I can increase the member?

According to many sexologists, a large penis is not able to solve all the problems in the intimate life. After all, to have a long and thick penis is not all you need man. He also needs to take into account the wishes of the partner, to listen to their opinion and to follow what she feels in the process of sex. However, despite this, many representatives of the stronger sex are still considered for enough length of the phallus, the source of all problems in relationships with women, and therefore constantly looking for ways to increase.

how to increase article

In this case, they are quite a fair question, and whether there are effective methods to increase your penis and change what is given by nature, is impossible. The answer took the scientists from the research Institute of Poland, which, along with representatives from the Medical Institute of Russia conducted a number of laboratory and clinical experiments with more than two thousand men.

Review ways to increase penis size and its particular effectiveness

There are three main ways to increase penis size:

  • special preparations;
  • surgery;
  • hardware methods.

Penis enlargement medical are considered to be the most popular, such as the desire to go under the surgeon's knife or spend money on penis pumps and other devices are not too much. Due to the high demand for "enhancement" drugs, scientists from the research Institute of Poland tested their effectiveness in the first place.

Is it possible to increase dick drug?

Now to find the right tool that can increase penis size, is not as difficult as several years ago. The Internet is really full of different advertisements, where a man offered on the gels, creams, sprays or pills that help, according to the manufacturer, add a few extra inches to sexual body for only 2-3 weeks. They are cheap and available to any interested person, so their demand for them is greater than other methods. However, in practice, to achieve positive results could units.

The reason why remedies for penis enlargement do not help at all, became active in the activities of the fraudsters. They regularly supply the market with fakes, which not only solved the problem of a short penis, but also sometimes be harmful to health, causing allergic reactions, dermatitis, inflammation of the skin in the intimate area and so on.

Also the chances of a positive effect of the drug is reduced:

  • failure to follow instructions;
  • improper storage;
  • the change of the dose on the lower side;
  • premature termination of the contract the subject of the use of the drug;
  • ignoring the advice of doctors;
  • the combination of one drug with another similar, which causes the chemical reaction of substances in the composition of the two funds, causing a loss of their properties.

The study became known that the penis enlargement products is not a myth, but you have to search a long time for an original product, and strictly follow its guidelines, it is not always possible due to the active lifestyle of the modern man. Any deviation from guidelines or changes in the pattern of use of tools, will reduce the whole process of building of the phallus to zero.

Characteristics of surgical intervention

To find out how good surgery is compared with drug technique, you need not even conduct special studies. Simply to learn how the operation and all the other issues will disappear by themselves.

Surgical enlargement of the penis occurs according to the following scheme:

  1. Of the penis a small incision (approximately 2-3 cm);
  2. Further, it introduces silicone implant;
  3. Artificial element it stretches the penis and increases in diameter.
methods of penis enlargement

The advantages of this method are many:

  • The result is instant. The penis member is increased during operation, and to wait and to have nothing;
  • Minimum contraindications;
  • There are no side effects. The only thing that can face with the patient, this inflammation or suppuration of the scar. This happens due to the ingress of wound infection through the fault of the medical staff;
  • The shape of the retention member for a long time;
  • A short period of healing of the surgical wounds;
  • Large scars or very visible scar in the place implant no.

In addition, the advantage of surgical elongation of the article is the fact that the man himself can choose the size of the penis. With the help of prosthetics, in fact, increase your member up to 7 inches.

The disadvantages of a prosthesis

Despite the list of positive features, the work for the elongation of the phallus, it has a few flaws, namely:

  • silicone material is brittle and hard sex can be damaged, so with their "dignity" you must go carefully;
  • the implant is deformed, and in 5-6 years you will need to be replaced and it will cost the same as the first operation;
  • surgical penis enlargement is not without contraindications congenital or acquired curvature of the penis, the fragility of blood vessels, sexually transmitted diseases, polyps in a separate channel.

Myths about the prosthetic penis

Representatives of the clinics where the surgery with a prosthesis, tell you to work only in a positive way. They assure their potential clients that the procedure is safe, helps the man to leave the shyness and to gain a large penis without any problems. In fact, everything looks different.

Below is a list of myths for a surgical capacity of the phallus, which was able to destroy the experts in the course of the research:

  • The effect of the surgery is reversible. This is a fiction. After implantation of the implant extends to all the tissues and when it is recovered, the member resembles a balloon which was blown away. Of course, over time, the cavernous body will take its original shape and the skin will be tighter, but it will have to wait a long time;
  • The procedure is painless. This is also true. The reality is that in the process of the surgery, the man under General anesthesia, make a small incision at the base of the penis or on the penis. But, after recovering from the anesthesia, the patient will feel strong pain in the groin, which will remove the only strong analgesic;
  • The implant root in 98% of cases. In practice, these values are lower. Almost 27-33% of men is the rejection of the prosthesis. This is due to the biological incompatibility of living tissues and artificial materials;
  • After the operation the man will not face any problems. Unfortunately, after the surgery, the representative of the stronger sex will begin to experience a number of inconveniences. The first thing to say is that the member will be constantly in a small state, and it will cause difficulties in the home. Also, the silicone implant can be mixed in during the ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, sometimes changing and difficult urination.
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However, not to say scientists surgical penis enlargement is considered the most effective technique, which allows to achieve the cherished goal, without any effort. Therefore, if you do not take into account some of the details, the implantation of the implant is the right choice, you are able to actually lengthen the penis in a short time.

The hardware capacity of the penis: myth or reality?

In sex shops and stores of medical equipment sold a large number of devices for stretching the phallus home. They are divided into two categories:

  • extenders;
  • vacuum pump.

Extenders represent a structure consisting of a thrust element of the latch and the two stretchers. They push the fastener in the opposite direction of the pubic bone, forcing the shaft of the penis is slowly stretched in length.

Vacuum pumps unlike extenders works perfectly the other way. They consist of a bulb that fits over the penis, hoses for the pumps and air compressor. In advanced models, the device is coupled with the electronic control panel which causes the pressure of their own. Some devices are equipped with nozzles in the form of a vagina. In this case, the pump can be used both for penis enlargement and Masturbation, but these models are too expensive for many.

Both devices are designed with one goal – to stretch the penis. However, in the case of devices for the increase of the penis occurs only in length. The penis is stretched, but it subtle that not everyone will like it. Therefore, doctors recommend to buy a vacuum, because the pressure generated in the process of transport of air from the pump causes the structure of the phallus is not only to lengthen, but also to expand in volume.

How you can increase the member hardware way

If you compare the hardware method with medications or surgery, then it is definitely better than the first inferior to the second. When you use the extender the end result is 3-4 cm, and the vacuum pump member extends to 5 to 6 cm (depending on how often and how long to apply).

However, it is worth remembering that this option is too traumatic. In the process of stretching of the phallus and the man will be faced with such side effects as:

  • pain in the groin;
  • bruises on the skin of the penis;
  • the unpleasant sensations during the tapping member;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Additionally, the article will likely become a blue cast and can swell. But, do not worry, all these unpleasant phenomena are to be held independently. In a pinch, you can use the drugs to restore the skin and swelling.

The advantages of hardware methods

Buy extender or vacuum pump is suitable for those who are not ready for surgery and is disappointed in the use of means for increasing the penis size. These devices are the guarantee for the continuation of the phallus are a number of advantages:

  • A reasonable price. Now you do not need to constantly spend the money for the purchase of fat, pills or sprays. Once I bought a vacuum pump or extender will ensure the life of its owner;
  • The result is noticeable almost immediately;
  • Becomes infected, in contrast to the operation;
  • Complete anonymity. When buying appliances the client name will be hidden and no one will know about it;
  • It is allowed to combine hardware technique with other methods to increase penis size;
  • The use of a vacuum pump or extender has a positive effect on potency;
  • The absence of contraindications (in addition to congenital or acquired curvature of the phallus).

There are other effective ways of penis enlargement

The men's forums you can meet users who say that the states-it is possible to be increased with the help of folk medicine, manual techniques and exercises that are targeted to the strengthening of the cavernous tissue and increase in volume.

In fact, all of these methods, or does not give any result or the effect is so small that it can only be seen by carefully measuring the penis with a ruler.

In medical practice it is not fixed any fact of the increase of the phallus, with the use of these methods. All the information about herbal teas, homemade creams or massage can grow your penis – no more than fiction.

penis enlargement

So doctors suggest not to experiment with the various suspicious ways and insist on the complaint to the surgeon or the acquisition of extenders, pumps, or "enhancement" drugs. The only way to really add a few inches to sexual body and is not harmful for health.