Methods to increase penis size

In spite of the fact that the vast majority of the professionals and the women themselves claim that the size of a man's penis size doesn't matter (if it is not to be taken absolutely serious deviations in both directions), hardly a man comfortable with the size of his dick.

I want to have a bigger and thicker, and envied, while women have made up about your sexual adventures and exploits, in the bed of the latter, and the song. The obvious stupidity! And, with stupidity, as you know, "the gods themselves to fight the powerless."

So, we're going to try to clarify the question of whether it is possible for you to increase male member?

If the answer is, quite categorically, and without too much detail, the answer is, Oh, good luck! on the positive. If you give details of methods of increase of a member are divided into two categories – surgical and non-surgical (natural or pharmaceutical).

The surgical methods;

how to increase a member

Penile enlargement with surgical treatment is it possible, with a view to lengthening and thickening. An operation lengthening of the penis occurs with no injury (it remains straight, or the Y's in the shape of the scar length is 3cm), and has to be reduced to a set of muscles that hold the top member, the position of his several changes, he begins to appear on pubis is. It is understood that in the erection of the penis, it also will be a little different so it is horizontal. Lengthening of the penis, as a result of this work, the inch four.

The simplest way to increase the thickness of your penis is to transplant it under the skin and the adipose tissue of the patient, that is, for example, in the area of the tank. Then this oil (about 200 ml), was purified and injected under the skin. In which the member is superimposed, a special bandage must be worn during the course of the week.

During the time of the surgery under the skin of the penis is introduced an excess amount of body fat, because a large part of the body is understood and treated. However, even after a week, a penis enlargement does not happen, it is going to take much longer.

The operation of this type needs to be "quarantined" abstinence from sexual intercourse for a period of 5-6 weeks. In the worst case, the impact on the operation of the accumulating member, so that, after six months, and in the best case, it will remain for a number of years.

The success or failure of the operation of the surgery is largely dependent on the experience and skill of the surgeon.

The prosthesis of the penis in the case of serious pathologies, it can also be solved with surgery, but we are not going to be considered.

Invasive methods

This medication has quite a huge list of dietary Supplements and creams to increase the penis size with better blood supply to the penis and cavernous bodies, which would cause him a certain stature.

All of these drugs have complex effects, so that the patient has seen a steady increase in sexual desire, and a more pronounced and long-lasting erection, powerful and bright orgasm, turned off the premature (rapid) ejaculation, and it will be gone the signs and symptoms of prostatitis, and the disease is masked, and is to be treated.

In addition to that, it greatly increases their self-confidence, and that is the effect of the medicine is physiological in nature.

The minimum term of the drugs of vegetable origin – of 4 months to 1 or 2 tablets two times a day, but not more than 6.

The natural ingredients and remedies to allow for a six month increase of about one-quarter of the circumference and length of your penisand also considerably improve the quality and frequency of sexual intercourse. Contraindications (except individual intolerance) are not to be identified.

Natural methods of penis enlargement

Natural methods, including manual manipulation of your penis, in order to improve it, are completely different:

• Fillers – special arrangements for full time concealed carry, and have a member of the long-term tensile load, the increase in cell division and an increase in the length and thickness of your penis; in reality, this method is not in doubt, since the device is actually as well as in the extreme piercings of the earlobes;

• Manual therapy, massage of the penis – the ancient method of penis enlargement, not to be confused with Masturbation. There are several methods of jelqing has, they are all based on stretching and deep massage, vigorous, resulting in an increased flow of blood to the penis and its growth. Requires a fairly regular and time-consuming procedures.

the vacuum pump or pumps for the penis to work by creating a cylinder with a certain rarefaction of the air, whereby it is possible to achieve a significant swelling of the penis blood flow, which stimulates the growth of the cells and the gradual adjustment of the effect. You need to be warned of what is to be done with this device, it is necessary without fanaticism, an increase in the load of the article is to gradually;

the art of the "coat hangers" – a relatively rare method of penis enlargement by hanging by compensating dressing a certain weight in the head of the penis, this stretching of the penis and the corpus cavernosum with a similar effect to the use of the extender, but the burden is more severe.

In conclusion, it should be noted that those who are willing to grow your member it is best to start with the pharmacological methods as well as a consultation with an andrologist. And I can't remember that size is probably still worth it, but not for the women, and to increase your self-confidence. But for women, the main thing – to be loved!