men. For the treatment have to use this recipe: 1 tbsp of seeds fry together with salt. Taken before sex. As a drug will increase the erection and prolong sexual intercourse.

Recipe old soup used over several generations. Prepared soup contributes to the enhancement and strengthening of an erection. The recipe consists of the following ingredients (1 serving):

  • Shredded chicken or beef.
  • Onion.
  • Turnips.
  • 4 leaf dandelion.
  • 2 sheet hives.
  • Carrots.

The products are placed in a small saucepan and cook after boiling for 10-15 minutes. This method of treatment is not allowed to use it to increase the volume regularly.


Effective folk remedies to increase potency is decoctions and infusions of spritz. It is believed that winter mushrooms have magical properties (summer spritz in this case, the help there). Included in their composition of vitamins and minerals help to strengthen the male libido. In addition, there is increasing sexual desire, improve erection and overall sexual function. For treatment using infusion of the mushroom. Here is a detailed prescription for improvement of the libido.

  1. You need to stick to this recipe. 1 tbsp fresh mushrooms filled with 100 ml of water and boil to boiling.
  2. To take the medicine for 1 tsp 3 times a day for 14 days.

The most popular recipes to increase potency include mushroom extracts, which are prepared on the basis of alcohol or good quality vodka. In a thermos you need to fill 2 tbsp of the dry powder spritz and cover them with vodka. The drug is infused over 4 hours. To drink need to be before meals for 1 tsp for 2 days.

One of the most effective methods to fight a lack of sexual excitability are considered as winter fungi. Folk remedies on the basis of this product and now is popular, because the effect occurs already after one week of receipt.

The majority of the people belongs to folk remedies to improve erections and enhance sexual activity skeptical. And for good reason. Unlike medical treatment, these methods have virtually no side effects. However, despite this, the use of nontraditional methods must be in accordance with all doses. Only in this case, the therapy will yield positive results.